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My current photographic outlook is split between composite imaging involving a lot of photoshop work, and taking images that are very limited in the post process - as close to out-of-camera as possible.
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  • Moving Pictures

    For the photographer who sometimes shoots some video

    • Leader : Chris_L
    • Established : 1 Oct 2015
    • Members : 30
    • Activity : Quiet
  • Retouching photographs

    I was looking for a way of learning more about (mostly fashion) image retouching; and as i can't see any groups on ePz have started this one. So I'm not a teacher but am very keen to learn along side others if you want to share. I've only PS6, so do h...more

    • Leader : JackAllTog
    • Established : 24 Aug 2015
    • Members : 8
    • Activity : Quiet