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Activity : Photo Comments


Hi, I see that my profile states I join in 2003. I did hang out with all of you for short time then and again a little later, but it has been years. So, in reality, I'm new and just feeling my way around. Thanks for your visits and know that I welcome all comments. There is still so much to learn. Cheers!
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  • Still Life"for a change" by NDODS

    I agree with some of the others that v1 works best. Your other color version is cropped too tight and I feel the b/w versions are a bit muddy..not enough contrast or range grey scale tones between white and blacks. Very nice composition and warm light that is nicely balance. Bravo.
    • 26 Sep 2013 6:41PM
  • Pincushion protea by fotobee

    Very nice color and presentation
    • 26 Sep 2013 5:08PM
  • Tower by StickyW

    This image has such a great mood and character. I love the perspective and the dramatic presentation. Cheers.
    • 26 Sep 2013 4:07PM
  • Anemone x hybrida 'Honorine Jobert' by jackyp

    Fabulous glow to this image. Love the point of focus and perspective
    • 13 Sep 2013 3:53PM
  • The one that got away ! by Gp350

    • 12 Sep 2013 7:37PM
  • Herringfleet mill by RichieL

    • 11 Sep 2013 11:43PM
  • Team Work by Jazzyjack

    Love the perspective...very effective composition for telling story
    • 11 Sep 2013 11:41PM
  • Mind the Monkey by lancashirepictures

    Well done!
    • 11 Sep 2013 11:39PM
  • FireStone by BlueRoom

    another vote from me... well done
    • 11 Sep 2013 10:43PM
  • Off Swannage by BlueRoom

    Again, my compliments on the digital work.
    • 11 Sep 2013 10:43PM
  • Going Underground by BlueRoom

    Very, very nice post-processing on this. This image draws you in.
    • 11 Sep 2013 10:41PM
  • Vanishing by fazzer

    Great mood to this shot and you got to love the effect of that nearly 4min shutter speed. Bravo!!
    • 11 Sep 2013 10:24PM
  • In the woods by BobbyK

    Crisp, clear image. Beautifully presented, with a natural pose. Eyes and skin tone are spot on. Bravo!
    • 11 Sep 2013 8:11PM
  • Symbol Image of America by Tonksfest

    The detail on the eagle is spectacular... combined with the background, it creates a very graphic and strong presentation... the color pops.
    • 10 Sep 2013 9:26PM
  • Walk the walk ... by seawhi

    Love this high perspective...the color of the umbrella gives it a bit of a cartoon feel (at least in my mind). Well seen and captured.
    • 10 Sep 2013 9:17PM
  • Just a Bottle by 213hardy

    Very nice minimalist image
    • 10 Sep 2013 9:13PM
  • Cheers! To Glasses Half-full (3) by autumnsky

    Thank you all for your comments. They are much appreciated. Cheers!
    • 6 Sep 2013 9:28PM
  • A Knights Tale. by Scaramanga

    your work is phenomenal... love the mood. Bravo!
    • 6 Sep 2013 9:23PM
  • Siwa by kenp666

    Very nice... love the soft palette of colors and sense of shyness of the model
    • 6 Sep 2013 9:17PM
  • Pause for thought..... by termite53

    Beautiful photo captured in yummy light!
    • 6 Sep 2013 8:53PM
  • City At Dusk Panoramic...... by LMK_Photography

    lovely panorama with perfect reflections.
    • 6 Sep 2013 8:27PM
  • Small Copper by Snapitt

    Beautiful composition with crisp focus. excellent use of dof, and vibrant colors. (v)
    • 6 Sep 2013 8:22PM
  • Half by KDC

    Very nice, love the softness of the skin against the texture of the hair. Nice crisp focus. The stand of hair going through the center of the eye...creates a barrier and I wish it weren't there... but that's me. Very well done. (v)
    • 6 Sep 2013 7:16PM
  • Is it chilli? by Redten10

    Love the contrasting colors... the pop. I'm not a fan of the centered composition...might do better off center with a lot of black negative space to the left. Very nice.
    • 6 Sep 2013 7:12PM
  • Arty nudey by dudler

    Very interesting use of form
    • 6 Sep 2013 7:05PM
  • Glass by BlueRoom

    Very nice color and patterns. I particularly like the combination of textures...the rough linen cloth juxtaposition with the hard shiny service of glass. Of course, you know how I feel about the refractions... hey-haw! Grin
    • 6 Sep 2013 6:50PM
  • Loch Lomond by Irishkate

    The long exposure creates a nice softness to the water. Love the layering in this scene...foreground to mountains
    • 5 Sep 2013 1:05AM
  • The Last Drop by David_Lansdell

    Nice comp and use of dof...refraction is a bonus.
    • 5 Sep 2013 12:40AM
  • Amy-Leigh by K4RL

    Very nice the wisp of hair across the face. Nice.tones
    • 5 Sep 2013 12:32AM
  • Peacock on Buddleia by pollisher

    Spectacular color and form. This deserves a Reader Choice award (vote)
    • 4 Sep 2013 11:59PM