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  • Behind The Line by davidhu

    Really like this one although due to the statue being rather small not sure if it actually adds anything without it's significance being explained - maybe wrong. However with or without its really good
    • 27 Apr 2010 6:50PM
  • Shades of Pink by angej

    Even better large
    • 26 Apr 2010 7:28PM
  • Nash mono by geoffrey baker

    Nice Composition and textures, and a couple of triangles to boot - Alan
    • 25 Apr 2010 8:38PM
  • Dusky City by asawyer

    Cheers for all the wonderful comments
    • 24 Apr 2010 7:28AM
  • Sun Kissed by asawyer

    Cheers guys
    • 20 Apr 2010 6:44PM
  • Oh Dear by asawyer

    thanks for all your comments, also noticed slight blowout on the light fur and thought I managed to tone down most of it using levels.
    • 19 Apr 2010 7:39PM
  • Exbury by asawyer

    thanks for both comments to be fair I did question the f setting when I looked at the photo, but this was quite an early one of myne, it was auto at the time I believe :-0

    I also like the extra punch on the first Mod.

    Have to admit I thought about removing the stray people in the corner Smile

    • 16 Apr 2010 5:41PM
  • Ullswater by asawyer

    Thanks for that, still confused with the sky as I chopped a fair bit out as there was nothing to keep your interest.

    Will keep looking at both versions.

    • 13 Apr 2010 7:56PM
  • Up Above! by asawyer

    Thanks for the comments fully understand about the mountains although couldn't get the foot so cut off, I may upload a mod providing more mountain side.
    • 13 Apr 2010 5:57PM
  • A walk in the country by DRicherby

    Could make a comment about preferring the cowpats but it's definitely the mono conversion anyway.
    • 11 Apr 2010 1:30PM
  • Tintagel by asawyer

    understand your points on the copyright, not sure on the best approach here as very weary - I've heard some horror stories about photos posted on the internet being abused and not necessarily due to the quality. Alan
    • 8 Apr 2010 8:30PM
  • Fullerton Mill by asawyer

    Cheers for your comments
    • 6 Apr 2010 8:43PM
  • Perfect Moment by trekpete

    Good shot, could have done with a bit more action in the sky though - really like everything else though
    • 6 Apr 2010 8:39PM
  • Stonehenge1 by asawyer

    Thanks Cath, I know what you mean but haven't actually messed with the sky much at all - it's as it was.
    • 28 Mar 2010 3:39PM
  • Northfleet Docks 2+ by derekhansen

    No 1 works best for me - great shot
    • 20 Mar 2010 3:37PM
  • Lonely Days by asawyer

    with & without Smile
    • 18 Mar 2010 2:50PM
  • Dover Castle by asawyer

    I actually believe it's more to do with exporting from Lightroom as it isn't flat on my computer. Will try and export correctly
    • 18 Mar 2010 2:03PM