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I am still battling my cancer. down to 98 lbs . so hard to got up to do anything.
but keep going. hope you like what i do get done. frank.
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A quick view of bagman's recent activity.

  • Marsh Tit

    Absolute incredible very fine hair feathers ,gorgeous soft warm colors,and the inquisitive pose of things about him.
    • 7 Nov 2012 3:17PM
  • Angela mono

    Exquisite classic back and white portrait of a elegant model done to perfection.
    • 5 Nov 2012 10:40PM
  • Gerlert the Goshawk

    Such a splendid fine detailed exquisite sharp capture of this beautiful goshawk image.
    Very nice pose of this of this bird out hunting and incredible view to enjoy.
    • 30 Oct 2012 12:01PM
  • Siobhan

    There is all ways lovely things to take lovely images off all around us. If you dare,ha ,ha,ha, lucky people.
    Gorgeous model.
    • 22 Oct 2012 12:37AM
  • Fox - Close Up.

    lovely head shot of her,you had to kidnap this one to get this shot.ha,ha,ha,. no you drug her ,yep thats what it was, yep mate thats the only way this could happen .
    just a bit of fun from the states. lovely one.
    • 22 Oct 2012 12:18AM
  • That's my Fish

    Absolutely fantastic ,Beautifully done image.
    • 17 Oct 2012 12:04PM
  • surprised?

    Wonderful set of images indeed, Carol. Great macro.s with gorgeous colors and markings.
    Pin sharp splendid captures in your imaginative use of unusual subjects in your fantastic photos.
    • 17 Oct 2012 11:54AM
  • What a exciting and inspiring precious impressive gallery of well captured images.Some very incredible beautiful pieces of work you must be so proud of capturing and working on. Looking forward to seeing many more of your photos.
  • Love your work in your gallery.Well captured with fine detail and color. Looking forward to viewing more of your excellent work.
    • Posted on Gerryrys's profile
    • 12 Jul 2012 12:35AM
  • What an great and beautiful gallery of splendid photos. Such wonderful colors and fine detail throughout your excellent work.SO much
    exceptional outstanding care taken in each piece.
  • IT,S a crying shame to have so much absolute perfection in there quality of work photo after photo.
    JUST dose not seem fair but astonishing photography any way.
    • Posted on Steve_S's profile
    • 24 Jun 2012 4:52AM
  • You sure have a wide and diverse interest in your photography that you do so well.
    Most of the things you do i have never seen so it made it interesting and very enjoyable
    viewing for me. I lean a lot to.
    • Posted on tedtoop's profile
    • 20 Jun 2012 5:20PM
  • Enjoyed your gallery of diverse subjects and interest. You have many things in your gallery i have never seen before.
    A lot of excellent work in your photos. Looking forward to more of your work.
  • Astonishing exquisite gorgeous gallery of impressive well presented body of work.
  • An very interesting diverse collection of colorful images very well done. Sure is was pleasing and enjoyable to view for me.An wonderful way to spend some time.
  • Great landscapes in your gallery wonderful waterfalls.
    Excellent work.
  • A diverse interesting beautiful gorgeous little gallery of very excellent pieces of work. Wonderfully well captured and presented images.