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Hello and welcome! I hope you enjoy what you see. I like using my photography to express my slightly unusual and often geometric view of the world! Please feel free to comment and suggest improvements on any of the images you find.
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A quick view of ardbeg77's recent activity.

  • Earth and Water by ardbeg77

    Thanks for the comments everyone.

    @Ian - yes I think so. The statues looked worn in places and assume tje dark black is pollution stain that wont come off.

    • 27 Apr 2022 7:07AM
  • Colour on London's Walls. by Chinga

    Love the vibrancy of these Isabel. Versions 1 and 11 are my favourite!Smile

    • 25 Apr 2022 11:36AM
  • Pastel Puzzle by ardbeg77

    Thanks for the comments everyone - much appreciated!
    • 22 Apr 2022 5:22PM
  • OF WHICH AND WHY by youmightlikethis

    Colour for me - although it's more to do with the mood created by the subdued tones than the colour per se. Lovely evocative work.

    • 21 Apr 2022 9:47PM
  • Dusky Shard II by ardbeg77

    Thanks Arne, Peter, Colleen - much appreciated.

    Particular thanks to peter for the UA Smile

    • 21 Apr 2022 2:32PM
  • Dusky Shard by ardbeg77

    Quote:Amazing shot

    Many thanks, Colleen - and for the UA - very much appreciated Smile
    • 20 Apr 2022 2:43PM
  • The last cabin before Rondane Nationalpark by Saastad

    Love the tones in this Arne. I thought the mountains/hills were waves from the thumbnail. Beautiful!

    • 20 Apr 2022 12:54PM

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  • Posted on riprap007's profile

    Like Mari, I've not been around much recently, but fully intend catching up with your latests stuff. You've got a great eye, and a really unique view of things - and most importantly you're never afraid to do something different. Always a great source of both encouragement and inspiration Smile

    Keep them coming Smile

    • 30 Aug 2007 12:07PM

Limited to latest 30 results.