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Thanks for taking the time to view my portfolio.
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1 Jan 2020 11:44PM
Hello Willie.
Thank you for the mod on my Sleddle photo. Did you just improve the illumination or were there other factors?
kuipje 9 3 Netherlands
17 Oct 2019 5:15PM
Thanks Willie.
Also glad to back and I hope (now) it will be for a long(er) time.
Providing healt permits.
Hope you are in good health.
4 Oct 2019 3:20PM
Hi Willie,
You kindly provided feedback on my picture of Leo, thanks for taking the time, you thoughts were very helpful.
Firstly an apology if this is not the way to do this, but I am new to this, and couldn't find a way to reply to your post.
You mentioned that you had cropped changed white balance of photo etc and posted it but I have no idea how to find that. i would love to see it Could you help.
Best wishes

Hi again,
I found how to view the mod. Blush Liked it a lot. thanks for taking time to do that, will tuck away your advice for further use.
RH 13 19 United Kingdom
14 Sep 2019 8:17PM
Thanks, Willie for your vote - much appreciated... you have an impressive portfolio, enjoyed looking at it!
Bore07TM 6 376 8 United Kingdom
10 Sep 2019 9:47AM

Many Thanks for your attempted mod on "In awe"

I wasn't sure what changes you had done or would suggest.

Please could you elucidate?

Many Thanks

Tony Marson
Ball82 4 England
7 Apr 2019 3:11PM
Thanks for your critique on my close up I will put into practice your advise on my future efforts.
Great portfolio you have here SmileSmile.

21 Mar 2019 8:58PM
Thank you so very much for your kind comment on my photo "Bowls"
its very kind of you
targetman 14 2 United Kingdom
11 Jan 2019 2:09PM
Excellent work Willie.
Picoch 4 France
8 Nov 2018 5:56PM
Merci pour les commentaires de ma photo "Le Pic Saint Loup".
Un peu de brume apportait me semblait-il de la douceur à la petite montagne au profil agressif et très minéral.
Aeros 5 12 1 Canada
29 Dec 2017 6:23PM
So much already said, what more can I say? Perhaps I should say how glad I am to have visited as your work is inspiring and very professional. TFS.
salopian 11 3 28 United Kingdom
17 Jun 2017 5:40AM

Thanks for your vote on the Elder flower group - much appreciated.

leo_nid 6 12
7 Mar 2017 5:09PM
many thanks, Willie, for awarding my i_phone u pic
much appreciated
leo_nid 6 12
26 Feb 2017 2:30PM
many thanks, Willie, for your generous votes on my pics, much appreciated
best regards
6 Oct 2016 4:08PM
Thanks for your comments and modification you've done. I believe photography principipalmente improved in the shadows. This is a common photograph in Guatemala and to make it different I would have included flowers in the front. I very much appreciate your suggestions. Greetings.
radex 6 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2016 7:36PM
Hi Willie,
Thank you so much for your critique.I modified the picture Santorini Oia As you suggested I tried to fix the converging verticals and tilted horizon.Would be good to know what you think.GrinGrin
Thanks and Regards
radex 6 United Kingdom
26 Sep 2016 12:17AM
Thank you very much for your feedback!!!!
pptbudi 7 7 Indonesia
24 Feb 2016 6:47AM
Woow, great photograph collection you have here, beautiful works
Bantu 9 7 1 India
1 Jan 2016 9:43AM
Lovely captures.

drjskatre 14 8 India
18 Mar 2015 3:26AM
A wonderful portfolio, inspiring.....
pentaxpatty 10 30 2 United Kingdom
16 Aug 2014 10:14AM
A wonderful portfolio to look through, some superb flowers and bokeh shots. Great portraits too.

