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Hi and Welcome,
Thanks for visiting my Portfolio, I hope you enjoy the images, please leave a comment - Frederick John Evans DPAGB AWPF.
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20 Apr 2021 1:35PM
Thanks for your comment Isabel(Chinga), it is really appreciated, also thank you for your continued support,
Best Wishes,
Chinga Plus
11 102 3 United Kingdom
18 Apr 2021 4:51PM
You do beautiful macro photography Fred... I so enjoy looking at your beautiful insect shots...
Congratulations on your quality images. Great portfolio, Isabel GrinGrinGrin
11 Nov 2020 3:37PM
Thanks for your comment Michael(Karuma1970), I went into the Heath in Cardiff for an angiogram, ended up staying in and had a quadruple by-pass, everything working fine 20 years later,
Best Wishes,
10 Nov 2020 10:51AM
Great set of photos Fred and all the stuff I'm interested in. I trust the chest pains worked out OK. I went in on 3rd Oct 2012 for an angiogram and came out later the same day with two stents! Still going strong and visiting lots of places with my camera.
Tooma 6 2.2k 3 Scotland
11 Jun 2020 1:11PM

Quote:Hi everyone, this is Carole Fred's wife. Just to let you know he won't be on for a while he was taken into hospital yesterday. I am hoping he won't be in long. He had a chest pain so they are checking him out. He will soon be back on chatting to you all.. Thanks and take care all .
Glad you are ok and back in action, Fred. Best wishes, Tom. 😎
9 Apr 2020 9:09AM
Hi everyone, this is Carole Fred's wife. Just to let you know he won't be on for a while he was taken into hospital yesterday. I am hoping he won't be in long. He had a chest pain so they are checking him out. He will soon be back on chatting to you all.. Thanks and take care all .
27 Jan 2020 8:23PM
Thank you for your comment Patty, it is really appreciated,
Best Wishes,
27 Jan 2020 6:03PM
A gallery full of joyful butterflies to enjoy in the depths of winter, and a pleasure to see in summer from your river walks.

18 Nov 2019 10:36AM
Thanks Alan, your comment is really appreciated,
Best Wishes,
17 Nov 2019 11:31AM
Great pictures and compositions Fred, exelent ☺
25 Jun 2019 11:28PM
Thanks for your comment David, it is really appreciated,
Best Wishes,
cymru2019 3 17 7 United Kingdom
13 Jun 2019 2:42PM
You have an excellent and varied portfolio and I am glad to have come across it. David
1 Nov 2018 10:54AM
Thanks for your comment Xwang, it is really appreciated,
Best Wishes,
xwang 13 56 8
1 Nov 2018 10:49AM
Great work, Fred.
I'm always fascinated by your "collection", not only the excellent skills of using the camera but also your observation. Most of the "grown ups" don't see the little bugs as much as when they were children,...they lost the capability of "seeing", by that means, they lost a fascinating world,.. enjoy your interesting world and keep up your great work!
6 Oct 2018 1:20AM
Casgliad hyfryd o cipio ffotograffig a gobeithio mae hyn yn gwneud synnwyr gan nad wyf wedi defnyddio yn ystod y blynyddoedd.
2 Dec 2017 5:54PM
Thank you Val(Val Prowse) , your comment is really appreciated,
Best Wishes,
2 Dec 2017 5:50PM
You have a wonderful portfolio Fred. Badgers, birds, butterflies all beautifully photographed.

