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  • Commented on 'Camera Equipment Insurance'

    Give the guy's at AADUKI insurance a call, i find them very helpfull and they are only a phone call away if you are not sure about something.
    • 5 Jan 2010 11:30AM
  • Commented on 'Cs3 Compatability.'


    I thought that you might be able to help.

    Welsh kiwi says HI.
    • 26 Jun 2009 6:43PM
  • Commented on 'Cs3 Compatability.'

    Can anyone out there answer a question for me please.
    I was asked the other day if the Nikon D90 would work with CS 3 or not, as they had been told that there are no Raw updates for this camera for Cs3, only Cs4.
    • 26 Jun 2009 5:56PM
  • Commented on 'Kodachrome RIP'

    Another sad day for lovers of film like me, but time moves on and we have to keep up with progress.
    Digital these days is just more convenient what ever you do with your pictures.
    • 24 Jun 2009 10:19AM
  • Commented on 'The New Newbie (and older members too :) ) Meeting Place.'

    Hello Fellow Epzers.

    I thought I would just say hello. Not been on for a while, been busy working.

    Hope everyone is doing ok and getting fun out of their photography.

    • 22 Jun 2008 11:58AM
  • Commented on 'You probably already know me.'

    Quote:at last, Lee has done something good

    Her hearts in the right place Wink

    Quote:always wanted a Vmax, and as one came up at the right price

    What ever floats your boat mate Wink I wont hold it against you Wink LOL.

    Quote:met a bunch of them already

    Meeting them at focus was the decider that this site was very different. As Lee kept telling me Smile

    Quote:sure you want to do this?

    Dont think I have a choice, Dont worry you will find out in April Wink You dont dare argue Smile I hear your coming in April will be good to meet you.
    • 1 Mar 2008 9:06PM
  • Commented on 'You probably already know me.'

    Thank's for welcoming me to the fold.

    Well Carl, i think that Lee already know's that there is Classic racing at the track on that weekend. But , i think she may have other plan's.

    I never wear sandal's on MY bike. Smile I've got a Bandit 1200.

    • 1 Mar 2008 8:07PM
  • Commented on 'You probably already know me.'

    Thank's for your sympathy.

    Don't worry she'll be here soon.

    Just been showing me the rope's.
    • 1 Mar 2008 7:37PM
  • Commented on 'You probably already know me.'

    Hello Cheryl, Lee talks about you A LOT.

    Roy, Im beginning to realise that myself, will have to keep an eye on her !!!!

    By the way Im a Nikon worker.

    • 1 Mar 2008 6:55PM
  • Commented on 'You probably already know me.'

    Hi , you already know Lee (welshot).

    Yes, she has been bullying me to join as an e2 member for some time now, I have been an ordiary member for a couple of months but my time has been rather restricted so I couldn't get on the computer as often as I would have liked.

    I met a number of member's at Focus and I realised that you were all fun bunch so decided to give it a whirl.

    Nice to meet Pete, K, Fran, and Paul, Peps, Glen. Keith and Maddie and Gogz. I had heard so much about you all.

    I wont be on as regular as Lee but I will try and upload and comment as often as I can.

    • 1 Mar 2008 6:24PM
  • Commented on 'Hello'

    Thanks Mike and Cheryl,
    Lee says your all friendly and Yes she is a bit of a HANDFULL..Wink
    • 23 Dec 2007 11:27AM
  • Commented on 'Hello'

    Hello, My name is Eifion.

    Ive just signed onto here as my partner Lee (welshot) has said she has had so much enjoyment from it over the last few days.

    Im also hoping to get as much out of it as she seems to be already rather addicted. LOL.

    Im a Nikon film worker plus use a Fuji S3 (thinking of upgrading to the S5, Any thoughts!!!!!)

    Im also a Wet Black and White Darkroom worker and slowly coming to grips with photoshop.

    Lee and I are both hoping to join in fully on this site and we will upload images as soon as we can.

    We will also become e2 members after the New Year.

    Anyway, Hope to see you all around soon, Merry christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year.

    • 23 Dec 2007 11:10AM