Patty Grin
IshanPathak 9 202 12 India
18 May 2014 5:04AM
I really admire the fact that you always take variety and variety of pictures, and hence trying every genre Smile

A brilliant PF

30 Mar 2014 2:38PM
Thank you for looking at my Polar Bear image and taking the time to give me such great pointers on how I could have obtained a better image, and for submitting a modification. I used ISO 800 to try keep my shutter speeds high as I was resting on a bean bag from the tundra buggy. This is exactly the sort of feedback I was looking for when I joined ephotozine. Thanks againSmile
nora43 9 Canada
22 Mar 2014 1:07AM
Nice variety of photo's ... well done!!
RSFphoto 11 2
17 Nov 2013 3:44PM
Thanks for the New Forest mod, very helpful 2nd one was very interesting.

dcurry 9 1 Australia
29 Oct 2013 6:34PM
Thanks for the advice Willie. That modification, even though small, made a great difference. Hope it warms up soon for you. We have bushfires everywhere at present.

txxr 10 England
10 Oct 2013 3:56PM
Bit of everything here really a pleasure to look
18 Sep 2013 12:24AM
Hi Willie

Thank you for your comments. The blue heron was photographed at Port Severn, Ontario.

7 Sep 2013 6:24PM
Willie, Thanks For The Advice On My nPhoto of St Olivers church.much Appreciated.
5 Sep 2013 5:48PM
Very interesting pf! Full of fantastic pics! Sarah
21 Aug 2013 2:53AM
Re: Night Heron

Thank you for your feed back. It's truly appreciated and encouraging. The Don Valley park system has undergone several phases of rehabilitation to date. It supports quite a diverse collection of wild life, birds in particular. My wife and I were actually pursuing the Belted Kingfisher early that morning, but found a the juvenile Night Heron first, and shortly thereafter the adult.

Thanks again.

ukgubbi 11 5 India
25 Apr 2013 1:30AM
dear sir
thanks for your inputs on my image "living in harmony". I have been facing problems with sharpness. I use picasa to resize and upload. My lens 55-250mm is also quite old, i am buying 70-300mm L canon lens. any advice?.
Diggeo 10 13 Greece
28 Feb 2013 5:13PM
Thanks for your comments.
The modification you uploaded, looks very beautiful and warm. I suppose I can achieve a similar result, adjusting the color temperature in photoshop.
Sorry to ask this, but since I greatly appreciate your opinion, I would like a brief note on my yesterday photo "Princes Street Gardens". These are my first tryouts in infrared processing.
Thanks a lot, George
Diggeo 10 13 Greece
25 Feb 2013 6:17PM
Dear Willie,
Thanks - again - for your nice comments on my photo "Budapest"!
I've tried this modification myself, but usually avoid this kind of processing, since I think that the final result (e.g. the sides of the buildilgs) appears a bit unnatural.
25 Feb 2013 5:46PM
I appreciate you input.


Rhedwr 10 4 Wales
27 Dec 2012 8:25PM
Hi Willie,

Thanks for your advice and comments so far. It's really helpful. I think I'm leaning towards photographing urban type scenes, buildings, graffiti, people etc. I also enjoy sports photography and I am planning on trying some landscape. At the moment everything is new so I'm learning from the good stuff and the bad!
Looking at your gallery, I can see your accomplished in the areas I enjoy, so your advice is always welcome!

Thanks again for your encouragement,

20 Dec 2012 9:24PM
Thanks very much for your comments , kind regards Taron.
14 Oct 2012 2:01AM
Thank you for critique of my flower w/ water droplet..i am learning new things everyday and openly accept valuable criticism. so againn thank you and please keep checking back on my stuff as i hope im progressing well.

ps..i am having trouble figuring out how to turn on the voting i did check it when i uploaded did i miss something?

thanks mike
Mauro62 14 Italy
22 Aug 2012 2:51PM
HI Willie,

I've seen the modifications you've done on my sunflower picture and I like them all, my favorite is the last one though, the heavy back light

Mauro62 14 Italy
19 Aug 2012 3:19PM
HI Willie,

Thanks for giving again some good suggestion on my pic sunflowers. The fact that there are not exif data is just that I took this photo from a backup of pictures I've downloaded on my Ipad. maybe they lose these information? I've lightened the center of the flower on Cs a little bit already but I found that giving to much of light it would have been unnatural but next time I'd try to use a flash instead and perhaps afterwards it will get more credible to adjust it in photoshop as well.

