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Hello all. I have been taking this photography business semi-seriously for the last 4/5 years, ever since I moved to the UK (from South Africa).

I enjoy most types of photography and will aim my Nikon at most things I feel worth capturing. I am still exploring whether I have a preference - to date I can't categorically say I have.

I switched to Nikon digital approximately three years ago, converting from my Pentax MZ 35mm slr. I still have a Nikon F100 and use it as often as I can, especially for black and white. I also believe there are few things that beat a decent slide exposure.

In my portfolio are a mixture of photographs, ones I trust belong in there and can hold their own with other enthusiasts like me, although I know I have a long journey ahead of me to get to where some of the photographers who exhibit on EPZ are, hey, a man has to have a dream....

Thanks for looking and comments are always welcome. Cheers, Andre


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