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22/10/2015 - 11:04 PM

Middelburg B&W Street

Middelburg B&W StreetLovely shot. This is very good for people to live, much better than the closed off anonymous way most of us are used to these days.

I would like to see some black in the black and white, as in the mod.


The impression of the Chillon Castle. SwitzerlandYour original from the camera, without any of the RAW file adjustments, is, for me, the best version. Ive uploaded it with a crop fro the right; its very dark in all the right places as youve shot, as you do, for the highlights, and then brought up the darks.

Its better left as it is. Ive removed every RAW adjustment youve made, - it wont be as exact as if I had the RAW file, but you can see, its more in line with a gloomy, dark place. That camera has a very wide dynamic range, use it.


21/10/2015 - 1:47 PM

Years passed

Years passedThis is very nice Mario. The toning works well.

She look like shes not expecting the camera to be there, its almost a candid shot.

I wouldnt do a lot to this; crop space from the left perhaps, lift the eyes a little, and some minor tweaks as in the mod.

You did well yo get a shot at that slow speed too.


20/10/2015 - 4:58 PM

Red Squirrel - Center Parcs

Red Squirrel - Center ParcsA good effort. Needed a faster shutter despite IS, as the squirrel can be moving, so closer to ISO 1000 and 1/120 at least.
19/10/2015 - 1:28 PM


BUCOLICOVery nice.

I removed a structure that looked like a crane on a building behind that castle, and tried a different crop.

Lovely scene.


A TRACTOR AT BRONTE CREEK -- A PROVINCAL PARKA decent record shot. The 1000 pix makes a huger difference.

Needs to be sharper, - it may be sharp enough in the original, make sure that after you resize, and before you upload, open the re-sized image, apply some sharpening as needed, then save and upload. The mod is sharpened a little.

Reds are oversaturated for me, - they can still be vibrant without going over the top. Youre contrast it set quite high which contributes to increased saturation in addition to the filter effect, so take care.

Iver never noticed a McCormack-Deering tractor before either.


18/10/2015 - 7:44 PM

In the middle of nowhere.

In the middle of nowhere.Ive tried something in the mod mario, let me know what you think.

I felt the two images had different lighting, which they of course had, but it wasnt disguised enough or matched. It seems you wanted both to look late in the evening, low light, but the tree having some light on it is confusing,

The woman portrait I think is fine, but the darker appearance has caused colour to be more saturated, something that often happens, but can be addressed.

There is some light as Moira pointed out on the tree. coming from the left and the front, so using the dodge tool, some very small areas of her face ca be shown to have dappled light.

The bird and the skull are gone in the mod.

She does appear a little lost as we view it with that background, but at the same time she seems to know exactly where she is and where shes going by her determined expression.


17/10/2015 - 3:25 PM


JourneyVery attractive image indeed. Its post processing that needs a gentler hand, and can make a difference.

You are much too aggressive with the clarity slider here which, makes the image harsh, by applying too much mid-tone contrast. The effect in the sky is posterization which you can get rid of by not applying clarity to that extent, or blurring as Moira suggested.

If you wish, its quite easy to alter the position of the rider by moving part of the left of the image and adding it onto the right, extending the image, then crop the space from the left. This moves the rider more to the left, coming into the frame which can be more effective as a composition. But as it is, it will work.

The mod uploaded had this done, as well as removing the clarity adjustment, and adding some blur.

Well done to see and seize the opportunity.


14/10/2015 - 3:04 PM

Self Portrait

Self PortraitIt seems this is for a competition?

V1 would be good other than its soft, and not well focused.

V2, the newspaper takes the viewer away from your face, - I find myself reading it!

V3 works best, - it has a message for us photographers too re the frustration we can experience with our hobby/job/ life's work. I think V1 has some of this, but V3 certainly looks like you are blowing your pixels out!

Go ahead, make my day with V3, as Clint Eastwood would say!

13/10/2015 - 9:25 PM

Pink and green

Pink and greenThe idea is a good one. An in focus flower with soft, defocused background looks nice.

This is underexposed, and it would work better if that in focus flower was in a bit more from the edge; off centre is good, just a little too close to the edge for a pleasing composition. I think there are some veru bright highlights in the image that may have contributed to under exposure.

There are some noise spots or artifacts visible in the background, which is a surprise at ISO 800, so take care with re sizing, and use the maximum image quality/file size.

ISO 400 would have worked fine here too. I dont see what shooting mode you used in the details?

To show what I mean by the comments, I have uploaded a mod thats a tighter crop, and has exposure increased, noise reduced, as well as saturation.


12/10/2015 - 2:11 PM

Waiting for her lover

Waiting for her loverThe actors who do this are very good.

This is a nice pose, with a great background.

I would do what dudler did too, a little more on the left, and Ive tweaked exposure a bit brighter, and reduced what could be a magenta colour cast, - might be wrong too.

Nice shot


07/10/2015 - 8:06 PM

Don't Tell the Wife !!

Don't Tell the Wife !!Sharpening will depend on the image. Best to view the image at 50% when dpoing this.

