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11/06/2012 - 12:12 AM

Summertime! :D

Summertime! :Dshe certainly is. very good image here, good work.

if i may, the only thing i might have done differently, is either include all of her foot/feet, or none of it/them, rather than having them half on show behind her head. i feel its a minor niggle though on a wonderul image as a whole.

keep it up

23/08/2010 - 2:06 PM

light House

light HouseHi Garry

Nice attempt, but I need to agree with Rock. Some potential mate, almost there.

I can tell immediately, the exposure is out a bit, and this makes the image overall quite dark.

Open it in Photoshop or whatever program your using and adjust the levels.

In Photoshop its, image, adjust, levels. Click on Auto to see the automatic setting, and it really brightens it up a lot. If you dont like auto, then just adjust the sliders (the black, grey or white triangles) until you get a level you like.

Also, a simple one, the horizon is a bit wonky. I got it to 0.67 degrees out, clockwise.

Image, adjust, rotate image, choose arbitrary, and enter 0.67 into the box, hit enter, and it will rotate it that much for you.

As I said, a good start, but just a little work and it will improve a lot.

All the best mate.

19/08/2010 - 4:55 PM

Bon Vogage

Bon VogageNice try Dylan

The angle is far too extreme. This sort of "angling" (pun intended) is better suited to fast moving subjects like cars or bikes. For anything landscape, its easier on the eye, in my opinion, to have it straight and level.

Please dont be offended, but its also a good idea to get your spelling right, your title is incorrect, as well as some of the description.

Aside from the above, you have the potential for a great shot here. I think adding a human element may help, for example, someone working in the back of the boat, or fishing. Your spot on as for as colourful goes.

My opinion, a nice effort, but room for improvement.

23/07/2010 - 9:34 PM

Ghost Ship?!

Ghost Ship?!yeah, it works. I might have been tempted to reduce the sky a bit, give the ship something to contrast against. It sort of all blends into one. Its not a bad shot, or shots, I just think I would have seperated the top half ofthe ship from the sky some more.

Does that make sense? lol

17/03/2010 - 7:52 PM


Haunted!hmm, ok, I can see where you were going, and its not too bad. It certainly has a nighttime feel to it. There is some ghosting (pun intended) of the gate on the left, and some softness in some areas with adjacent areas of sharpness, and some artifacts around the edges of the leaves in the tree. Also, a few areas in the sky could with blurring to hide some chunky artifacts. So, some technical bits and bobs to work on. I like the concept, lots of hard work I guess, and I'd say generally a good effort.

14/03/2010 - 8:48 PM


Liverpoolyou know that little trick about the digital ND grad? I'd have done that. It would have darkened the sky a wee bit, and lightened the foreground just nicely.

Still nice though, but not quite as nice as the steak pie, ha ha

08/02/2010 - 6:26 PM

Divine Pillars

Divine Pillarsa tip for you.

If you have set the camera to auto exposure bracketting, put the camera on self timer. The camera will automatically take the 3 shots.

Another fine image, thanks for the info you sent me.

06/11/2009 - 9:54 AM

Feeding Geese

Feeding Geesefollowing on from your forum post Leland.

There is no need, that I am aware of, for any sort of model release for this type of image. Neither of them are identifiable, so you would be ok in my opinion.

You did the right thing though, if in doubt ask. There are no stupid questions, sometimes you get stupid answers, but on the whole, if you dont know something, its the quickest way to learn.

As for the image, if you dont mind some honesty.

I think it would have worked better, if the geese were completely in the frame, and the shot was a little lower down. I must also add, the first thing my eye went to was the car on the far bank, i did find that a distraction. And finally, the bright whites appear to have burnt out, i.e have no detail in them, and as such, they fall down a little there.

Generally speakiing, a lovely image, but room for technical improvement (which will come with time)

Hope to see more from you, keep posting. Its the only way to learn.

21/09/2009 - 11:21 PM

London 2012 here I come!

