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  • Secret Cigarette by Bajob3

    I had never thought of that, thank you. I was trying to bring out the character in the hands and had never thought of the cuffs
    • 24 Dec 2021 10:13AM
  • Donegal Sunset by Bajob3

    Quote:Its quite a nice shot overall.

    It was shot at 350mm rather than 600mm, and the sun is exposed well. The oval shape is well captured.Noise is not a big issue.

    Its seems natural to crop wide, but just for something different, perhaps a tall image can also work; Ive tried a square crop in the mod for comparison.It does require extending the top of the frame.

    I also made the image a bit warmer, perhaps suiting the sun a bit better. Contrast is selectively increased.

    Donegal is in the Republic of Ireland.



    Hi Willie,

    Many thanks for the feedback and suggestions. I was shooting a few shots at different focal lengths so was shooting at anything up to 600mm, apologies should have checked the focal length for this one. Yip Donegal is in the Republic of Ireland but the viewing point in on a headland in Northern Ireland so it is possible to see the tip of Donegal
    • 23 Sep 2021 4:27PM
  • Lichfield Cathedral by Bajob3

    Thank you all for the feedback,
    I had used auto white balance but shot in RAW and correcting the verticals had caused the tight crop. I believe I had a few more images which were wider but didn't want to to be cropping too much in case it increases the noise with it being inside.

    I had looked at aiming up more but it was throwing the verticals out more in the view finder so was trying to minimize the processing, I hadn't though of live view and raising the actual camera.

    I could have a look at warming the sandstone slightly and see how it looks and will have a look at the other images to see if I have any with the full arch in it.
    • 30 Jul 2021 2:18PM
  • Low tide at Mussenden Temple by Bajob3

    Apologies, I meant to upload this a a modification to the previous image. Please ignore
    • 1 Jun 2021 9:11PM
  • Mussenden at low tide by Bajob3

    Apologies Willie, Original has now been uploaded


    • 20 May 2021 6:14AM
  • Evening light at Pan Rocks by Bajob3

    Thank you both for the feedback, it was indeed a figure on the walkway and there was also a lifering on the rocks. I wasn't sure if leaving the more muted tones would reduce the impact so it is very interesting to get your viewpoint on it.
    • 29 Apr 2021 8:30PM
  • Under the boardwalk by Bajob3

    Thank you, I have uploaded the original.
    • 25 Apr 2021 9:15PM
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