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Activity : Photo Comments


Thank you for visiting my corner of EPZ and welcome to my humble abode.
Please come in and look around. I hope you enjoy looking at my portfolio.
Any comments that you may have, are greatly appreciated.

If you require any information on how I have created an image, please feel free to contact me. Iím only too happy to share my little bit of knowledge. To note, I tend not to use a great deal of processing but again, Iím happy to discuss my workflow using Lightroom and Photoshop.
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  • ... by zdumus

    A beautifully captured image
    • 28 Oct 2021 7:09AM
  • East Lyn by Arvorphoto

    Quote:Beautiful image.
    As youíve asked for critique.
    I must first mention Iím no landscape photographer, as you would no doubt agree if you saw my portfolio, wildlife is my passion and I think it shows.
    I love the soft water and tones within the river itself. However I do keep getting drawn to the bright green moss on the central rock.
    You mentioned the pebbles but I needed to search a little to find them.
    Youíve probably already dodged and burned highlights and shadows in the water but maybe lift the pebbles and reduce the moss a little, or maybe try to saturate the green in the trees to normalise the rock.
    Also youíve got some lovely autumn colours on the left bank that you might be able to punch up a little more.
    Again I already love the shot.
    Just my own thoughts.


    Thanks Tim. It's always interesting to have a different viewpoint.
    I may well revisit this image and adjust the mossy bit certainly.

    As for the pebbles, the ones I was referring to in the text were where my feet and camera bag were LOL but the camera did manage to capture those others in the shallows.

    • 25 Oct 2021 11:23AM
  • Insignificant Humans by esoxlucius

    As Richard has said the people give this a really nice sense of scale.
    For me, I would be tempted to cool the temperature a little, it seems a little too warm especially noticeable in the clouds and white water.

    Overall though, a nice composition that works as you have included that little bit of sky which some people would have been tempted to ignore by zooming in.

    • 25 Oct 2021 11:19AM
  • Shoreditch - 23 Sep 21 - Georgia & Sophie by nellacphoto

    An excellent set, I particularly like the lead and V4.

    • 28 Sep 2021 8:22AM
  • Waiting (mono Manchester) by Robal

    Love the lead image in particular
    • 28 Sep 2021 6:35AM
  • Delphinidae (best viewed large) by gconant

    Loving this one a lot! A gorgeous colour palette.

    My award
    • 27 Sep 2021 8:19AM
  • Web II by whatriveristhis

    Quote:I like this presentation a lot.

    I'm in agreement with John
    • 16 Sep 2021 10:06AM
  • Yes????? by Arvorphoto

    Quote:One showed some interest, a very good looking one too.

    The interest didn't last long LOL
    There were far more important things to do - munching !
    • 12 Sep 2021 1:16PM

    An outstanding image!

    My award
    • 9 Sep 2021 10:00AM
  • Playing catch up by Arvorphoto

    Quote:Wonderful to see, thanks for this one. Sprint point in our town centre on Friday...

    It was quite a spectacle
    • 7 Sep 2021 8:08AM
  • Stumped by bobbyl

    Quote:She looks to be not out from where i am sitting, her foot is grounded behind the crease I reckon, mind you, I'm not standing at square leg Sad
    Good action image, very well timed.

    I agree, a good action shot that is sharp, well timed and nicely composed
    • 31 Aug 2021 6:49AM
  • Ada II by kamil018

    Quote:Absolutely stunning. A perfect example here of how the creative use of natural lighting blows away any artificial my opinion of course !
    Love it.

    I agree with Tony
    • 29 Aug 2021 9:14AM
  • CONSPIRACY THEORIES by gentry3951

    My award

    • 29 Aug 2021 9:12AM
  • Mosedale viaduct by mohikan22

    Lovely image. I've passed there many times in the past
    • 27 Aug 2021 4:48PM
  • Castle Combe by Arvorphoto

    Quote:One of the best processed black and white landscape pictures I have seen on this site. Made me want to give Castle Combe a visit.

    Thank you Gerry.
    Well worth a visit, especially at the moment, as there are a lot less (foreign) visitors due to the ongoing travel restrictions
    • 24 Aug 2021 8:29AM
  • Where do you think you're going? by KDC

    A fantastic image that ticks all of the boxes for me, superb pose and composition. Also the lighting is spot on for me
    It gets my award

    • 21 Aug 2021 7:20AM
  • Amritsar Golden Temple by sawsengee

    The light has been controlled beautifully
    • 20 Aug 2021 9:59AM
  • Wired by DaveRyder

    B&W for me and my award

    • 20 Aug 2021 7:33AM
  • Erica by Migster

    It works very well
    • 20 Aug 2021 7:33AM
  • Erica by Migster

    Beautifully lit and composed

    My award
    • 15 Aug 2021 9:35AM
  • Leah - Crossness No 5 by TornadoTys

    An excellent portrait
    • 9 Aug 2021 4:06PM
  • Fulfilling expectations. by mistere

    • 8 Aug 2021 11:31AM
  • Photography - pure and simple by robhillphoto

    Superbly done!

    It's simple yet very effective and with a touch of humour
    It's a surprise that it hasn't had the recognition I would expect but it gets my award.

    • 6 Aug 2021 7:18AM
  • Cowscape III by whatriveristhis

    Quote:Best for last, superbly composed and works beautifully in B&W

    I agree with Gerainte, superbly done!

    My award
    • 6 Aug 2021 7:16AM
  • Girl With A Rose by Somerled7

    Quote:This is stunning. Being a "Pre-Raphaelite" lover this has captured that with a camera. Great job.

    I agree with Robert, a stunning image with a superb painterly (is that a word?) quality

    My award
    • 30 Jul 2021 9:39AM
  • Processia by pranagal

    A fascinating creation that is so very well processed.
    It's something that I would print and hang on my wall.

    My award
    • 30 Jul 2021 6:36AM
  • ERICA by gentry3951

    I love the b&w version
    • 28 Jul 2021 9:18AM
  • Birch by whatriveristhis

    Gorgeous detail
    • 20 May 2021 7:41AM
  • When the stars come out...... by Arvorphoto

    Quote:Beautiful low light image and excellent composition.SmileSmile

    Thank you Len
    • 21 Apr 2021 6:54AM
  • The New? Bridge by Arvorphoto

    Quote:I feel for you in your pursuit of a nice photograph, frozen fingers and toes, not comfortable.
    The way you have caught the shadow of the trees in the arches of the bridge is very well seen, and the cool blue sky, hopefully indicating a fine, clear, but cold day ahead.

    Thank you Nigel
    • 20 Apr 2021 10:05AM