7 Sep 2017 8:44AM
Thank you for your comment Derek(derekp), glad to hear you enjoyed your visit,
Best Wishes,
derekp 11 1 5 United Kingdom
7 Sep 2017 8:38AM
Have really enjoyed browsing through your portfolio
24 Jul 2017 11:52PM
Thank you Geoff(simmo73), your comment is really appreciated,
23 Jul 2017 6:20PM
Love your portfolio, thank you for your vote.
21 Jul 2017 7:40PM
Thank you Irene, your comment is really appreciated,
Best Wishes,
IreneClarke 7 1.4k 2 United Kingdom
21 Jul 2017 7:30PM
Wonderful portfolio
24 Feb 2017 6:28PM
Thanks Ed(eddiemat) your comment is really appreciated,
24 Feb 2017 6:11PM
I have enjoyed looking through your portfolio. The butterfly's look exceptional
Great pics
davyskid 5 2 Scotland
25 Jan 2017 10:20PM
Have enjoyed looking through your portfolio, great photos thanks for your vote SmileSmile
29 Aug 2016 9:56PM
Love to take images of these lovely insects but alas in my part of the world there is none. Superb set of images.
danbrann 17 640 17
4 Aug 2016 2:03PM
A tremendous trio Fred.
8 Jul 2016 7:57PM
Thank you Len, your comment is really appreciated,
8 Jul 2016 7:54PM
Just had another gander through your portfolio to be proud ofWinkWink
5 Mar 2016 8:48AM
Thank you Netta, your comment is really appreciated,
netta1234 10 382 2 Wales
5 Mar 2016 8:26AM
Fred your portfolio is stunningSmile
26 Feb 2016 5:27PM
Thank you Maria, your comment is really appreciated,
26 Feb 2016 5:24PM
Love your photos.
Thanks for you comments on my Kestrel Photo. Grannie Maria
12 Aug 2015 8:40AM
Thank you Patty, your comments are really appreciated,
12 Aug 2015 8:20AM
Wonderful portfolio Fred, with the most gorgeous photographs of butterflies. Such a joy to look through these

Patty Grin
18 Jul 2015 3:06PM
Thank you Vikram,
Bantu 8 7 1 India
18 Jul 2015 1:14PM
Superb captures.

15 Jan 2015 10:04PM
Thanks Bernie, really appreciate your comment,
Beautiful portfolio wonderful photos beautiful photography.

24 Oct 2014 10:12AM
Thank you Eileen,
24 Oct 2014 9:56AM
What a beautiful portfolio and an impressive bio too!
10 Aug 2014 9:44AM
Thanks John, pleased that you enjoyed,
JohnoP 17 2
10 Aug 2014 9:39AM
Always a pleasure to view your portfolio Fred.....such excellent work! Smile John
19 Jun 2014 9:28AM
Thank you Ishan, pleased that you enjoyed,
IshanPathak 8 202 12 India
18 Jun 2014 11:04AM
Simply Delightful to browse through your PF.

Excellent job Smile

12 Jan 2014 9:31AM
Thanks Dave,
mistere Plus
9 16 6 England
12 Jan 2014 9:28AM
This is a super portfolio, lovely colourful images well captured and presented. Nice work.

4 Jan 2014 7:16PM
Thank you Netta,
netta1234 10 382 2 Wales
4 Jan 2014 7:06PM
Your pf looks lovely and bright with all these buterfliesSmile
15 Dec 2013 8:23PM
Thanks Anthony,
15 Dec 2013 8:12PM
Great photo's a pleasure to look at. Well done Fred.
2 Nov 2013 10:58AM
Thanks Chris,
2 Nov 2013 10:56AM
Nice portfolio some great images

