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  • Love is in the air by mrswoolybill

    Or Tu-Tone as it was called over here.
    • 28 May 2023 1:04PM
  • Velvet Underground by KingBee

    Like the shot and the title.

    Lou Reed would have approved.

    • 28 May 2023 12:59PM
  • Shadowed by dudler

    Nice image. Us men on the whole tend not to take potential illnesses seriously, so its best to be safe.

    • 28 May 2023 12:55PM
  • Sleepless by dudler

    Added an AI golf ball
    • 26 May 2023 5:00PM
  • The Stone Ogre - Colour. by valeriargh

    I tihnk one difference is the B&W allows us to better see the Ogre.

    So tried a mod with more light, less shadow on the statue, slightly warmer white balance, and a tiny rotation CCW.


    • 26 May 2023 4:47PM
  • Holyrood Gift Shop by mac

    Mono looks like its from an earlier time-frame, older
    • 25 May 2023 3:13PM
  • Stitchwort by Irishkate

    Nice details in this
    • 25 May 2023 3:03PM
  • Posted on: Best Software For Photographers

    Affinity photo is also available for Windows.
    • 24 Nov 2020 4:17PM
  • Posted on: Canon Powershot ZOOM Announced With 100-400mm Zoom

    Interesting, and unexpected.
    • 14 Oct 2020 7:02PM
  • Posted on: Fujifilm X-T4 Review

    IBIS would certainly temp me. But the price...
    • 17 Jul 2020 1:49PM
  • Posted on: Fujifilm Add Webcam Software Compatibility to X-A7 And X-T200 Models

    Taking a page from Canons book!
    • 22 Jun 2020 1:59PM
  • Posted on: Ricoh Announce GR III Street Edition With New Touchscreen Trigger Function

    The Snap press LCD is coming to all GR11 with a firmware update in July.
    • 11 Jun 2020 4:13PM
  • Posted on: Fujifilm X100V Hands-On Preview & Sample Photos

    OK, figured it out, it needs the same adapter as the previous versions.
    • 7 Feb 2020 4:51PM
  • Posted on: Fujifilm X100V Hands-On Preview & Sample Photos

    joshwa, can a 49mm filter be screwed to the front of the lens, ir is an adapter required?


    • 7 Feb 2020 3:02PM
  • Posted on: Canon Powershot G5 X II Review

    G1X mk 3 being an APS-C sensor will have a big advantage in dynamic range I would think. The G1X seems to have a softish lens,. - so it remains to be seen how good this lens is.
    • 17 Jul 2019 4:08PM
  • Posted on: Canon Powershot G5 X II Review

    Canon announces the new Sony RX100 Mk V for some reason.
    • 15 Jul 2019 12:33PM
  • Posted on: Ricoh GR III Review

    The King of street photography strikes another home run.

    Have used a GR 1 and GR2 for a combination of 7+ years, no dust.
    • 16 Mar 2019 5:51PM
  • Posted on: Panasonic Lumix S1R (Lumix S1) Preview

    Coincidentally, the Olympus CEO stated this week that sensor size is not the answer.

    Seems the m4/3 alliance is crumbling.
    • 1 Feb 2019 3:02PM
  • Posted on: Canon RF 50mm f/1.2L Sample Photos

    This is pure magic.
    • 3 Oct 2018 9:53PM
  • Posted on: Panasonic Lumix S Series Announced

    Farewell m4/3, its been a blast.
    • 25 Sep 2018 1:15PM
  • Posted on: Are You Ready For Photokina 2018?

    Looking forward to the new Ricoh GR release
    • 21 Sep 2018 6:45PM
  • Posted on: Samsung Announce Galaxy A7 2018 With Triple Camera

    Cant wait for one of them to announce a phone with 256 cameras....
    • 21 Sep 2018 6:44PM
  • Posted on: Nikon Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera In Development

    No surprise as weve known about this unofficially officially for a long time. Canon will also launch a FF mirrorless at Photokina according to unofficial official rumours.
    • 25 Jul 2018 1:30PM
  • Posted on: Holidays & Photography - An Uneasy Mix?

    Nice travelogue.

    You missed the annual Irish hot weather day!

    • 28 Jun 2018 1:51PM
  • Posted on: Sony Has Announced A New RX100 VI Cyber-Shot With 24-200mm Zoom

    $1,200! Thats ridiculous!
    • 8 Jun 2018 3:12PM
  • Posted on: Panasonic Lumix GH5S Full Review

    These are getting to look an awful lot like DSLR bodies. At 660G its only 100G lighter than a Canon 6D mk2 with its battery installed.
    • 8 Jan 2018 7:26PM
  • Posted on: Canon EF 85mm f/1.4L IS USM Review

    Fantastic results
    • 30 Dec 2017 4:15PM
  • Posted on: Panasonic Lumix G9 Full Review

    High ISO noise performance to me doesnt seem to be hugely improved compared to other 20MP Panasonic models. M4/3 still falls far short of the larger sensors in this respect.

    IQ with the same sensor and lens as other Panny 20Mp will not be a lot different as far as I can tell.
    • 12 Dec 2017 5:25PM
  • Posted on: Canon Powershot G1 X Mark III Review

    I think lots of people will buy it. Whats there to compare it to? Nothing. APSC 24 Mpix, built in zoom, image stabilization, flip put touch screen. Pricey, but a brilliant travel camera.
    • 15 Nov 2017 10:05PM
  • Posted on: Canon EOS 6D Mark II Full Review

    Ill stay with the 6D, which by all accounts has a greater dynamic range. Way too pricey.
    • 11 Aug 2017 2:41PM
  • Posted on: Fujifilm X70 Full Review

    To even suggest this camera produces anything close to DSLR quality is ridiculous. It depends on the DSLR, the lens, etc, so its not even something you can say.

