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  • Choosing The Right Lense

    Photography Lense Choices By BadSoulPhotography How to choose a camera lense Buying a lense for a camera can be an expensive purchase, so you want to buy what you need... Where to start? Start by asking yourself "what type of photography will you...

    16 Mar 2011 11:35AM | Read


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  • Finding a Good Photographer

    Finding A Good Photographer No disrespect intended to people who advertise themselves as photographers, but before you hire one do your research. This is the way you are more likely to get your monies worth. Ask to see their work. A photographer...

    13 Mar 2011 6:58PM | Read


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  • Camera Information

    Let's look at different types of cameras, just for the fun of it. First, it may interest you that the term camera comes from "camera obscura" which is Latin for "dark chamber". That said the earliest cameras were called Plate Cameras because they u...

    8 Mar 2011 1:05AM | Read


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  • Camera Care

    To a large degree caring for photography equipment is just common sense. The owners manual that comes with your camera should have good advice on caring for your camera, too. Beyond the obvious suchas not taking your camera apart unless you're very ...

    8 Mar 2011 1:02AM | Read


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  • Really appreciating your votes for my photos

    Your votes strengthen the fact that photographers are community as much as any other artists community. We may not have the "Emmys" or "Nobels" but we advance our art in the eyes of the world when we encourage and celebrate each other. As an art fo...

    6 Mar 2011 7:26PM | Read


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  • Photography - more than taking a picture

    Photography, more than taking pictures By BadSoulPhotography Photography is more than taking pictures Plan a photo shoot if you want a better one, if you have the time to do this. What do you want in the photos? Where do you find the subject for ...

    16 Feb 2011 1:10PM | Read


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  • Improving Photographic Skills

    Nowadays one can go to Post-Secondary school to learn photography, there are plenty around. If there aren't any photography courses at the nearest College or University, you may look for a Photography specific school, their information can often be ...

    15 Feb 2011 2:08AM | Read


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  • Wildlife Photography

    By BadSoulPhotography - Wildlife Photography 101 The most important thing to remember when photographing wildlife is that the animals are wild and could be dangerous. You could lose your life if you are attack...

    14 Feb 2011 1:19PM | Read


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  • Composing A Photo

    Composing a Photo By BadSoulPhotography Composition Photographers compose a picture much like a Composer does a song, with a lot of thought and technique. You want your pictures to tell a story. You don't want someone looking at your pictures wond...

    14 Feb 2011 12:51PM | Read


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