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I have a camera and taken a few pictures. Some of them are ok (apparently some people agree ... you don't have to).

Comments (good, bad, indifferent) are welcome. I'm not hung up about everything being positive, so there is no need to sugar-coat your comments (just don't talk pish). Unfortunately I'm lousy at commenting myself, so if you are just looking for me to reciprocate then you might be very disappointed (sorry).

I've got a heap of gear, but I'd rather take pictures than measurebate over sharpness and resolution. I don't particularly care about my EXIF data - I don't think you should either.

If the letters matter to you, then I'm happy to list them: FBIPP QEP ARPS DPAGB EFIAP
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  • Sam by BarrieSpence

    Quote:Not only beautiful, if i want to do the job honestly i have to speak your all images stand out in the gallery and well worth any kind of Awards in this site, not only technical perfection i like the use of natural light here and the way you have blended it with artificial light, truly superb photography...Well Done...
    Thanks, but I rarely mix lights ... this is just the window (French doors) and a reflector (v-flat).
    • 28 Jun 2022 4:08PM
  • FBIPP 1/20 by BarrieSpence

    Quote:How long she had kept this terrific post !!


    14 shots over ~1m45s
    • 9 Jun 2022 5:17PM
  • FBIPP 10/20 by BarrieSpence

    Quote:Hello (again). A question has arisen after having seen the model in the variety of poses she has staged. Were there all in her repertoire or did you requested them from her? The quality of the work is top notch through-out. Bravo to you both.

    Thanks! It's very much a collaboration, some will be ones she's done before, but we've worked together for so long and often that she feels safe to experiment when we shoot (probably you're seeing more of the experimental poses here).
    • 28 May 2022 1:00PM
  • FBIPP 14/20 by BarrieSpence

    Quote:This should be classified as 'adult content'.
    Nope, don't think so (having just checked the rules, again).
    • 25 May 2022 1:35PM
  • FBIPP 19/20 by BarrieSpence

    Quote:What a fantastic series Bruce. I can see a couple of them in your portfolio but is there anywhere that we can cycle through the 20 in a larger version than you have linked?... john
    I'm planning to post them all here in sequence, but if you want to see them quicker than one-a-day drop me a message. Barrie
    • 20 May 2022 9:31AM
  • Amber by BarrieSpence

    Quote:Great positoning of that bang of hair giving the tossled look but not obscuring the eye....john
    pure luck Grin (but then I wouldn't have picked this shot if it wasn't as good)
    • 24 Apr 2022 1:27PM
  • Amber by BarrieSpence

    Quote:So, it's like an offset clamshell lighting set up, correct? I can get the sense that the 48" octa is on the right because of the darker shadow on Amber's right shoulder/arm. The 40" soft box below softens or rids the shadows underneath her chin but I still find it hard to appreciate the subtleties. Would it be possible to have a comparison of images, especially when using reflective light modifiers like v-flats? The nuances/subtleties are hard for me to gauge. Comparisons, with/without v-flats, might be beneficial.
    By the way, I find all your images to be wonderfully lit.

    No, I modified a recycled caption in the text box in LR and didn't spot my mistake.

    I've started to shoot clamshell with both light surfaces flat (partly because if I till the 40" soft box on the bottom it's too high. Having them both flat (and effectively facing each other) gives me a lot of control (very little spill on the background (and I can even shoot it in two directions with two backgrounds!

    I think this was without v-flats. If you use white then everything is brighter and less shadowed. Black gives a nice shadow edge and more contrast. And of course you can make it interesting with one white and on black board. I'll try to shoot some comparison shots the next time I've got someone suitable in front of the camera (I've done it before, the challenge will be finding them!).
    • 21 Apr 2022 7:34PM
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    Ah nope didnt realise there was a mobile site. Much better! Thank you :D
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