    I did buy one as I like street shooting (how on earth can anyone HATE 28mm?), and also have the Ricoh GR. This Fuji is nice with the touch screen and the flip out screen, but its not even close to the same IQ as the Ricoh. Its bigger than the Ricoh, and wont fit in pants pocket as the Ricoh does easily.The fuji is soft at 2.8,and at its sharpest, its not sharp. Its JUST ok. The Ricoh has a vastly superior lens, currently the best lens in the compact 28mm compact category. The flash performance with the Fuji is terrific, and very reliable set to -2/3. I use both now and then, but prefer the totally intuitive Ricoh with its superior IQ. Its built in B&W modes are fantastic, as good as the Fuji.
    • 1 Apr 2017 11:33PM
  • Posted on: Leica M10 Digital Rangefinder Full Review

    Ridiculously priced niche product for the well heeled. As good or better performance available for much, much less.

    BTW, there are no aperture values shown on the sample pics Joshwa?
    • 29 Mar 2017 5:30PM
  • Posted on: Canon EOS M6 Hands-On Preview

    That was fast!
    • 15 Feb 2017 7:54PM
  • Posted on: Panasonic Lumix GH5 Sample Photos

    Oh what big knobs you have!
    • 10 Feb 2017 3:28AM
  • Posted on: Canon EOS M5 Full Review

    A few comments. The use of an adapter is smart, allowing access to the entire Canon line which work with full electronic functionality; this also suggests there are more M lenses planned. The M lenses are alow very, very light, perfect for all day carrying or travel/

    Its odd that the adapter (which is includes at no cost in the early release kits) seems to be seen as a negative here, whereas adapters in general are hailed as brilliant for Sony, and the m4/3 lenses for their ability to extend the range of lenses. Im confused.

    The body is a very strong polycarbonate composite, quite different from what we normally consider "plastic".

    The lens attachment not being metal seems odd, but when the target audience is one that wants light, small, very high IQ, you do what you need to meet the demands.

    Price I think is too high, and this is not at all unexpected at launch. Its not unique to any one vendor, and cost should come down. If they simply unbundle the adapter, thats 250 USD off the price.

    The kit lenses, though not perfect, are vastly superior that the offerings from Sony, as an example.
    • 6 Feb 2017 9:32PM
  • Posted on: Canon EOS M5 Full Review

    Finally! Thanks Josh.
    • 4 Feb 2017 3:30PM
  • Posted on: Canon EOS M5 Full Review

    Is there a full review planned soon Joshua? Many other sites are ahead of EPZ with this review.
    • 19 Jan 2017 3:18PM

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  • Posted on peterjay80's profile

    Im so sorry to hear of Peters passing, I enjoyed communicating with his through his photography.

    • 19 Jan 2021 3:01PM
  • Posted on JohnLynch's profile

    Some nice work, - youve a good eye for a shot

    • 28 Sep 2009 10:10PM
  • Posted on alanDwest's profile

    Lots of really good shots in this portfolio, - many deserving of much more acknowledgment than theyre getting.

    • 27 Sep 2009 7:01PM
  • Posted on andreduplessis's profile

    A superb set of images showing a real connection with the subjects in many cases. A master class in the art of b&w.

    • 8 Feb 2009 3:59PM
  • Posted on tommythecat's profile

    Nice range of very good shots, especially the portraits

    • 30 Jul 2008 8:48PM
  • Posted on Strobe's profile

    Love your pf, - you have a terrific eye for a shot.

    • 20 Jul 2008 3:21AM
  • Posted on mrswoolybill's profile

    Moira, I just LOVE the Dublin series, - as a part Irish person you will understand how your journey, so well documented in this series really resonates with a person born and raised there, as I am.


    • 28 Jun 2008 8:26PM
  • Posted on PaulHolloway's profile

    Beautiful set of landscapes, well done.

    • 28 May 2008 2:37AM
  • Posted on User_Removed's profile

    I like your new PF pic Vic.

    • 9 May 2008 12:17AM
  • Posted on NikkiW's profile

    Very nice portfolio

    • 7 May 2008 8:43PM
  • Posted on themoabird's profile

    You have a very nice portfolio, - Im inspired to take better shots around Toronto!

    Added you to my favourites.


    • 24 Mar 2008 3:45PM
  • Posted on pascalg's profile

    I love you banner shot, - quirky and fun, reflects your style very well.

    • 22 Feb 2008 9:55PM
  • Posted on magicbox's profile

    Nice portfolio, - keep doing the weird stuff.

    • 14 Feb 2008 10:34PM
  • Posted on Bridie's profile

    Very nice, varied portfolio, - somewhat overlooked I would think.


    • 29 Oct 2007 12:27AM
  • Posted on Ganto's profile

    Nice pf, - and nothing wrong with nice Marley Park ducks either...

    • 14 Jul 2007 4:18AM
  • Posted on imagio's profile

    Lovely portfolio, - has a very unique personal feel.


    • 14 Jul 2007 2:41AM
  • Posted on Mikearty's profile

    Really nice portfolio, - some real gems.


    • 7 Jan 2007 6:56PM

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