11 Sep 2013 12:30AM
Thanks Terry (SmartAS) , I really appreciate your comment,
SmartAS 13 United Kingdom
11 Sep 2013 12:25AM
A stunning portfolio
Terry Grin
18 Aug 2013 10:14PM
Thanks for your comment Mike, I'm pleased that you like my portfolio,
Mike_Smith Plus
15 915 2 United Kingdom
18 Aug 2013 9:20PM
Hello Fred i have just been enjoying a look through your pictures, its a fantastic collection. Your obviously at one with Nature
7 Jul 2013 8:04PM
Thanks for your comment Paul, it is really appreciated,
A great portfolio very well done !Grin
1 Jun 2013 10:35PM
Thanks Alfie
your comments are really appreciated, pleased that you like my work,
Best Wishes,
Alfie_P 15 927 2 United Kingdom
1 Jun 2013 4:34PM
Hello Fred,
What a wonderful portfolio you have, it is a credit to you. I think your love of nature and all it's components clearly shines through in your images.
Thank you for sharing your work with us all.
9 Feb 2013 9:23PM
Thanks Jenny for your comment on my portfolio, pleased that you enjoyed, your comment is really appreciated,
Jenny-D 12 1 United Kingdom
7 Feb 2013 10:29PM
Have enjoyed looking through your portfolio, great photos... Smile
14 Jan 2013 9:34PM
Thanks Subhojit for your comment, pleased that you love my work, your comment is really appreciated,
13 Jan 2013 7:33PM
fantastic work.......I love your work........
21 Dec 2012 8:24PM
Thanks Rob, pleased that you enjoyed looking through my portfolio, your comment is really appreciated,
bobsblues 12 10 2 United Kingdom
21 Dec 2012 7:57PM
You have an amazing P/F Fred and its been a pleasure browsing through it , keep it up .Smile
12 Oct 2012 9:25PM
Thanks Lotty, pleased that you enjoyed my portfolio, really appreciate your comment,
lottycobb 10 4 United Kingdom
12 Oct 2012 7:54PM
What a great portfolio, loved looking at your work! Thanks for the award! Lotty!
11 Oct 2012 12:26PM
Thanks Karen, pleased that you enjoyed viewing my portfolio, appreciate your comment,
kazza12 9 2 United Kingdom
11 Oct 2012 12:18PM
loved looking through your pf regards karen SmileSmileSmile
1 Oct 2012 8:24PM
Thanks Eric (Gypsyman) , your comment is greatly appreciated,
Gypsyman 11 690 England
1 Oct 2012 7:41PM
Truly Loverly Pf. Great Work. well done. Eric.
24 Jul 2012 10:02PM
Thanks Ray (lufc62), comment greatly appreciated,
lufc62 12 9 England
24 Jul 2012 9:50PM
Enjoyed the viewing on you're p/f Fred..Smile

17 Jun 2012 10:12PM
Thanks Frank (bagman) , comments greatly appreciated,
bagman 11 65 United States
17 Jun 2012 5:48PM
Enjoyed your gallery of diverse subjects and interest. You have many things in your gallery i have never seen before.
A lot of excellent work in your photos. Looking forward to more of your work.
19 Jan 2009 11:42PM
Thanks maggie9, 1 flashgun used mounted on a bracket,
maggie9 13 45 2 Scotland
17 Jan 2009 8:59PM
i have really enjoyed your gallery!
last year we were fortunate to see pine martens and badgers at the same feeding area (but at different times thoughout the night)

in fact amazingly the badger came up onto the window sill and scoffed the jam sarnies put out for the martens!!! it was one of those very special wildlife encounters that you'll never forget Smile

my photo efforts were very poor, my camera had trouble with such low light, did you use a flash or torch or both?
5 Dec 2008 3:34PM
Thanks Alan (HuntedDragon),
HuntedDragon 13 118 United Kingdom
5 Dec 2008 12:34PM
exselent pictures, i've only ever seen badgers on night vision stuff, wasnt till i was 32-33 that i saw a live one, within a month of NV they were every where.. luv um.
20 Sep 2008 5:09PM
Thanks Terry (SecretSnapper),
19 Sep 2008 8:56AM
Nice PF.
27 Jul 2008 11:27AM
Thanks Brian (Brilane),
Brilane 16 5 12 Wales
27 Jul 2008 2:00AM
Lovely pictures, Fred, Nice exposures.
User_Removed 18 386 2 United Kingdom
11 Jul 2008 8:36AM
Great pose. Smile
10 Jul 2008 3:05PM
Thanks Dave (Cabit) and Graham (Andree_Borrel) for your comments,
9 Jul 2008 10:22PM
Great to see what we normally wouldnt
Cabit 15 104 England
9 Jul 2008 8:01AM
Magical work Fred, I always look forward to your uploads, if I ever get half as good as you I'd turn pro , & to top it all a gooner as well.
Dave87 15 42 5 England
23 Jun 2008 9:28PM
Thanks Fred, no the pleasure is mine. Encouragement helps produce better photographers and thatís what you do extremely well. Your comments are always encouraging and helps provide the motivation we all need sometimes. Keep well and taking them smashing pictures

3 Jun 2008 8:25AM
Thanks Dave (Dave 87) that's the best and most appreciated comment I've had since joining EPZ,
Dave87 15 42 5 England
31 May 2008 6:03PM
On here - there are about 8 photographers who I rate very highly. They consistently upload first class stuff and always make time to give welcomed comments on other peoples work to help encourage others with their photography. This bloke sits at the very top of my list.