Threshold should be set to approx 3, radius I would set to 0.9, then push amount all the way to high and back it off until it looks right. Most people tend to undersharpen. Make sure you sharpen after you re size the image for the site. A threshold of 1 will allow virtually no sharpening.
07/10/2015 - 6:41 PM

Don't Tell the Wife !!

Don't Tell the Wife !!Really nice image. You were touring the Ring of Kerry by the look of this shot.

That suspicious local character in the doorway really makes it work well

Perhaps a little too much yellow correction, tried a mod.

07/10/2015 - 4:38 PM

Let me see

Let me seeThis is very nice. Thats light around the man is called rim lighting, and its very attractive.

I think that having the areas on the statues that are lit, just a tiny bit brighter would work better, as its more realistic.

Done in the mod, - nice work and a well seen opportunity


06/10/2015 - 5:16 PM

China Town

China TownYouve done a good job with the conversion to mono. Its a shot that suits mono very well too. The cloning is not bad, and its not an easy area to clone at all. Zoom in, use a smallish brush, and small steps, re-sampling often. Its will help, when cropping if you pay attention to any opportunities to minimise cloning.

Thanks for uploading the original also, - its very helpful.

In general, shooting in colour and converting will give you the better result, mainly because you have complete control over the result.

I wonder if you set the camera to shoot RAW and jpeg, using the b&w option, if you would see the screen/viewfinder in colour of mono? I know my little Ricoh GR shows the colour, with the JPEG as a mono. Its worth a try. You then have a camera mono, a raw colour, which you can convert if you want to. If the option existes on the mono selection, use a high contrast mono.

Looking first at the original, Ive done a little work on it, mainly increasing exposure to brighten the men (the bright sun on the left will drive exposure down); and also white balance, which to me is too blue, - needs to appear warmer. I then cropped, and used the crop to limit the amount of cloning I would have to do. So its not as wide on the right as your crop.

Then a conversion, which is similar to where you ended up. It will be a little brighter due to the tweak in the original.

Hope this is helpful,


06/10/2015 - 1:38 PM

a peaceful spot

a peaceful spotGorgeous Billy, - PERFECT white balance!

You have a slightly underexposed land portion due to the bright sky, and if you like, you can process the raw twice, one jpeg for the sky, and one for the land, and combine the two. Ive done that in the mod, no other changes other than I reduced the vignette caused by the lens.

Peaceful is indeed the right word.


Blue twilight. Manarola ignited. LiguriaLovely scene. I see those tiny people on the far side when I look closely.

Original was under as you know, but youve ended up with a nice result.

The usual mod uploaded, which is a little warmer, etc.


05/10/2015 - 6:01 PM

Blond & Baby

Blond & BabyThanks Alan for the original.

This makes sense looking at the very small crop from a larger image. I have to say you did really well retaining so much detail and resolution.

You can see that metering was done for the larger scene, and you started out with blown highlights on the woman and child (Is that your hat!); RAW post processing sows that you focused you efforts on trying to reduce highlights and lift shadows, which in general makes sense. However, if the highlights are truly blown, they cant be recovered, though they can be improved, and trying to recover whats not there can negatively impact the entire image; - as the blown areas are relatively small, although important.

However, you still ended up with a decent crop. Due to the original scene, it does have some blown spots, and contrast is a bit low.

How you converted it is important, and the best way, assuming you are using LR or CS is to use the channle mixer, which covers a range of colour sliders you can experiment with. Experimenting is the key to success!

I did mods of the original, less biased to save highlights, and a mono conversion of it, just as an exercise to see what you were dealing with.

The mod of the mono crop is also uploaded. It involves a bit of cheating, in that the faces have been made lighter on their own (a layer and mask technique), and the overall image has had exposure reduced somewhat. It gives the image a bit more bite.

Its an image you really needed your Kingfisher lens for! It takes time to get the confidence to get closer with that medium lens, - and its a great lens too. So practice, get closer, and you will enjoy the variety you can get from the street.


05/10/2015 - 5:06 PM

Whats up

Whats upHi Mario,

This is nice. A good addition to your series.

leaving the blue aside for a minute, I notice that the man is underexposed, quite a bit. This may well be intentional, however it does contribute to the blue tone in the collar, as does the 3800K white balance, - this is quite a blue tone. So although the tone is most noticeable in the collar, it exists in the entire image of the man.

So a combination of an increase in exposure, along with a slightly warmer balance may work.

Ive done it in the mod, but I didnt brighten it as much as it seems to need, just to keep it in line with the background.

The replacement background is well done; for me its as sharp as the man, which is not convincing, so I also added a slight blur to the background using the CS6 Noise reduction tool set to maximum, with no sharpening; it gives a nice softness, and the background is fighting less for attention.

Hope this helps,


05/10/2015 - 4:36 PM

Symmetric Version 2

Symmetric Version 2This is better. The background helps a lot, - it less intrusive.

Slight green tint, but a lot better than before.

A little sharpening can help. Dont in the mod. Ive also increased exposure slighly; with a subject like this, slightly overexposing for the meter can be a good idea.