London 2012 here I come!cracking. I might have been tempted to lower the composition a bit and make a bit more use of her shadow. Also, get rid of the extra shadow to the left of the shot.

I love her expression, really says it all.

24/06/2009 - 1:58 PM


Sunsetnice effort Jessy.

If I may, just a few pointers.

1 - your horizon is slightly out, with a landscape the more level the horizon the better, so this one needs just a tweak to make it right.

2 - the horizon cuts right across the middle of the frame. Now, rules can be broken, no problem with that, but in a simple shot like this, i think it would work better with either the horizon higher or lower than the middle. Look up the rule of thirds to see what Im referring to. (Im not saying this is wrong, so dont take it that way Smile )

I hope thats helpful, best of luck, looking forward to the next one.


p.s. I left a reply to your comments on my smooth water waterfall shot, again, hope its helpful.
20/03/2009 - 3:41 PM

harbour lights

harbour lightshi

A few pointers for you.

1 - use a tripod
2 - make sure the image is level, the horizon is way out on this one
3 - to let more light into the camera, use a longer shutter speed, or a smaller aperture. eg- if this was 1 second, try 2 or 3 seconds. or, at f4, try f8 to force the camera to expose for longer. remember though, the longer the exposure, the greater the risk of making bright areas burn out. trial and error to find a setting that works.
4 - dont give up, keep trying.
5 - shoot on best quality possible. perhaps use the cameras auto bracketing if it has it. otherwise, set the camera on manual, and tell it to underexpose, then overexpose, and combine them with a correctly exposed shot. (tripod is a must for this though)

best of luck

05/09/2008 - 11:54 PM


fghgfHi Willy

Welcome to the site,

Just so you know, you have posted this in the Critique section, where your basically asking for an in depth review of the picture.

I would suggest, it would be a good idea to put some details about what the image is, how it was taken, if you have any aim in mind, about technique, style, lighting or whatever your looking for advice on.

If its just a general post, then dont tick the Critique box next time, hope this helps.

the image seems a little soft, what equipment are you using? It also seems just a tad noisy, and there is a little overexposure on the far left side.

You have a very pretty model, and your on the best site on the web for any help, or advice you may need, Just ask anyone.

Looking forward to more from you,

04/08/2008 - 7:12 PM


watersideIt is lovely, got a few really bright overexposed areas though. Use the same principal you learned with the sunset. If the camera can lock the exposure, point the middle of the screen at the brightest part of the image, or in this image, the bright leaves to the right, lock the exposure, and then recompose the image, and take it.

The overall picture will be dark, but thats easy to fix in photoshop, and you will have some detail in the bright areas. You can do it.....


edit:- just did a quick check. Your best bet is to point the centre point through the viewfind at the bright section of the scene, press the shutter button half way down, recompose the shot, dont let the button go. When your happy with the composition, press the button the rest of the way down. This will lock the focus point and the exposure at the bright section. I will need to look at the camera to set it up differently for you, or see if there is an easier way.

04/07/2008 - 10:26 AM

gypsy caravan

gypsy caravanmy brother used to build bow top caravans. I like this.

Just a few wee things.

The contrast could do with a wee bit of a boost, just to pick it up a little.

Would like to have seen a slightly closer crop, get rid of some of the distracting surroundings. If you were out in the open, then keep it open, but as your a bit enclosed here, zoom in a touch.

Shame your behind Bess, in front of her or leading her may have looked a little better.

I hope you dont mind me being open about these, but its only said with good intentions.

Best of luck, take care.

03/07/2008 - 12:39 PM

New Brighton 2

New Brighton 2doesnt look too bad, just a few things though.

1 - the foreground is quite dark, there is a lot of colour and texture down there, I know, shot them far too many times, and this just seems over poweringly dark.

2 - the lighthouse itself, looks a little soft, not quite crisp sharp. Where you shooting on a tripod? If not, then try it, if you were, perhaps it got slightly nudged.

3 - the water is lovely, no fault, just felt it needed a comment.

A good start, just needs a little work to get there.