29 Apr 2008 10:00PM
Thanks Paul (paw1),
paw1 15 United Kingdom
29 Apr 2008 9:14PM
well done fred you are an artist in the making
25 Feb 2008 4:49AM
Thanks very much Dennis (photophantom),
photophantom 14 108 3 Philippines
24 Feb 2008 9:46AM

Your gallery is filled with badgers, barn, and owls.

I like how you captured them in great skills and perseverance.

Our owls here in the Philippines is one of the endangered species.

I like your style,
19 Feb 2008 8:30PM
Thanks very much Andy (newty1),
newty1 16 3 United Kingdom
19 Feb 2008 1:19PM
great pf will visit again
Andy Smile
14 Feb 2008 2:18PM
Thanks very much Dave (Cabit), I've supported Arsenal since I was a kid, only went to Highbury once, the day Arsenal beat Wolves 5-4, George Eastham starring,
Cabit 15 104 England
13 Feb 2008 12:16PM
From one gooner to another Fred, stunning P/F, I enjoy looking at your work, thanks for sharing it,
1 Feb 2008 4:53PM
Thanks very much Will (willgriffiths),
Ezcellent very good series.
14 Jan 2008 1:36PM
Thanks very much John (lonely_oryx), look forward to seeing your badger shots,
lonely_oryx 14 61 55 England
12 Jan 2008 1:27PM
You have some great animal shots and a very good PF. I might put a couple of my badger shots on at some point. Not quite up to your standard though
3 Jan 2008 2:46PM
Thanks very much Paul (abcdefghi), Happy New Year,
XxPaulxX 16 265 England
3 Jan 2008 1:55PM
Thanks for your positive comments and clicks Fred Smile I only wish my PF was as structured and good as yours is. I like how you post little mini series of pics.

Fantastic subjects and expertly captured, it's a pleasure seeing every shot from you. Keep up the great work!

Paul Smile
24 Dec 2007 11:31AM
Thanks very much Anne (wefi), have a nice Christmas,
AnneWorner 14 620 43 United States
23 Dec 2007 8:25PM
Hi Fred,
I have been perusing your PF, and you have some lovely images. I love the badgers and owls and the butterflies, but your waterfall scenes and landscapes are lovely too. I still have more to look through, and will do so as time permits.
I want to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Thank you so much for your support this year, it means a lot to me.
16 Dec 2007 11:22PM
Thanks very much Dawn (dawnmichelle),
dawnmichelle 15 12 United States
16 Dec 2007 6:39PM
Hi Fred,
You have a stunning Pf enoyed it very much...
8 Dec 2007 4:38PM
Thanks Marilyn (barmymarny),
GalleryGirl 15 4 2 United Kingdom
8 Dec 2007 4:19PM
Love the butterfly series. Some fabbie colourful captures. Well done and same for portfolio Fred.
Marilyn x
25 Nov 2007 10:56AM
Thanks Nikki (soulof harmony),
25 Nov 2007 12:02AM
some really lovely compositions love the butterflies.. theres always such a spirit of happiness and joy in your work, And a passion for photography.. lovely pf..