Mauro62 14 Italy
17 Aug 2012 7:46PM
Hello Willie, thank you very much for the suggestion and above all for watching and commenting my photo. I'm pretty new in photography and I need to learn a lot but I love it so much. Books can teach you something the rest is yourself and good photographer like you commenting your photos.
Thanks a lot
Sitsaka 10 United Kingdom
25 Jul 2012 7:13PM
Willie, thanks for your comments and Mod for "Generations". I love what you did - now Sean, back to the drawing board.
24 Jul 2012 1:45AM
i have enjoyed looking through your portfolio
15 Jul 2012 7:47PM
Hi Willie, thank you for your critique of my photo"Droplets" today and modification. Honestly, this is what I was looking for!!!!!!! Wonder, why my image didn't look as good as yours, in first place!!!!!!! Once again, many many THANX!!!!!!! AniaWink
29 Jun 2012 7:38PM
Willie, thanks for your input, much appreciated.... between you,Paul and Bren my finished work will be a lot better... Im delighted and chuffed to bits
with my latest squirrel upload... what youve shown me works a treat. Please have a shufty at Olympics?....Nuh! There a doddle.
Thanks again, Willie
28 Jun 2012 9:45PM
Fantastic pictures in your portfolio... I am about to have a good shufty, I may be some time. Thank you again for the helpful Critique today.
wardp 10 United Kingdom
14 Jun 2012 5:51PM
Hi, thanks so much for your critique of my photo today and new versions. This is extremely helpful. Question: how do i directly reply to comments against my photos to albums etc so they get seen by the comment maker ? Thanks again
Jonny5874 14 14 5 United Kingdom
24 Apr 2012 5:01PM
Such a fascinating and arty portfolio with so many thought provoking images which can be studied for hours. Your portfolio itself is a piece of art! I'm glad to have had a look, keep them coming!

carpmanstu 11 1 England
13 Apr 2012 4:24PM
Just wanted to say thanks for your comments on my latest photo today,as I'm only just starting out with DSLR's I do find the technical terms a bit confusing but I'm learning everyday (hopefully) Grin,I've had the camera a while but felt I was out of my depth with it so used it only a little for a long time,this past year I have started using it more so hopefully I can achieve better results in my photos,unfortunately I can't afford something like Photoshop or the likes at the moment but hope to get it sometime soon,your PF is lovely and as someone else said on you site "it gives me something to aspire to,thanks again and I will look forward to any more comments you may have over time.

Stu. Smile
yultony 11 United Kingdom
13 Apr 2012 11:45AM
You have wonderful and amazing photos in your portfolio, thank you for the comment on my photo
13 Mar 2012 4:27PM
every one a jewel
BURNBLUE 17 13 1 United Kingdom
7 Feb 2012 11:10PM
An impressive eclectic body of work will. Excellent photography IMHO. Also have seen your critique advice which is pitched at the right level and sound, keep up the great work.

marktc Plus
12 101 15 United Kingdom
4 Dec 2011 11:53PM
Hi Willie, never found time before to look at your pf, I'm glad I've looked tonight... Superb and its given me something to aspire to...


ianrobinson 13 1.2k 8 United Kingdom
27 Nov 2011 6:15PM
Superb work love it.

Jazzmk 11 1 England
15 Nov 2011 12:27AM
Absolutely Masterful...
luceombra 11 27 5 Italy
4 Oct 2011 8:28AM
A stunning portfolio for sure. I am amazed by your creativity and technical skills
19 Sep 2011 8:07AM

