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Started from zero in feb 2012. Upload photo taken from camera phone, now (juli 2012) upgraded to compact with manual setting fuji finepix s2950.

Usually upload photo to critique gallery where i get much lesson from experience enthusiast,
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  • an interesting sample of foreground Ade, that's very clear to me...
  • Thank you for answering my question. actually i am a little confuse about this interesting foreground, especially when applied it into the scene. still need more practice i think.
  • i would like to know is an interesting foreground is a must on landscape photo?
    is it wrong to put point of interest in mid or background and leaving the foreground empty.?
  • Hai Karen thanks, I hope someone not to overlook on this. Smile
  • Just checked my pf again. Actually i loosed comment from Frank (focus man) only from my early photo, but not on the newest time. So, maybe someone from epz team can explain this?
  • My question base on, when i miss some comment from other member (focus man / Frank) which usually active in critique gallery. So i looked up my old photo in my pf then i don't see all his comment, only left some mod that frank offer. then i click his user name and what i see, is user account deleted.

    I have seen in the forum or in the gallery when there is sign 'user account remove' there are still comment from him/her. So why on "user account deleted" all the comment is missing?

    I really regret if the comment can not go back. because i feel the comments are useful, and help me lot.
  • oh... ok that's clear. thank you.
  • i just checked my email and receive notification from epz that someone send me privat message. but when i check my inbox there isn't any message over there. and there is big yellow notification that the massage has been deleted. so who deleted the message? because i am not.
  • maybe i can not compare entirely because i am not rps member. but people including me, seeing from what they offfer (i see it from their web). i can not see much different betwen epz and rps except the distinction. i had seen rps member gallery, i think epz gallery more better. and i agree with straycat, epz more than online magazine.
  • sorry, e2 membership.... Smile
  • from what i read, i guess people more prefer paying rps membership than epz. just want to know where is the advantage of rps than epz. looks from their web i think the only advantage from them is distinction. my e2 membership actually is gift for my birthday, hmm.... i hope somebody from epz will show up here...
  • well if you browse the forum there are some member who wants some challenge to their creativity, and maybe for some pro this maybe usefull for their business. from what i read, many member here get their distinction from rps. so why epz doesn't offer it? and i beleive a lot of beginner wants too...
  • just an idea, epz offering distinction to e2 member. i know there are a lot of free member here which feel much enough with all of epz offering righ now. but maybe add more benefit like distinction will encourage them to upgrade, who knows. my idea base on, a lot of member who helped by critique gallery. well this cg can be broaden with the goal to reach some distinction by some advise from the team.
  • congratulation. even i don't think they all new, especially for Paul. because since i join here a year ago, Paul is always on critique gallery giving some valuable advice.
  • hi alan, just checked your web again, and looks good. i wonder if you had changed something. but there is something that i don't understand. at home page when i click the number 2 or 3 under the image, it will show the same butterfly up to three or four images. and it happen too if i click the menu and choose the butterfly or other image then it will show the same image more than one.
  • spot mode give an interesting result. but if the light too dark, i change to evaluatif
  • hai alan. saw your web from 320x240 phone lcd and that does not look so good. are the themes you use it, is a responsive theme? if not you can try it. try wpshower.com they have a lot of good responsive themes and free.
    i see you usinG calendar on archive. i think it will be better if you using the title of photo, since the calendar not look goods on my screen.
    i think chrisheatchote website is more simple and looks better.
  • use only print in black cartridge on printer setting.
  • good choice. my printer is canon too. only use it for print text in draft mode, never print in highest mode. use genuine ink only, i can't handle the problem using non genuine ink, (hand full of ink). for photo is better to send it to lab.
  • non genuine ciss printer will make your day full of problem. a lot of printer in indonesia modified using the ciss system because of the expensive of the ink. my experience is, if you have a lot of time and patience to handle the problem on the system then i recommend it. actually in indonesia epson had released the genuine ciss system l800 for photo, guaranted for 15000 print or one year.
  • that's how the inkjet work. best for photo but cost much. in indonesia epson released the genuine ciss system printer and canon and hp following by released the efficient and ink advantage printer system. laser not very good for photo and the toner price it's not cheap.
  • work for me. using windows xp and chrome
  • just read the topic. i found the site when reading camera review. and than found that, this site contain more than that.
  • Maybe a distinction like in RPS?
  • thank you all for the brief explaination and for the link too. it is very usefull. Smile
  • On my default camera setting. The metering using multi metering. But some experience here suggest to use centre or spot metering, but with addition to carefully when using spot metering.

    By now i change the metering to spot, and always using it to take picture. My question is at what time or scene we use that three metering? Thank you.
  • I use Fuji finepix s2950. with 1/60 i can get sharp image. but with 1/50 sometimes sharp sometimes blur Smile below that, always get blur image...
  • i believe it is because there is something happen in juni which become hot discussion. you can check it yourself alan. i did it today to try find out why ge will erased.
  • ok, thanks Pete.
  • I can help for 13-19 aug.