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Photography has been a passion of mine for nearly twenty years. I particularly enjoy wildlife photography and am constantly looking for a different angle or view. The secret I think is to make photos interesting I don`t always manage it but just occasionally it does happen.
I use exclusively Nikon equipment simply because It is reliable very well made and long lasting. The equipment I use most often is My D200 body,70-200afs.vr lens, 200-400afs.vr zoom lens, 50 f1.8 lens. Some shots are made using the sb600 flash. I also try and use a tripod where possible coupled with a cable release. Currently I am using sandisk extreme 111 compact flash cards which have proved 100% reliable. I always shoot in raw mode. I admire an awful lot of photographers but I think the effort and dedication shown by the worlds leading wildlife photographers is amazing. A few favourites are Andy Rouse( brilliant photos, great attitude and sense of humour Oh and many good books), John shaw, Mitsuaki Iwago to name but a few. If you like any of the pictures you see here please leave a comment.
Best wishes and thanks for looking, Tony.
Remember some things only happen once!


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