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Activity : Photo Comments


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  • Just One Thing... by dark_lord

    Trevor Yerbury
    • 22 Mar 2019 8:33AM
  • soft by mex

    Super shot - nice composition - like the softness you've given to it.
    Unsure of your choice of border colour though, not subtle enough to suit the shot.
    • 30 Jul 2009 9:02AM
  • Melting Ice by dmhuynh72

    Beautiful landscape - love the water movement and the light on the big rock. Well worth getting up for before the sun!
    • 18 Jul 2009 7:03AM
  • Down to the Last Drop by User_Removed

    An unusual shot of a GSW and its an absolute cracker!! Well done
    • 18 Jul 2009 6:50AM
  • Dark Melody by soulfulregrets

    Fantastic - powerfully lit - giving an intriguing portrait. Composition is spot-on, adding even more impact. Well done.
    • 13 Jul 2009 5:17PM
  • Bait Island by AnnaBanana

    Super shot - like the colours, great composition with the post shadow making an excellent lead in and all topped off with that cracking sky.
    • 5 Jul 2009 7:03PM
  • SALKA by NexusImages

    The windmills of your mind !! Excellent creation.
    • 12 Jun 2009 4:30PM
  • "Old" can be beautiful by equinoxe7

    Superb image, obviously missed by everyone (including me). Pose from the model & the arrangement of props are both excellent. Like the vignetting and toning. Here's the long overdue and very deserved vote 30. Well done.
    • 8 Jun 2009 2:47PM
  • Lochan na h’Achlaise by Sue_R

    V2 is the one for me
    • 8 Jun 2009 7:22AM
  • Paige by chase

    Love the toned version - it really suits her & you definitely couldn't have got any better eye contact. Fabulous portrait, well done
    • 20 May 2009 11:40AM
  • Owl in flight by StephenDurrant

    What a cracker!!
    • 17 May 2009 11:52AM
  • Monument by Anthony

    Love the light in the background & on the damp stone around the monument. Nice and peaceful, whenever I've been there - there were always too many people. One slight improvement would be to clone out the 'toffee crisp' packet.
    • 10 May 2009 2:19PM
  • Tryptych by WILDIMAGES

    Good set of shots & nice colours and as cantona43 has already commented very well presented. Have never done one myself so am not really qualified to comment, but studying it I feel the middle pic should have been 1st, last pic 2nd and 1st pic last as the tree in this one would have been a better place for the eye to stop (on the reading left to right basis)
    • 7 May 2009 5:52PM
  • Second rule is... by marla26

    I often vote on your work, but have never left comment. This is outstanding, superb lighting and the composition is spot on. The image tells stories!
    One for an award I feel.
    • 29 Apr 2009 7:05AM
  • Beautiful Dreams by beckas

    The title definitely suits version 1 best , but I much prefer the subtle colourings of version 2 - nice shot, well done
    • 27 Apr 2009 3:27PM
  • Memories don't fade.... by vismaya

    Another fantastic creation!
    • 5 Nov 2008 1:24PM
  • Song of Solitude by vismaya

    The colourings really set off your very clever creation - love the title too!
    • 2 Nov 2008 1:30PM
  • elegance by hebdens

    Simple but with bags of impact. Well done.
    • 30 Oct 2008 3:14PM
  • Rock Pipit. by justin c

    Crackin' shot.
    • 30 Oct 2008 3:06PM
  • colours by BobbyP

    Very effective. I admire your patience in lining them up
    • 30 Oct 2008 2:59PM
  • Short-eared Owl by John_Wannop

    just brilliant
    • 29 Oct 2008 2:14PM
  • Portraits of a Lady... by marla26

    Love the crop. The expression is wonderful. Great shot.
    • 29 Oct 2008 5:29AM
  • "T" by Daggers75

    This image is 'T' for Top-notch!
    • 16 Oct 2008 10:42AM
  • Towering demon by C_Daniels

    Very striking shot
    • 31 Aug 2008 2:20PM
  • glencoe by edwood

    Lovely place superb capture. Wish I was there!!
    • 26 Aug 2008 4:18PM
  • Moto GP 125's by ashley

    Nice shot - makes a change to see more than one bike as the main part of an image. AND I'm sure Bradley will be on top of the rostrum soon!! (Needs to be viewed large to appreciate the quality)
    • 26 Aug 2008 4:12PM
  • Sandy by Leo

    Superb canine portrait
    • 19 Aug 2008 8:56AM
  • energy by studiomag

    Like it.
    • 19 Aug 2008 8:53AM
  • Boat by Renee23

    Fantastic image - has enormous visual impact!
    • 10 Aug 2008 9:15AM
  • New Pink Shoes by AlleyCatz

    What a cracking portrait - love it
    • 23 Jul 2008 5:47PM