I am not an expert in editing. While processing I had no intention to get this particular colour or effect. This has just happened. Thank you for asking.
Niamhy 11 United Kingdom
15 Sep 2011 7:47PM
Hi Banehawi, Thank you for the great advice!
I know it is far from the standards of which you and other great photographers accomplish but I also loved the chance of luck when I noticed the seagulls flying in after uploading onto my computer. The camera is a Samsung P1000, yes it's compact and only 10.2 mg but it only cost £70 when I bought it two years ago and its survived a lot of tumbles and water! I understand I need a better, much better camera but thank you for the sound advice and tips!
Many Thanks, Niamh
(I know it's odd as most nicknames are shortened versions of the persons name but with Niamh being a one syllable name in the first place the nickname must be longer! Tell her she has a great name! hahaha)
4 Aug 2011 4:13PM
I thank you for seeing my picture and made ​​constructive critical commentary, still need to learn so much and all help is welcome. I'll be more attentive to these details next time. Congratulations on your photos are beautiful references to the learner.
Gypsyman 12 690 England
17 Jul 2011 3:55PM
Thank you Willie, for your advice, I will move the ev setting down to - 2.0 I usually set the Camera to the subject I am going to take, but I do not
know much about Digital Photograph, and before that in the 1960s I had a Kodak Instamatic and sent the Film away for Printing, now I have a
old Computer & printer from my grandson, which has Photoshop 7 on it, but I have a lot to learn, not only on using Ps7 but also on using the
Computer and the Camera which was bought me by my children has a Christmas/Bday present, to replace an old S/h Sony Compact.
Being in my 77th year, I feel sure that I shall be gone before I master any of them. Sincerely yours Eric. Ps great Pf.
27 Jun 2011 1:16PM
Thanks Willie for your suggestion on the red saturation!! i was illuminated by your mod ! I noticed that i was overusing the 'Vivid' colour mode, and now that I have learnt that E 520 tends to oversaturate the reds anyway, everything makes sense. No more vivids for me- at least not for portraits!
24 Jun 2011 9:26PM
I have only just started. Your images Sir are an inspiration. Smile

Tonyto 14 United Kingdom
22 Jun 2011 4:09PM
Beautiful and varied portfolio! excellent!
25 May 2011 4:44PM
Hi Willie , thank you for your comments and advise on my photo . I like you originate from Ireland not far from Glendalough ( a beautiful place ) .
If you have a look at my website there are some shots of it.

I am fairly new to epz but getting to enjoy it.

I have broused your portfolio and impressed with you work.

Kind Regards

4 Apr 2011 5:25PM
Thanks again Willie ! I used the centre point to meter on the open track before the race. There were clouds moving over the course and that made it trickier. The lesson here, I think, is to select speed and then adjust apperture accordingly ? Also was I correct to freeze action in the corner, when there is more than one racer ? if I was on the inside of the corner, I could possibly have panned the shot ?

Regards Keith
4 Apr 2011 1:17PM
Hi Willie, many thanks for your constructive critique on my bike racers. I am posting another with more room to move forward for your crit, if you don't mind ? tomorrow I will also post one, taken on a straight, that was panned. I worked out that if I am to be successful in this discipline, I need to gain access to the inside of the track and am working on that, as we speak!
nicktg 15 24 1 United Kingdom
9 Mar 2011 10:11PM
Thanks for the help with the Dartmoor Pony - much appreciated.

Love the gallery a real eclectic ( big word for a wednesday night) mix ... love em

ruurd 12 388 Netherlands
8 Mar 2011 6:21PM
Thanx for loking to mij photo. Good advice. I will make the next time a better photo greeting ruurd
devlin 13 653 39 India
15 Feb 2011 7:11PM
And here i have been all over the place looking for inspiration..Smile i really enjoyed browsing through the PF...i think i will return again for a more thorough browse.

Thanks Willie for all your help and support it has really helped me a lot..

Grampy 13 507 71 England
4 Feb 2011 1:12PM
Willie I've just noticed that you have 998 critic points, Thought I'd be the first to say thanks for all your work and say that it's nice to see critic from someone that knows what he's talking about, by the time you read thios you will probably have 1000 so well done .
Berniea 12 United Kingdom
31 Jan 2011 6:45PM
hi Willie, just wanted to echo the thoughts of others on this page. Only been contributing to EPZ for a week or so, but have so appreciated your thoughtful comments and mods. Brilliant pf by the way.
flyer1 12 United Kingdom
2 Jan 2011 8:03PM
Thanks for the mod to the eurofighter.....yes, the increase in the after burner exhaust shows off the thrust, giving the pic the feeling [to me] of power. Thank you for taking the time to look, modify, and comment on my image.
Regards Martin.
EllieEdge 15 15 42 Norway
30 Dec 2010 3:58PM
Thank you so much for all the advice and suggestions!
Pixellie 12 1 1 Wales
8 Nov 2010 7:23PM
I like your Portfolio Willie and nice to see what the guy who has already helped me a great deal with my editing looks like, I have modified the image similar to what you showed me, and am now doing a bit more work on it. Must say what I thought was very good is now much better.
Thanks to yuo.


lianna 13 13 United Kingdom
19 Oct 2010 11:49PM
Willie, a very talented photographer who is willing to help and take time out to give advice.. It is very much appreciated. You have taken the time on several of my images, done superb mods and I just want to say a REALLY big THANK YOU! You are a great help and inspiration. Keeps up your fantastic work and your warm helpfulness x x x
Diana 16 2.0k 19 Netherlands
14 Oct 2010 9:39PM
a comment I should have left a long while ago...

