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  • Strength. by UrbaneMagick

    Fantastic image, But very distraction image.

    Regards Bill
    • 6 Feb 2015 8:33AM
  • Golden afternoon at Porth Nanven by JenRogers

    Two excellent images! SmileSmileSmile

    Regards Bill
    • 5 Feb 2015 11:50AM
  • blue and white by PMWilliams

    Spectacular, Dramatic formation, Well done...

    Regards Bill
    • 3 Feb 2015 11:03PM
  • Kaln 3 by DicksPics

    An astonishing image! The colour and clarity of the eyes is superb. Well Done... Smile

    Regards Bill.
    • 3 Feb 2015 10:44PM
  • View From Boshboil Arm Bridge by DicksPics

    Two excellent images, Great composition, Todays architects could learn something from the past...

    Regards Bill
    • 3 Feb 2015 10:37PM
  • Dunstanburgh Castle, Northumberland by iancatch

    Excellent! Great mono well processed, Top notch...

    Regards Bill
    • 3 Feb 2015 10:02PM
  • The Repair Man by Big_Beavis

    Not sure of the new uniform... Funny!

    Regards Bill
    • 2 Feb 2015 8:06PM
  • Incoming by PMWilliams

    Husbands just get in the way, Don't they?. Looks a little stormy great shot... SmileSmileSmile

    Regards Bill.
    • 2 Feb 2015 8:03PM
  • g by Dismorfic

    Wow !!! Look at those eyes, Bewitching, Tantalising, and so so much more... WinkWinkWink

    Regards Bill
    • 2 Feb 2015 7:54PM
  • Let's Play Poker by iainmacd


    • 2 Feb 2015 8:56AM
  • Juliette II by Tatochka


    Regards Bill
    • 1 Feb 2015 9:28PM
  • vika by Tatochka

    An extremely appeal shot! love the model.

    Regards Bill
    • 1 Feb 2015 9:20PM
  • Water lily by Tatochka

    I like it very much it has an honest innocent appeal, with a very tantalising young lady.

    Regards Bill
    • 1 Feb 2015 9:17PM
  • Alicija by Tatochka

    Beautiful Image with subtle tones... Well captured. SmileSmileSmile

    Regards Bill
    • 1 Feb 2015 9:09PM
  • the golden ball by razvanesqu

    Excellent portfolio !!

    Regards Bill
    • 1 Feb 2015 8:52AM
  • then there was light by razvanesqu

    Excellent!!! well captured...SmileSmileSmile

    regards Bill
    • 1 Feb 2015 8:49AM
  • Long-Tailed Tit (Aegithalos caudatus) by rcross252

    Excellent!!! Well captured... SmileSmileSmile

    Regards Bill
    • 31 Jan 2015 9:57PM
  • Keenly Interested Crane by johnriley1uk

    A shot to be proud of, Fantastic detail,sharpness, colour and texture... SmileSmileSmile

    Regards Bill
    • 30 Jan 2015 4:12AM
  • Water fun by DannoM

    What can i say? Wow!!! Impressive... SmileSmileSmileSmile

    Regards Bill
    • 29 Jan 2015 10:13PM
  • Cyclamen by CarolAnnLauderdale

    Excellent!!! Can't get better than that for a first time, Great composition, creative, subtle colours and splendidly presented.

    Regards Bill
    • 29 Jan 2015 6:26PM
  • Evie mk. by pavlitovelpablo

    ? open verdict... Smile

    Regards Bill
    • 28 Jan 2015 9:50PM
  • Stranded by SayyidFaisal8

    Fantastic sky with great reflections... Well done. SmileSmileSmile

    Regards Bill
    • 28 Jan 2015 8:46PM
  • Sweet Sixteen by JaneMIchelle

    This is an utterly enchanting shot, Beautiful pastel shades with a hint of movement and a rather alluring model... Well done

    Regards Bill
    • 28 Jan 2015 4:14AM
  • Crabs by kaybee

    And straight up your trouser leg. The colour is a perfect camouflage for the sand, Great capture.

    Regards Bill
    • 27 Jan 2015 6:20PM
  • *** by alan2603

    Excellent!! great capture you have timed just right some in flight some in the water, Nice sense of movement and still sharp front to back, The composition and the exposure is spot on... Great shot well done. SmileSmileSmile

    Regards Bill
    • 27 Jan 2015 4:50PM
  • Shaking All Over........ by NaturesHaven


    Regards Bill
    • 27 Jan 2015 5:52AM
  • Rubies, Sapphires and Diamonds by MaryFaith

    Another Wow... SmileSmileSmile

    Regards Bill
    • 27 Jan 2015 5:16AM
  • Show Stopper by MaryFaith

    Impressive !!! What a wonderful Magnolia, What an image it has everything and some more, I will be one of these images that will stay with me for life and each time i go to photograph a magnolia i will remember this and what i have to try an achieve... Well done. SmileSmileSmileSmileSmile

    Regards Bill. ( envious! )
    • 27 Jan 2015 5:15AM
  • Woodworking and Photography by handlerstudio

    Wow an impressive image, Great processing you can just feel the texture in V1, You have been thinking outside the box and using your creative experience you have produced a fine abstract image... Image V2 is also superb... SmileSmileSmile

    Regards Bill
    • 27 Jan 2015 5:06AM
  • Low Gear by ahughes3

    Great mono with plenty of grit... SmileSmileSmile

    Regards Bill
    • 27 Jan 2015 4:45AM