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Welcome! For starters, my real name is Theresa. I've been into photography for many years, starting out in 1982 with a Zenith E - fully manual and with a separate hand held light meter - boy was that a learning curve!
Now retired I spend a lot of time taking bad photos, with the odd reasonable one surprising me now and again which I then delightedly upload here Smile. When I'm not out with the camera, I can usually be found at the computer trying to improve my PS skills. Somewhere in between I do a little housework but try to avoid this as much as possible Smile.
Have a little wander - leave a comment if you can be bothered and I will be eternally grateful! Thank you x
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  • Day 28 - TV Reflections

    It's been a rather good day weather wise and I should have gone out with the camera, but I didn't - the day just seemed to go past at breakneck speed. Before I knew it, it was time to think about doing something for dinner, cos I'd planned to pop ro...


    28 Jan 2012 9:51PM | Read


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  • Day 27 - Out celebrating Terry's birthday

    OK, so holding my hand up here, I didn't take this photo! But I decided to use it for today's upload because it made me laugh! My grandson, Harrison, on a night out with us all celebrating Terry's birthday yesterday - I handed him my pocket camera ...


    28 Jan 2012 2:06PM | Read


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  • Day 26 - Hooe Lake

    No rain today! So I took myself out to Radford Park and had a wander around. No matter what else takes my eye, though, I always end up at the far end where the hulks of abandoned boats lie in the mud of Hooe Lake. It is a scene much loved by photo...


    26 Jan 2012 9:39PM | Read


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  • Day 25 - Playing in the Dark

    Realised how late it was and hadn't done anything for my 366 project, so ended up playing in the dark and came up with this. I wonder if anyone can guess what it is?


    25 Jan 2012 9:45PM | Read


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  • Day 24 - Sweeties

    Once again I'm stuck indoors due to bad weather. A Flickr group suggested a weekly themed challenge, the first theme being sweets. Someone thought it would be a good idea as we would all likely have leftover sweets from Christmas. Hmm, they obviou...


    24 Jan 2012 5:43PM | Read


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  • Day 23 - Moshi Monsters

    Been raining today, so couldn't get out with the camera and then we had to pick our grandson up from school, so I was pretty much occupied from 3 till 6 when he was collected from us! So here's 5 year old Harrison at my computer, playing at maki...


    23 Jan 2012 6:45PM | Read


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  • Day 22 - What a muppet!

    Kate and I went out this afternoon for a walk around Plympton St Maurice, a lovely, historical suburb of Plymouth. Our walk took us across Pathfields, an ancient open parkland which was the subject of Channel 4's Time Team a few years ago. We met a...


    22 Jan 2012 8:38PM | Read


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  • Day 21 - Memories of my Mother

    Today my mum would have been 95. It's a little over 20 years since she died and I still think of her most days. I wanted to commemorate her in some way today, but living nearly 300 miles from where she lived means I couldn't, for example, photogra...


    21 Jan 2012 10:13PM | Read


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  • Day 20 - Blinking rabbits!

    We went to Plymbridge Woods around 3.30 this afternoon - I completely forgot about taking wellies, and it was rather muddy! I was gingerly making my way over to the bridge itself, when my left foot managed to find a rabbit hole and down I went ...


    20 Jan 2012 7:27PM | Read


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  • Day 19 - Sign of Spring? ... or Snow?

    Well it saved me going out on what was yet another flippin' awful day ;). This little snowdrop is in a tub in the garden, which I plopped onto the garden table, so I could shoot it without lying on the cold ground, lol!


    19 Jan 2012 6:08PM | Read


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  • 366 Project 2012 - Day 18

    God, what a grey, dreary, wet day it's been here :(. I had to force myself out this afternoon, as soon as there was a break in the rain. Ended up at Jennycliff, looking out over Plymouth Sound towards the Breakwater - the clouds started to break up...


    18 Jan 2012 9:48PM | Read


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  • 366 Project 2012 - Day 17

    My husband bought me a Lensbaby Composer for my birthday 18 months ago and I'm ashamed to say that I do not use it nearly enough. I love the thing, and the weird and whacky results it can give, but unfortunately I always seem to have trouble getting...


    17 Jan 2012 5:30PM | Read


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  • 366 Project 2012 - Day 16

    We took a drive up to Dartmoor this afternoon, parked up and had lunch and then I got out with my camera. By God it was cold!!! We walked along the track that used to be the Yelverton to Princetown railway (originally a tramway), which meanders fro...


    16 Jan 2012 10:38PM | Read


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  • 366 Project 2012 - Day 15

    I rigged up my makeshift lightbox this evening - it's a white nylon 'pop-up' laundry basket that I bought from M&S a few years ago for a fiver. The top was just a round hole through which your dirty washing is pushed, so I cut the top right out, lea...


    15 Jan 2012 10:00PM | Read


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  • 366 Project 2012 - Day 14

    These are a few of the shells I have in a large glass jar in my bathroom. I did think it would be helpful to identify them for anyone who visits here, so off I want on a google mission..... Well, that idea soon went up the spout, cos it seems that...


    14 Jan 2012 6:27PM | Read


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