Willie, thank you for all your help and support with the mods

I have learned so much from you, you give your time and expertise so generously

thank you

NeilWigan Plus
12 17 16 England
17 Sep 2010 5:19PM
dear sir,thank you very much for the time it must have taken to study,modify and write up the critique you have done on my photo.It is without doubt the most helpfull advice i have been given since i started with a DSLR 5/6months ago,your eye for detail is incredible as is your knowledge and understanding of technique .I am starting a night school course on PS,Cs4 next week so hopefully you should see some improvements,i am indebted. yours sincerly NEIL and family.
27 Aug 2010 6:30PM
Hi Willie Thanks for your comment and suggestions, I have found that I think more when taking a shot, your advise really helped.
Best regards Roy
adobedon 14 1 United Kingdom
5 Aug 2010 10:03AM
Thanks Willie i will do as you say and repost, adobedon
Hergestridge 18 18 United Kingdom
3 Aug 2010 11:35PM
Willie thankyou for your comments and advice I have found them to very helpful.

violet_girl 14 23 United Kingdom
3 Aug 2010 5:59PM
Thank you so much for your excellent advice! I realise now from looking at the metadata that my shutter speed had gone down much to low without my realising (I was using programme mode). I guess this wouldn't have happened though if I'd used a higher ISO which I could have as I was only on and it was towards the evening. I really love the cropping, it is much better. : )
McMax6 12 Scotland
3 Aug 2010 8:48AM
Thanks Willie for your excellent help with my image, "On a Summer's Eve". This was a long exposure, 72.5 seconds at f/11.0 using a B+W NDx1000. I liked this image a lot but was uncertain what could be done to improve it. Your suggestions have been invaluable. And thanks for the opportunity to look through your portfolio, a diverse and highly accomplished selection.
16 Jul 2010 10:15AM
An impressive portfolio, imaginative and diverse.
10 Jun 2010 7:40PM
thank you for the comments and advice, the mod you did is really good, i will practice your suggestions - can you how you enhanced my piccy as i am still learning stuff and any help would be much appreciated - your stuff is great by the way, regards karen
Philo 13 99 83 England
22 May 2010 10:45PM

Thanks again for your comments and mod. As you said I can learn alot from this shot and I have received some really good critique. As I walked past the area again afterwards I felt that I would have probably got a better result had I taken it from the opposite side so that the sun was behind me but I couldn't get my daughter to pose again. I have much to learn in the post processing department I think but I will enjoy doing so.

Regards, Phil
Ben10 13 1 United Kingdom
20 May 2010 8:00PM
Thankyou for your comments, I'm still very green at this, but have much to learn, thankyou again.

Suehh 16 39 6 England
24 Apr 2010 10:37PM
A stunning and varied PF. Fascinating to look at. Susan
8 Mar 2010 7:53AM
PS - Willie, I did upload a modification based on your comments. Rob27
8 Mar 2010 7:23AM
Re my "PEOPLE ARE..." portrait -- Many thanks for the two helpful critiques/suggestions. Both commentaries were right on. The harsh overhead lighting washed-out the nose, too strongly outlined the chin, underlit the eyes.

I'm pretty much hooked on available light, so I often don't have the option or luxury to select the source, quality or direction of the lighting. I really don't like flash for portraits - almost invariably creates artificial/unappealing colors and makes people look like digital cutouts.

Tried to fix chin but, as observed, I applied too much softening and it became fuzzy. My regular work schedulue rarely leaves as much time as I'd like for post-editing, so I often speed though it. Gonna try to fix this shot when find bit of extra time.

