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I am hoping to share inormation and the experience in the site and i hope everybody does the same Smile feel free to text me or comment on my pictures.
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  • Anisoptera by Baycan

    Quote:Given the light on the leaves in the background, i suspect 1/45 rather than 45 seconds! Please, Ulas, which is right?

    You asked a very specific question about whether having the wingtips out of focus is OK.

    I'm sure that for technical purposes, for the insect specialists, it's not.

    For a pictorial shot, if it looks good, it's fine! The wide aperture you've used gives separation from the blurred background, but leads to the soft wingtips (and the fact that the feet are sharper than the eyes). One solution is to carry a cloth or a piece of card to hang behind the subject, so that you can isolate it well, and use a smaller aperture for better overall sharpness. We could possibly say more with a bit more EXIF data: what camera and lens, for instance?

    Quote:Is that 45 seconds exposure? And with a flash? The flash will provide the exposure, then you have 45 secinds where anything and move even slightly, which will cause blur.


    I ve corrected the fault about the exposure and yes you were right about it it was 1/45 I am sorry the thing is that the picture was taken from my smartphone which closes the aperture down to 5.6 when taking macro shots, and I did not use a flash but the small led light and that is what you see on the exif. I am so sorry about my late reply, I am really busy with my finals.
    • 6 Aug 2014 5:06PM
  • Rio water falls by Baycan

    yes willie it does thank you, but the strange thing is I did not use the flash, I think my camera is going mad Sad
    • 25 Jul 2014 9:39AM
  • Istanbul Rising- 5 by Baycan

    Quote:Hi again, I too like this a lot. Conveying the height of a tall tower isn't as easy as it sounds, and portrait format often doesn't assist because it isolates the structure from the sense of scale that surrounding landscape gives. You have got round that problem by standing below the slope in the hillside, giving an angle as well as context for scale. That works well with the very graceful, organic form of the building. As Willie says, it looks like a plant growing from its roots in the earth, and I see it stretching up, extending its spine as the cranes probe reach out into the sky.

    I do want to add a bit more light, the sky is nearer to what I grew up referring to ad Air Force grey than sky blue; and I agree with pablophotographer that it's tilted. Look at the central vertical... I'm not sure that this matters in this instance, where the aim is to convey the structure towering over us, but I will add a straightened Modification for comparison.

    Quote:Hello Baycan,
    I think it leans a bit to the right,
    I'm saying this judging from the left side of the frame
    and the distance of the building at the bottom and the top.

    hi, you all.. well both of you mentioned it not being straight well you should check the cranes in these cases because the building has leaning profiles but the cranes are measured to stand straight up, and willie thank you for your notes on clarity tool usage but I also think it shows less pleasent because of the automated resizing of the site
    • 18 Jun 2014 6:39PM
  • Subdued Saturday shadows by dudler

    great example of a lens baby use, makes my shutter finger ichy with my L.Baby on. Smile
    • 1 Jun 2014 8:50PM
  • self portait in practice for practice by Baycan

    Quote:I much prefer the closer crop. It resolves the missing foot problem thats in the original upload.

    The slightly zoomed in focal length is working well to give a good proportion to your body.

    The dark and low colour saturation effect work very well and suit this gym environment.

    I was thinking about removing the person behind you, but in a way it works with leaving him where he is. I will try it just to compare.

    Very well done.



    good day willie, I will add the missing foot to the mods. and you will see why I cropped it out (well its pretty dispositioned and doesnt seem right) and that person to our left bothered me too at the first look but then I saw the expression of frustration on his face and tought it gives more to the frame as it was.
    thank you for your appreciation.
    • 30 May 2014 2:18PM
  • cold spring by Baycan

    Quote:Hello Baycan,

    I saw this picture and the one previous. This one looks better. I see you have shot them with equal focal length lens, but huge ISO difference probably because you have only natural light here. You have done well to include all of her shoes but

    it seems you have shot her from almost the same height , -I see you mention that.

    The advice given to you earlier was to kneel. Go down on one knee and shoot from a lower stand point. If this camera has a flipping back screen, flip it parallel to the ground, lower it to your waist and ''shoot from the hip'' as they say. Every lens, especially the wide ones, has some very curved elements and to make a human body look natural proportionally you have to have the centre of the lens near the center of the body, then the body will be recorded evenly on the sensor or the film. See videos of pros working with medium format cameras, and you realise the difference shooting from low level.

    Coming back to your picture I think it lacks drama. I like the hint of light and shadow on the wall.... but if you remove the strongest competitor of attention - and light - the curtain on the right I mean, you have stay with the dark areas and what remains striking are the exposed human parts, face hands legs of your model. She is the one who is your interest isn't it?

    Keep only the interesting parts in the frame. Plus with this crop she is not bang in the middle.... and feels a little bit cornered.... why does she smile? Hmmmmm....... , haha I will let you figure it out yourself.


    hi Pablo well thanks for the further explanation on the tips from yesterday..
    but the thing is I did not take this shot after I ve read them. but in the same day so it was taken at the same time.
    and secondly 24mm is eq. to 35mm on apsc (36mm to be exact) so I think the percipective is a bit more right on this one plus I think that is a good thing that when you take a higher angled one you get the legs thinner Grin she kinda has thick legs.
    • 29 May 2014 2:21PM
  • portrait pilot by Baycan

    Quote:Others will come in on the lighting, but I would prefer a plain, white or neutral background. A horizontal line running behind the knees is seriously distracting. Moving her further forward of the wall, if you have space, and using a slightly lower viewpoint would help I think.

    I also want to see less space at the top, more at the bottom! I like her challenging pose but it's marred by the fact that she looks as though she's about to drop through a trapdoor and out of the frame...

    Shoes need to be complete, particularly shoes that are as dramatic as these; and feet need a few pixels beneath them.

    Quote:If you havent done this before, its a decent start.

    Youve decided on a full length shot, and with the space you had available, this meant a 28mm equivalent focal length.

    As Moira mentioned, it important to look all around the frame and make sure the feet and shoes are included.

    The pose is an important element of this type of shot. What are you trying to convey is something you need to consider.
    The model here seems to be trying to pose, and a litttle awkward, and with practice you will be able to make the model more comfortable, relaxed, and appear less posed, and more natural.

    The light is not bad, - upper right, but its underexposed; so a wider aperture, or stronger light, or closer to the light. Remember to check the recorded image on the LCD with the histogram view.

    The location of the light has her eyes shaded, so more light from the front will help.

    To try to improve this image, - apart from increasing brightness a little, think about a crop that removes her legs, so the missing shoe is not an issue, and re compose as in the mod. Its also sharpened a little.



    thank you for all of your precious comments and the mods. I will make sure to put them into use
    • 29 May 2014 7:51AM
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