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Hello dear friends,

My name is Mladen Bozickovic.
I was born on 1st. September 1972. in Nova Gradiska / Croatia.
Photography stole my heart away back in 2001.
I love versatility in photography, so I have no preferred style.
One of mine goals is to try myself in every style this art is offering.
I hope I’ll live long enough to master at least half of them.

Inspiration is finding me, and not vice versa. Everything happens so fast, and unannounced, so I really can’t determine the exact time when I’m overwhelmed with inspiration.

I guess, something “hit me” when I’m shooting under pressure, like in action photography, wedding, and especially in dance photography.

Most powerful tool of any photographer is his imagination. For a long time I used two of my non-dslr Sony cameras, which was more than enough to shoot some of my greatest photos I have ever taken.

Those were my first learning tools. But now… my appetite has increased… it’s getting pretty serious, and with versatility, comes much more expensive tools.

I lack many lenses for what I want to accomplish on my way in photography, but fortunately, I have a lots of patience.

Now, I shoot with Canon 1Dx and only two lenses… Canon EF 16-35 f2.8 LII IS USM, and Canon EF 70-200 f2.8 LII IS USM.

Remarkable piece of machinery, tools of dreams I could say, but don’t forget, true strength of photographer is not in the his tool, but in his mind.

At the end...

Love your photography.
Enjoy shooting.
Be creative.
Don’t forget to learn every day, with every shoot you make.
Lower your ego, and learn from others. Listen to experienced photographers.
Upload your photography to sites with curators, and learn from their critics and suggestions. Accept them, and you will be on the right path.
Try different styles in photography. Don’t copy from others, be original, be yourself.

And remember…
...your photography is signature of your soul.

Best of all to all.
Mladen Bozickovic


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