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Welcome All,
Thanks for dropping by, I hope there's something that catches you interest. I'm really happy to stumble upon this site, Some excellent work on various Portfolios which can only inspire me to improve.
All constructive comments very welcome.Smile
Thank you
Steve Smile
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A quick view of Ball82's recent activity.

  • Where did he go?

    Great image's Cathy Smile

    • 24 Sep 2019 8:14PM
  • Blue Tit

    Great image of this cracking little bird Cathy SmileSmileSmile

    • 20 Sep 2019 8:12PM
  • Iconic Scotland....

    Great scene Keith Smile

    • 20 Sep 2019 5:46PM
  • Barnstaple Fair

    Great image Kelvin Smile

    • 20 Sep 2019 5:43PM
  • Cloud covered full moon

    Nice set Mike Smile

    • 20 Sep 2019 10:13AM
  • Resting

    Nice one Sue Smile

    • 20 Sep 2019 10:12AM
  • The Dancing Queens

    Superb Lin SmileSmileSmile

    • 19 Sep 2019 9:12PM
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  • No topics found.
  • Great portfolio Douglas Some amazing images Smile

  • Hi Lillian, You have a truly great portfolio here, Some of your images are the best that I have seen on any portfolio Smile
    Keep up the great work Smile

    • Posted on Lillian's profile
    • 27 Aug 2019 9:09PM
  • Very nice portfolio Vincent, Full of great images Smile

  • Hi Patricia
    What a delight looking at your portfolio, you have some great landscape images very inspirational well done SmileSmileSmile

  • Hi Dave, Great portfolio very impressive,
    Regards Steve
  • Hi Sue
    You have a wonderful portfolio great viewing, SmileSmileSmile
    • Posted on SUE118's profile
    • 8 May 2019 8:40PM
  • Lovely portfolio Maureen, I really like your landscape images, I will certainly keep dropping buy, SmileSmileSmile
    All the best Steve
  • Mike you have a superb portfolio,
    Steve SmileSmile
  • Your right Rob Lopwell Dam was the scene for the Disco in the river.
    Your comments led me to your portfolio, very impressive, I will keep checking in. Smile
    Thanks Steve Smile
  • Hi Peter,
    Thanks for the warm welcome,
    You have a wonderful portfolio, well worth viewing.
    Many thanks, Steve SmileSmile