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Hi, thank you for taking the time to look at my Portfolio, I appreciate all criticisms, and would like to see more, especially where negative, it would help greatly in realising what is good and hopefully improve my images.
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  • Slow Site

    Hi Peter. No worries. It's just that if people get into the habit of posting their problems on the forums and not filling in a report, we get the situation where people...
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  • Critique Gallery

    Perhaps theres a new market for them pixybells, please place you orders here ;-) could do with early retirement, that will keep me busy :-D PS, will need to borrow you...
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  • Aberdeen / Grampian Area

    Hi All Well the first meet was a bit on the damp side, but gave chance for a chat. Thanks to Brad for arranging. I am keen to try for another meet, Spey Bay deser...
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