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(im total amateur learning and trying out new things )
Polish ,wife, mum , ikea , and photography addict - bit shy Smile
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I always had passion for capturing human emotions , i received my first camera at the age of 11 , and that small gift started a small hobby of mine , who later to become my passion.I have learned myself how to shoot and im trying to better myself by reading and experimenting
I don't have any particular style or preference when it comes to taking pictures , im simply trying to capture character , things that we usually don't take much notice of ,simple things around us - I love to look at things differently .
It is difficult to write anything about myself, its easier to speak about others -she is lazy,he is -funny... but can i be this honest about myself?
I was born in Szczecin , Poland in 1985 and i have moved to Wales (GB) in 2006 .
Warm, Sensitive ,witty,and very shy (which people tend to disbelieve me) - so photography is helping me to gain my confidence .
Most of the time im a full time mum and a carer for my husband- but when i manage to get some time for myself - i try to make most of it .I support military charities and devote most of my free time to them


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