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Hi thank you for looking at my photos.
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A quick view of Art2105's recent activity.

  • Red.

    Intriguing it
    • 12 Sep 2018 12:49PM
  • Model aircraft in flight

    Oh thank you, I thought it was a Spitfire. Thank you for your correction .
    • 12 Jun 2018 9:59AM
  • A trek up Ben Nevis.

    Lol no there are 5 walkers so 2 in front of him, thanks for your comment ....Art....
    • 12 May 2018 8:54AM
  • Engrossing application

    Ha ha.

    Not necessarily so Rob, this young girl is very much an outdoor sporting young lady playing Hockey for her school also tennis.
    Intelligent and sporting, loves cooking, and her pets etc.

    We used to use that expression regarding watching to much television. I suppose in the 21 century itís now I.T. Computers, iPads, Smart phones. Itís not all that become addicted to them, and not all that are missing out on the missing world.

    Thank you for your comment Art.

    • 26 Apr 2018 9:47PM
  • Time for a Kiss

    Simply Superb.
    A must for Country File 2017 calendar, sadly entries now closed. Smile
    • 6 Sep 2017 9:43PM
  • The Humming bird Moth.

    Well captured, they are so quick darting from flower to flower.
    • 27 Aug 2017 7:15PM
  • Gabby II

    Excellent blues.
    • 27 Aug 2017 6:45PM
  • Amazing work.

    Your consistency and quality is really outstanding. Well done.
  • A Superb portfolio.
    Inspirational work, with its consistent level of quality and interesting subjects.

    • Posted on KBan's profile
    • 21 Oct 2007 8:30PM
  • For sheer consistancy of quality photography this is the amongst the best Portfolios I have viewed. I'm no expert admitted but I know what I like this is simply Superb stuff.

  • An interesting portfolio, varied, colourful and interesting. great angled shots well composed. I will return Wink

  • One of the most strikingly colourful portfolios I have seen with some excellent innovative digital manipulations. A pleasure to visit.

    Well done.

    • Posted on dianah's profile
    • 1 Oct 2007 10:09PM
  • A simply superb Portfolio every shot is worthy of high praise, very commendable.
    • Posted on Jou©o's profile
    • 22 Sep 2007 5:56PM
  • Thanks for your vote on my Derwent water luis. You have some great work in your PF the Sigma 10-20mm lense gives you some cracking shots.

    • Posted on looboss's profile
    • 15 Aug 2007 2:11PM