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Hi, thank you for taking the time to look at my Portfolio, I appreciate all criticisms, and would like to see more, especially where negative, it would help greatly in realising what is good and hopefully improve my images.
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  • Slow Site

    Hi Peter. No worries. It's just that if people get into the habit of posting their problems on the forums and not filling in a report, we get the situation where people...
    by Arcticfox | Last Post | Unread
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  • Highland Meet

    Sorry didn't make it but I was taking shots of the Loch Ness 360, for me and the event organiser. If you jump on to my website and go to the news section you will fin...
    by podgod | Last Post | Unread
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  • Critique Gallery

    Perhaps theres a new market for them pixybells, please place you orders here ;-) could do with early retirement, that will keep me busy :-D PS, will need to borrow you...
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  • Aberdeen / Grampian Area

    Hi All Well the first meet was a bit on the damp side, but gave chance for a chat. Thanks to Brad for arranging. I am keen to try for another meet, Spey Bay deser...
    by Arcticfox | Last Post | Unread
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