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Thank you for visiting my corner of EPZ and welcome to my humble abode.
Please come in and look around. I hope you enjoy looking at my portfolio.
Any comments that you may have, are greatly appreciated.

If you require any information on how I have created an image, please feel free to contact me. Iím only too happy to share my little bit of knowledge. To note, I tend not to use a great deal of processing but again, Iím happy to discuss my workflow using Lightroom and Photoshop.
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    How time passes, over two years since my last post :( Those two years have seen a subtle change in direction and a move to exploring other avenues including people photography. So when an opportunity recently arose to visit the Black Country Living...0


    30 Apr 2017 1:02PM  |  Read


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  • It has to be worth it

    Standing for 3 hours on a dual carriageway bridge above the River Avon on Bristol's ring road system in freezing temperatures may not seem appealing, but for me, the reward of three images far outweighs the three hours waiting. Having made a day ...0


    4 Jan 2015 2:30PM  |  Read


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  • 2014 Trials and tribulations

    2014 - What a year For several months, everything went on hold when my wife fell seriously ill, it is very sobering when the consultant says 'Without an operation immediately, she WILL die' Then in June we had to say goodbye to our beloved ...0


    1 Jan 2015 1:03PM  |  Read


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  • Trial and Error II

    Last night was another venture in to the unknown. This time, it was a visit to Fowey Regatta to see the Red Arrows. Now I have taken photos of moving objects before but these would be moving a good deal faster. Having been doing so much landsca...0


    23 Aug 2013 10:03AM  |  Read


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  • Trial and Error

    Last Monday night was adventure into the relative unknown - how to take fireworks photos? A bit of background reading, gave an insight into exposure times and aperture and a starting point. So off to Fowey Regatta we went, well in advance, to allo...0


    22 Aug 2013 10:16AM  |  Read


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  • Cornish Industrial Heritage

    Following on from a previous blog, a lot of work has been completed on the World Mining Heritage site in the Luxulyan Valley. The most recent is to renovate the muddy clay path that ran alongside Carmears Leat and it has revealed remnants of the tram...0


    31 Mar 2013 3:24PM  |  Read


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  • Cornish Luggers 2012

    For the second year running, I visited the Cornish luggers festival at St Ives. Organised by the St Ives Jumbo Association, it gives the opportunity of seeing these vessels that were once closely associated with St Ives and Cornwall. This year, the ...0


    4 Sep 2012 6:52PM  |  Read


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  • Cornish Industrial Heritage

    After the weather battered the county over the previous two days, today brought some respite from the wind and rain. So I made another visit to the Luxulyan Valley to try and record more the Industrial Heritage therein. With works ongoing to repai...0


    9 Jun 2012 9:55PM  |  Read


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  • On the doorstep

    So often what is on your doorstep is overlooked, I used to live within 5 miles of the radio telescope at Jodrell Bank in Cheshire and yet I never visited it. It could be seen from most parts of the county, an iconic shape in the distance. I now ...0


    4 Jun 2012 6:25PM  |  Read


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  • Tell me why I don't like earlies....

    Despite have worked shifts for the best part of 23 years, I still dislike early shifts. But on Friday, I made it out with the camera for the sunrise. Well actually, I didn't quite see a sunrise, more cloud than predicted on the weather forecast but ...0


    14 May 2012 10:53AM  |  Read


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  • The buzz is coming back...

    My birthday treat, to celebrate on a gorgeous day, I headed over to Holywell Bay to do some exploring of possibilities. I had only been once previously and just within the dunes, so it was off up the coast path towards Penhale Point. Strong sunlight ...0


    14 May 2012 10:48AM  |  Read


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  • How time flies...

    Nearly eight months have elapsed since my last blog, how time flies. Many things have happened in that time and mostly nothing to do with photography. Well, the bleak mid winter has passed and things are looking up again, spring has sprung and I ...0


    10 May 2012 9:13PM  |  Read


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  • Luggers Part 3

    Things are looking up. Last night I had an enquiry from the St Ives Jumbo Association regards usage of the image of the pair of Jumbos/Luggers. Could this be a positive start of things to come? www.stivesjumbo.com0

    20 Sep 2011 11:55AM  |  Read


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  • Luggers St Ives Part 2

    Well, some made it in sail, though I think the windy weather conditions precluded against more taking part. I read Conrad's blog the other day 'Not spectacular but nice enough' And this image is one that falls into that category for me. Ma...0


    10 Sep 2011 9:50PM  |  Read


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  • Luggers in the Bay @St Ives

    For those of you, who may be in the area or can get down tomorrow (Sat 10th Sept) BOATS IN THE BAY 10.00am - 5.00pm St Ives Harbour The 5th annual celebration of luggers organised by the St Ives Jumbo Association. The resident jumbos will be jo...0

    9 Sep 2011 8:57AM  |  Read


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