Nikki !
danbrann 17 640 17
20 Nov 2007 2:02PM
I do admire butterfly shots and this is no exception.
5 Oct 2007 12:50PM
Thanks Gerry (gerrymac),
gerrymac 15 10 1 United Kingdom
4 Oct 2007 1:33PM
Nice portfolio,love the cars especially,''I'll be back''
21 Aug 2007 10:25PM
Hi Marian thanks very much for visiting and for your comment on my portfolio, I'm pleased to hear that you were impressed with my albums, they are ideal for viewing your favoured subject,
Marian 16 62 England
21 Aug 2007 6:27PM
You have a wonderful portfolio. I have also just a look at your ablums, I'm impressed.
16 Aug 2007 11:13AM
Hi Alison (glenalva) pleased to hear that my portfolio lifts your spirits, thanks for your nice comments, and clicks, hope you continue to enjoy,
16 Aug 2007 11:08AM
Thanks for your comments Mike (Poacher), sorry you cannot get out like you used to but there are plenty of other photographic opportunities, you have some nice flower images,
Alison_S 16 339 United Kingdom
16 Aug 2007 8:38AM
A browse through your portfolio always lifts my spirits.....a wonderful collection of wildlife images.
Mike_Smith Plus
15 915 2 United Kingdom
15 Aug 2007 7:55PM
Hi fred your portfolio is the kind of pictures i enoy looking at, wildlife and the countryside.
i wish i could get out in the countryside more like i used to with a camera, after an accident im now disabled, so its great for me to look at your work Fred its superb keep up the good work.
12 Aug 2007 10:26PM
Thanks Lorraine, for your comments and clicks and welcome to EPZ,
12 Aug 2007 9:18PM
You have such lovely photos, a real pleasure to look at.
11 Aug 2007 9:39AM
Thanks Katie, Carol and John,
Kwosimodo 15 2 United Kingdom
10 Aug 2007 4:05PM
Superb PF Fred
CarolG 15 199 20 Greece
7 Aug 2007 7:38PM
Hi Fred. I think your portfolio is absolutely superb. I love the puffin, what an endearing fellow. Congratulations, Carol
avocet 15
5 Aug 2007 1:12PM
Love the barn owl. Thanks for your comment on my doorway!
5 Aug 2007 8:35AM
Thanks Denise,
4 Aug 2007 10:22PM
your portfolio is just amazing i could sit and look at it for hours and i love to read all the comments as well and thanks for your comments
denise Smile
4 Aug 2007 2:47PM
Thanks everyone for all your comments, greatly appreciated,
rangerpaul 15 19 7 England
3 Aug 2007 7:50PM
Excellent portfolio. Some real top draw stuff in here.
magnus 17 661 5 United Arab Emirates
25 Jul 2007 11:41AM
Some great shots in here!
jaspernina 15 1.0k Wales
24 Jul 2007 12:18AM
Great varied PF Fred.Well done.


11 Jul 2007 3:50PM
Thanks for all your very nice comments,
brownsilent 15 7 2 United Kingdom
9 Jul 2007 7:57PM
You have a wonderful portfolio Fred, a very nice webside and you did also a very good job on the albums. Very recommendable, not only for nature lovers.
ValSaxby 16 146 United Kingdom
8 Jul 2007 3:33PM
A really lovely portfolio, full of images of the natural world. Stunning - look forward to seeing more.

DolphinLady 16 54 1 Wales
3 Jul 2007 6:55AM
A really wonderful portfolio Fred.
Your images of the animal world are stunning.
I look forward to seeing more of you on epz.
firzhugh 17 13 New Zealand
19 Jun 2007 9:22PM
You really have a great portfolio, great work.
newy17 16 273 United Kingdom
10 Jun 2007 6:05AM
ive just been browsing throgh your pf and you
have captured wildlife in all its glory great work.
And i have to say i love your website and my 6 year old daughter loves it to bits superb.
Vee_Enn 17 100 England
2 Jun 2007 9:11PM

You have a stunningly beautiful portfolio.

I shall look forward to seeing more of your work

Best regards
Hop-A-Long 15 52 1 England
29 May 2007 2:38PM
Hi Fred. You have some fabulous shots in your PF. Definitely a PF to be proud of. Keep up the great work.
28 May 2007 9:48PM
thanx Smile
25 May 2007 6:59AM
Thank you Daphne for your lovely comments.
daringdaphne 18 82 United Kingdom
24 May 2007 10:16PM
Puffins and owls and seals and swans, all beautifully taken and add to the song that your beautiful portfolio sings out. Well done in loud voices: this is what it's all about.

mystify 15
21 May 2007 11:32PM
You have some lovely and impressive photos in your showcase!
21 May 2007 11:30PM
Great pics, Kev
tomcat 16 6.4k 15 United Kingdom
21 May 2007 9:04PM
Some cracking stuff in your PF to bookmark as I type


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