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  • Black necked stilt by jbsaladino

    Nicely seen image, however in my humble opinion the composition would be better balanced were the bird be positioned to the left third and slightly lower in the frame. The bird then has space to move into and so not collide with the right hand frame.
    • 15 Mar 2021 3:54PM
  • Giraffe by answersonapostcard

    As an avid wildlife photographer, I do like the composition. However the eyes appear soft and so distracts from the overall picture. The grass appears sharper than the eyes and to me, it is like a product shot for eating delicious grass. No EXIF data included as I would have liked to know how the picture was created. Tight composition may not suit many but I like head shots. Had to move on smartly.
    Attached is a picture I took, focus point was on the right eye. She looked either annoyed or wanted a kss.
    EXIF info is 1/500 sec, f8, 600m +1.4tc, bean bag on car widow wound up to suit crick in the neck.
    Unable to attach picture as the paper clip icon is missing!
    • 25 Nov 2020 3:10PM
  • Is the XXXXXXXXXX still a good camera/lens/whatever in 2022?

    " " I do not use Amazon" All online retailers have a returns policy. " Agreed - and with a lens kept in pristine condition a return should be straigh...
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  • Printing pictures using a Laser Printer

    You can but the quality won’t be great. Think of the type of thing you get from a colour photocopy and you won’t be far away.
    by ARI | Last Post | Unread
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  • Canon 5DsR or R5

    You can use the R5 with only SD cards, but you can't record 8k video then. R5 has IBIS, exposure simulation, eye/human/animal/vehicle auto focus, 20 frames a second, flip...
    by ARI | Last Post | Unread
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  • High mega pixel camera problem

    Just come a similar comment on soft images produced with high mega pixel cameras in U Tube talk. See link below:
    by ARI | Last Post | Unread
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  • Photographing From Aeroplanes

    Thank u for yr sample pics. My question relates to pics taken from the altitude of the ground. The pics that was half satisfying were slide film pics taken over deserts....
    by ARI | Last Post | Unread
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    "Folks, I am looking for contact details for Customer Services or similar, to report this. I am unable to find anything on their website. It appears like...
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  • Large print

    I have used printique up to 11X16 and am happy with the results.
    by ARI | Last Post | Unread
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  • Posted on: Top 10 Cameras Used In The ePHOTOzine Gallery - Updated!

    Android and iPhone technology has killed the consumer camera for the convenience offered. The mid and high end range of DSLRs may just survive within the realm of the enthusiast due to the assessor is they have eg long lens, but even this aspect is . I was on a safari recently with a nephew. I had a full kit of full and crop frame DSLR, 600mm f4 plus 1.4x converter and 70-200mm f2.8 with 1.4x converter. Nephew used iPhone and an Apple tablet. His picture quality was very reasonable but did not have reach. He addressed this by cropping. His intended use was to display on a screen, the occasional 5x9 print. He scoffed at my kit and saw it as inconvenient as he could not stick the pics instantly on to social media, etc.. His highlight was when a adult lioness sidled past his open car window and he captured the moment with a video with his IPhone. He was amazed that he could have stroked her without having to reach out as she was about 9 inches away.
    The convenience of the mobile phone cannot be surpassed by the digital DSLR and it be destined to be the preserve of the enthusiast.
    • 22 Jul 2019 1:03PM

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