An extra thanks to Willie for posting the modification, it does start improving the overall effect. Thanks again to both for your help! Best, Rob27
3 Mar 2010 9:26PM
Hi Willie. Thanks for your mod on my photo of maddie. It really looks stunning now. Phil
2 Mar 2010 1:27AM
Hi Willie, thank you for your comments, and yes was one peso cubano
peppercorn 13 4 England
19 Feb 2010 5:42AM
Hi will thanks for your advice again,and the mod that u produced, i did play around with it a bit, and am starting to learn a bit more about it, thanks again.
qosmio 14 2 United Kingdom
17 Feb 2010 7:37PM
Thanks Willie for your advice - I am going to do as you and Fraser suggest and do a mod.
peppercorn 13 4 England
17 Feb 2010 3:32PM
Hi will thanks again for your great advice,and your mods on my pics great!

HectorRivera 15 17 1 United States
14 Feb 2010 4:03PM
Great gallery
ironoctav 13 1 Romania
11 Feb 2010 9:28PM
Hi Willie thanks for your comments. You can see now new parts of the Voronet fresco.
peppercorn 13 4 England
11 Feb 2010 3:13AM
Hi Will
Thankyou so much,for your great advice,i am going to take on board all you have commented on, and try this out, i am trying to learn as much as i can from the "dreaded manual", Heres to better pictures, thanx.
The mod u have produced is great i see exactly what u mean, cheers bev
Fazer 13
10 Feb 2010 10:15PM
Hi Willie

Thanks for your advice on my picture, the mods are great and i will take the info on board and use in future. I was going to crop tighter but i wanted to show a small glimps of the engine fins to give the picture more clout.

Thanks again

shreel 13 7 1 India
30 Jan 2010 9:26PM
ur imagination on how u want ur pictures is amazing..whatever is lacking in ur images is overshadowed by ur expect hand on photoshop...finally the outcome is for all to see....keep posting...
25 Jan 2010 7:02AM
Magnificent collection! A pleasure to look at!
HI Willie
Now this is what makes photography worth it. Thank you for your constuctive input and modification. Please feel free to continue and help and be usure that your advise will definitely add to great improvement. Thanks again.
12 Jan 2010 3:24PM
Willie, thank you very much for your advice and alternative approach to my image.
I have to agree that mod 2 is a wonderful improvement.
I have since applied this advice to my recent photographs.
Kind regards.
11 Jan 2010 8:29AM
Hi Willie,

Thank you so much for all the advice and the mod. Its excellent and opened my eyes a bit on to what makes a great portrait. I love the mod and I am keeping it for Mum. Once I get a copy of photoshop I will be experimenting a bit with techqiues you used. Yes your right I was brave, I wasnt really expecting any comments at all but its a good way to improve and everyone seems so friendly here!
P.s Wow your portfolio is amazing. you are very talented. Your portraits are beautiful!

rhys47 14 3 2 United Kingdom
2 Jan 2010 8:54PM
Thanks two you for your advice on some of my pictures, Hopfully you will have a look at my new pics when i add them thanks again. Rhys Allen
gasah 13 1 United Kingdom
2 Jan 2010 5:43PM
Thank you for your comments on my Deer image, I had never heard of a catchlight, but have now done some research and will use it often. Thank you for taking the time to critique.
ArtemusDom 17 7 1 Australia
22 Dec 2009 6:12AM
Willie, thankyou for all your work and very constructive ideas with the mod.A bit advanced for me at the moment, but I have enrolled in a two day photoshop course. It will be a start,thankyou again.Roger
Lillian Plus
13 23 17 United Kingdom
17 Dec 2009 9:07PM
Willie, a man of many talents! and a photorapher that will give help to others, I am still trying hard to get my head around every thing, but will eventually! THANK YOU so much for going the extra mile for me... now I am going to try anf get your modifications you did for me back off (or a copy) and into my photo file to show how "good" it can look. thank you over and over....did I say thank you?
I have also really enjoyed your PF,
8 Dec 2009 9:27PM
Hi Willie, I took a piccie of a leaf last year and you critiqued it for me. I did your suggested mods and entered it into my local camera club competition, where it got full marks so thanks for all your encouragement on my photos.
26 Oct 2009 4:49PM
Thank you for advice its great to get some help .Iam still learning . Just looking at your portfoilo. Stunning shots Liam
19 Oct 2009 9:57AM
A lot to learn from your work!!!!
I would appreciate another remark from you on the last photo I uploaded, if you don't mind?
Robe 13 United Kingdom
24 Sep 2009 8:33PM
Hi, you modified a sunset shot of mine and left me some advice regarding shadows. Greatly appreciated. I think it is time I invested in photoshop. Thanks again. Robe
Jonesykc 13 18 United Kingdom
22 Sep 2009 11:31PM
What can I say - but THANK YOU! Its so nice to have a person with a portfolio as yours to give advice! I hope we meet in a bar one day - you'll be a very happy man! Keep smiling, jonesykc (Karl)
xwang 14 56 8
2 Jul 2009 8:13PM
Hello Willie,Thank you for your modification.I didn't know what to do with the photo.By sharpening the photo,people can be seen more clearly than in the original.I've really learned something from you these days.Thanks a lot.
Beckyphotos 15 24 1 United Kingdom
23 Jun 2009 12:57PM
A wonderfully varied portfolio to be proud of...you might not know the names of all the flowers but you certainly know how to photograph them! I adore your Orangutang pictures.

