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Welcome to my profile, hope you find it interesting. I would love some tips and encouragement. Don't forget to say something before you leave.

I don't get out much therefore have to use my surroundings, so because of this situation, I've discovered an intriguing world that amazes me each day. I feel quite grateful. thanks for stopping by

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    • 7 Feb 2019 3:07AM
  • LIFE

    Appreciate the comments very much ladies
    • 8 Jun 2016 1:31AM
  • Premonsoon clouds....2

    brilliant image!
    • 7 Jun 2016 3:49PM
  • Pavillion Gardens, Buxton, Derbyshire

    love the composition and tones
    • 7 Jun 2016 3:48PM
  • Blue Tit

    spectacular shot
    • 7 Jun 2016 7:21AM
  • Blue

    gorgeous image
    • 7 Jun 2016 7:19AM
  • Red.

    • 7 Jun 2016 7:18AM
  • In answer to your question: I've taken 1000s of photos since the first moment I held my very first DSLR - in fact it was my very first digital camera. I didn't have a clue how to use but I kept experimenting and still delighted with some of the photos I took because I had NO idea I could capture special effects like make the sun look like a star or make someone look like they have a twin. Still so much I have to learn. Loving the journey!

    Best Wishes Nathan

    • Posted on NDODS's profile
    • 13 Jul 2015 12:08PM
  • spectacular PF
  • Spectacular PF
    • Posted on chris-p's profile
    • 1 Jul 2015 2:02AM
  • Hello,
    Your portfolio is absolutely stunning. You asked what my photo was "Our World" - its a dewdrop refraction
    • Posted on Paree's profile
    • 19 Apr 2015 10:57AM
  • Beautiful PF - images are spectacular and I love the descriptions and spirituality

  • WOW - your PF is absolutely incredible - I can see why you are not short of votes and comments.
  • spectacular portfolio and inspirational - your images are just stunning
    • Posted on zapar40's profile
    • 27 Mar 2013 11:44PM
  • Incredible PF - well done
    • Posted on mattw's profile
    • 19 Mar 2013 1:12PM
  • Fantastic PF - I just so much love the baby mantis - had I not already given away my user award that day - the baby mantis would have got an award from me. Look forward to seeing more of your work Grin
  • just saw your digital art that you loaded to photomonth today - they are BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!
    • Posted on Baden's profile
    • 8 Feb 2013 8:11AM