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A quick view of argilla's recent activity.

  • Cal Crutchlow by cgp23

    Clear as a bell and great to see that intensity in the eyes.
    • 17 Oct 2012 11:29PM
  • cannibal crab! by CarolG

    You take some really great shots with that little camera of yours. This Macro is excellent!
    • 17 Oct 2012 11:25PM
  • Ram by abeeror2

    Impressive animal beautifully captured
    • 16 Oct 2012 4:46AM
  • Big Moustache... by debu

    Wonderful subject beautifully captured.
    • 13 Oct 2012 12:57AM
  • Cocon by Bzox

    Great image, It's so alien looking.
    • 11 Oct 2012 1:05AM
  • Joceline by Dave_Collier

    Lovely shot, you've really captured something in her expression and pose that makes for a sexy image. You seem to work well with this talented model.
    • 19 Sep 2012 11:18PM
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  • Posted on abeeror2's profile

    Nice photos, you've got a good eye.
    • 9 Oct 2012 4:42AM

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