Best Regards,

HectorRivera 15 17 1 United States
11 Jun 2009 11:14AM
Like the variaty and colors
xwang 14 56 8
27 May 2009 9:19PM
Hello Willie,Thank you for your inspiring ideas.Unfortunately my 'photoshop' 's knowledge is quite limited,I couldn't fully grasp your technique,but you give me some wonderful ideas.I realise that there is something that can be done with photos.By the way, I agree with you that 'It's all about light',I learned from you TODAY. I like your "Derelict". Thank you again. Best wishes to you.
26 May 2009 12:34PM
Hi Banehawi, Thanks for your helpful coments and mod.i like what you have done, like your portfolio.

EmmaG_M 15 136 4 United Kingdom
23 May 2009 9:53AM
Thank you so much for your critique on my lioness upload, I loved the mod! An honest and constructive critique is much better than any amount of clicks! Many thanks again!

You have a cracking PF by the way.

stevic 14 132 England
23 May 2009 2:16AM
Good pf, really varied, Derelict is my favourite, I like the way it's presented.
nturin 14
21 May 2009 5:00AM
Hi banehawi, thank you for the critique and modification of my pic of Mom and Daughter. It does look better.

-Nick Turin
29 Apr 2009 10:40PM
Amazing photographs pure professional! Especially the Famine pics. Keep up the good work.

Also here is the link to our Urbex Photography site


Contact: [email protected]
Fearniespurs 16 17 1 Wales
29 Mar 2009 12:58PM
Really interesting portfolio love your recent work of Famine, Thank you very much for your critique on my latest upload, to be honest I was really down that it did not get many votes but as you explained its not all about getting the most clicks, thank you for the comments I really feel much better about my work, Lee
Headless 14 18 4 United Kingdom
22 Mar 2009 1:30AM
A terrific pf, wonderful and varied images.
jgmford 16 England
11 Feb 2009 1:19PM
Many thanks for all your comments I will take all you have said and try to improve.

I did a close up as the shot as the birds where very flighty and I thought that I would try to see how they would come out. I take on board that a better close up would have been the whole bird.
The mod to the photo re the effects of sharpening does improve the shot.

Once again thank you for your comments Willie & Stephen

is it better now??????
8 Feb 2009 7:58PM
I liked the version that you just uploaded thank you
Basile 14 France
26 Jan 2009 12:21PM
thanks for version of my pic, tones are so cold because of web, the original is warmer and more colorful but still cold of course that was my choice..
thanks again
have great week
Diane_McCudden 14 16 1 Isle of Man
18 Jan 2009 5:11PM
I've made the changes you suggested and i am very pleased with the result. Thank you
27 Dec 2008 5:15AM
Thanks for the Mod. Your portfolio is great. It gives me goals to shoot for in my own work. Thanks again. John
RobMacormac 18 7 2 England
15 Dec 2008 9:41AM
Yes the mod works better than the original, thanks
Mynett 14 142 6 United Kingdom
4 Dec 2008 6:45PM
A wonderful and varied pf, some very unusual shots
14 Nov 2008 11:54PM
Hi, thanks for the mod! It looks so much better off-centre. I knew it needed something but I couldn't quite put my finger on it... what software did you use by the way?
10 Nov 2008 10:52AM
I have uploaded the uncropped image of 'Nellie the Elephant'. Be interested in your comments... Many thanks
5 Nov 2008 1:43PM
Thank you for the modification of my Mountain Gorilla... The original image was much brighter causing the greenery in the background to be too bright like a lime green. I took this image just over 2 years ago when I had very little experience of using a camera... so I was in a panic to what settings and lens to use! Pity its probably a one off experience 'cos would love to do it again, especially with more photography knowledge behind me.
L109MR 14 1
28 Oct 2008 6:19AM
Thank you so much for your comment and suggestion on my picture "grasp" it was very helpful, the advice was a wonderful tool.
obregon 16 16 1
20 Oct 2008 12:54PM
Thank you for your comments, mod and most of all your time.
I've taken all that you said on board and improved my technique to fit.

