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Welcome. I hope you enjoy what you see. I have no particular place I want to go with my photography at the moment so you will find an eclectic mix.
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A quick view of Artois's recent activity.

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  • Posted on ketch's profile

    An enjoyable PF. Varied and interesting.
    • 21 Jan 2009 5:00PM
  • Posted on donv's profile

    Interesting portfolio, some great shots.
    • 26 Nov 2008 1:18PM
  • Posted on JudeC's profile

    Interesting, varied and enjoyable PF
    • 5 Oct 2008 9:14AM
  • Posted on AngieLatham's profile

    I have only today found your work. I particularly like your enchantment album. I am inspired and shall be dropping by again.
    • 30 Sep 2008 11:54AM
  • Posted on claret's profile

    I have enjoyed browsing. An interesting and varied portfolio.
    • 19 Sep 2008 1:14PM
  • Posted on rusmi's profile

    Interesting portfolio that I have enjoyed browsing.
    • 19 Sep 2008 12:28PM
  • Posted on andy210966's profile

    Interesting and varied portfolio that I have enjoyed visiting. I particularly like "claustophobia".
    • 17 Sep 2008 10:05PM
  • Posted on rogerJ's profile

    An interesting varied portfolio that I have enjoyed visiting.
    • 15 Sep 2008 4:15PM
  • Posted on SecretSnapper's profile

    Thank you for dropping by my portfolio. Yours is an interesting, varied portfolio that I have enjoyed dropping in on. Happy snapping - Stella
    • 13 Sep 2008 1:21PM
  • Posted on simont's profile

    An interesting varied portfolio. I have enjoyed my visit.
    • 10 Sep 2008 8:08PM
  • Posted on RogBrown's profile

    An interesting accomplished and varied portfolio.

    • 11 Aug 2008 4:58PM
  • Posted on BlueRoom's profile

    What an interesting varied portfolio. Inspirational.
    • 16 May 2008 12:49AM
  • Posted on looboss's profile

    Interesting varied portfolio.
    • 9 May 2008 7:57PM
  • Posted on Kool_Kat's profile

    lovely varied portfolio.
    • 9 Apr 2008 8:56PM
  • Posted on ketch's profile

    just dropped by your portfolio and I like what I see. Unusual, varied good shots . Happy snapping - Stella
    • 8 Apr 2008 11:15AM
  • Posted on PatrickSmith's profile

    Drawn to your PF after a comment on one of my pics. I am so glad I dropped in, it is stunning and inspiring. I feel honoured that you commented on my offering. I don't know how I have missed your pics before now. I shall be looking out for them now.
    • 7 Apr 2008 5:13PM
  • Posted on Strobe's profile

    a good PF that is varied and interesting.
    • 7 Apr 2008 1:25PM
  • Posted on Milla's profile

    A great PF that is different and thought provoking - inspiring work.
    • 7 Apr 2008 11:23AM
  • Posted on Henchard's profile

    Great PF, inspiring for a newbie like me.
    • 24 Mar 2008 7:42PM
  • Posted on Milla's profile

    a great and interesting portfolio.
    • 22 Mar 2008 2:19PM
  • Posted on danielle1987's profile

    Great unusual portfolio, like to see something different. Keep up the good work.
    • 22 Mar 2008 2:02PM
  • Posted on User_Removed's profile

    Wow, excellent portfolio. I am now inspired to keep working on my boat pics.

    Regards Stella.
    • 20 Mar 2008 12:14PM
  • Posted on dianah's profile

    Wonderful PF - inspiring
    • 17 Mar 2008 9:40AM
  • Posted on akw's profile

    Great PF love misty morning
    • 12 Mar 2008 7:41PM
  • Posted on microchip's profile

    Taken some time out and found a great PF. Beautiful images.
    • 12 Mar 2008 7:33PM
  • Posted on climbing_orchid's profile

    impressive PF - inspiring
    • 12 Mar 2008 7:29PM
  • Posted on SKavanagh's profile

    Just taken time out to look at your PF - inspiring to a newbie like me.
    • 12 Mar 2008 7:26PM
  • Posted on Rock's profile

    Just popped in to look at your PF and found a lovely colourful welcome. Stella
    • 12 Mar 2008 10:06AM
  • Posted on olbell's profile

    Great PF-enjoyed looking.
    • 29 Feb 2008 8:30PM
  • Posted on User_Removed's profile

    wow! what wonderful images-inspiring to a newbie like me
    • 27 Feb 2008 8:24PM

Limited to latest 30 results.