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A quick view of arindomb's recent activity.

  • Cherry 02 by arindomb

    Quote:Hi. Have you "airbrush" it digitally at all? The skin does not look natural to me. The best choice if you want your picture to be assessed by other photographers would be to upload it to the Critique Gallery. Tick the box that says Critique in the uploading page next time you want one being assessed and modified differently.

    Thanks a lot. I have done frequency separation and finally added some orton glow, which may lead to some loss of detail, may be. Next time I will check the critique box for sure.
    • 11 Apr 2020 7:14PM
  • Protection from the elements by trusth

    Excellent... this image got 1st position in 'Amateur photographer of The year' contest by AP Magazine for the " Whatever the weather" round. Congrats Helen Trust.
    • 10 Dec 2019 7:25PM
  • Beat the Heat. by arindomb

    Thank you very much for your inspiring words...
    • 26 Oct 2019 6:52PM
  • Red Hot Chili Pepper by arindomb

    Quote:These are good. Tried similar myself recently but couldn't get enough light onto the setup. I'd be interested to know what your lighting arrangement was.

    Thanks a lot for liking the image. I have used a Yongnuo YN 560 flash at about 1/16 th power with a small soft box on left side and a white reflector on right of the small aquarium at closest proximity. I have used 1/250 sec (which is the camera's max sync speed) at f:16 to nullify effect of ambient light and for maximum depth of field.
    • 26 Oct 2019 6:45PM
  • Refraction through water drops. by arindomb

    Thanks to all for your inspiring comments and for liking the image.
    • 20 Oct 2019 6:46AM
  • Stonechat - 02 by arindomb

    Thanks to all of you for viewing and liking my image.....!

    • 20 Feb 2017 5:21PM
  • Scarlet Minivet (Female - juvanile) by arindomb

    Thanks ... Ju and Phil for liking my image...

    • 13 Feb 2017 7:54PM
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