alifink 16 6 United Kingdom
19 Oct 2008 8:34PM
Thanks very much for your mod and time Willie. It definitely improved the shot.
Enjoyed looking through your PF.
RachelMB 17 42 10 England
5 Oct 2008 3:17PM
Fantastic gallery you have here Smile
28 Sep 2008 1:22AM
Thank you for your modification to my photo. I thought it was already pretty good but your modification completely blew it away. Can you tell me how you achieved it. My editing program is a pretty basic one called picasa 3. P.s your work is great...samjackster.
MTT 14
27 Sep 2008 9:34PM
ty man well done my foto
cnc1 14 United States
20 Aug 2008 11:33PM
Thank you so much for your critique. I really, truely appreciate it. Your work is beautiful! So inspiring!
6 Aug 2008 12:38AM
I Think I Do Too!!
SPOTON 14 South Africa
30 Jul 2008 7:07AM
Hello again Willie! Thanks for the positive comments, looking forward to posting another one tomorrow! Until then, take care! Love, Mandi
SPOTON 14 South Africa
28 Jul 2008 9:18PM
Hey Willie, thanx for all the great advice. I love what you've done with the modifications, really does make a huge difference! I'll post a few more portraits in the next couple of days, would love your comments, advice, crit on them too! Till then, thanx again, take care! Love, Mandi
cnc1 14 United States
26 Jul 2008 1:26AM
Thank you so much for the modification! It looks stunning. I am a beginner at photoshop so I am still learning a lot about the program. What exactly did you do to the photo? How did you sharpen the photo so nicely and no underexpose any of the dark areas?
10 Jul 2008 7:20AM
Thanks for the modification, It just shows how much I have yet to learn pre and post photo. I think your modification is superb and it makes such a difference to the photo. Thanks once again, regards Phil.
beckas 19 5 1 United States
8 Jul 2008 12:39AM
Your work is amazing!....and thanks for all of your critique!
10 May 2008 1:15PM
Thank you for the modification.

I love it!
photophantom 15 108 3 Philippines
29 Mar 2008 1:24AM
Please receive my humble gratitude to your kindness Sir Willie. I'm overwhelmed for those praises and awards from my dear EPZ community artists. I will not forget all these things till the last breath of my life here on our mother earth.

Again, thank you very much Sir Willie.

Your works of art are great.

luxaeternam 15 21 1
16 Feb 2008 4:23AM
Some very creative work here. I like it.
Smile Lucy
MadTrace 18 268 United Kingdom
10 Feb 2008 10:09PM
Wow what a great portfolio, i have enjoyed it very much. Tracy
CherryMartin 15 10 United States
23 Jan 2008 2:14AM
Willie, you really know your stuff. I would like to learn from you. Can I ask questions to you sometimes?

6 Jan 2008 10:08PM
Great use of Photoshop! Dave
25 Dec 2007 10:31PM
Great PF. I enjoyed looking through.
Cheers, Ken.
newy17 17 273 United Kingdom
7 Jul 2007 6:36AM
hi ,ive just been browsing through your p/folio and you have some very creative and varied image's,stunning p/folio great work and ill be keeping an eye on your future upload's.
chears ian.
ValSaxby 17 146 United Kingdom
22 Apr 2007 2:15PM
A wonderfully varied portfolio, full of life and colour. Love it


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