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  • Pink Lupine by bbruno

    Thanks, everyone. I appreciate each & every comment.
    • 10 Jul 2008 10:31PM
  • Where Roseberry goes by TerryBaxter

    WOW. This is an incredibly well-timed shot. What a view!
    • 13 Mar 2007 4:10PM
  • Thicker than water by TerryBaxter

    Terry, this photo takes my breath away. I'm browsing your collection - you have an amazing gift.
    • 13 Mar 2007 3:28PM
  • Flamingo flower 1 by CathyI

    The swirl of the flower and its placement within the frame makes this an exceptional image, in my opinion. You have mastered the art of filling the frame. Beautiful!
    • 6 Apr 2007 4:32PM
  • 161 by PeterTh

    Peter, I love the tone and the mood of this photo. It's memorable.
    • 16 Mar 2007 7:22PM
  • Undignified by oldgreyheron

    Looks like he's putting on quite a show. Beautiful capture - look at those details!
    • 14 Mar 2007 1:34PM
  • swan by mollsgran

    This is so untypical of most swan photos. I love the graceful bend of its neck, and those concentric circles gathering around him. Really nice shot--well composed and exposed perfectly!
    • 14 Mar 2007 2:40AM
  • Kimball... by RoddBC

    I had to comment on this photo because I LOVE the post-processing! This effect is perfect for a photo of this attractive young lady.
    • 14 Mar 2007 2:51AM
  • Fence by Philip_P

    Philip, this is an exceptional photo. Clear, crisp, and colorful, and the detail is amazing. The only thing I might consider removing is the blurred foilage there on the left, simply because it detracts from the overall photo.

    I love the detail! Even the rough wood & nails are crystal clear. Wonderful capture!
    • 14 Mar 2007 2:54AM
  • Uphill Climb by Rachelscott

    Bravo, Rachel! I love ladybugs, and this photo is exceptionally crisp & clear. Nice!
    • 12 Mar 2007 7:43PM
  • Coastal Trees by bbruno

    Thanks, guys. Those are coastal trees, buffetted by the wind. I loved them instantly.
    • 12 Mar 2007 7:45PM
  • One More Ledge by scribeandbutt

    I like how the shallow water plays over the rocks in the foreground. Deep, rich colors and a well-thought composition. Very nice!
    • 12 Mar 2007 4:10AM
  • Siblings by StuS

    This type of photo is a heartwarmer. I imagine it framed in a large b/w format. What a wonderful keepsake! Well done.
    • 12 Mar 2007 5:49AM
  • Emerging by janine_w

    My parents planted a bottlebrush in their yard and forty-something years later, it is like a tree--as high as their roof. This is an exceptionally lovely photo, and it works well against the white background. Pure color, as if it's floating. Nice!
    • 12 Mar 2007 4:13AM
  • ............. by seanslevin

    Is this an egret? Beautiful! So glad you were there to capture the moment.
    • 12 Mar 2007 4:15AM
  • The Old Couple by dreamflower

    Your title captured my attention first, for many reasons. My parents were married for 57 years and they both passed away within two years. These trees and their reflections really speak to my heart. "The Old Couple" is a perfect title for the photo.
    • 12 Mar 2007 4:17AM
  • Bruges By Night by lifesnapper

    This is lovely, John. Very inviting!
    • 16 Mar 2007 7:19PM
  • Into the Bouquet #1 by bbruno

    Thanks for taking time to comment, everyone. I appreciate your kindness, and your constructive criticism.
    • 9 Mar 2007 8:03PM
  • Kimmeridge Light by Maddie

    I especially like sunset pictures that point away from the actual sunset - like the orangish glow on the rocks here. It can be more dramatic that shooting the sky itself. Nice job!
    • 9 Mar 2007 4:14PM
  • I come in peace by LongDucDong

    Ok, now you've grabbed my attention! In third grade, I was in charge of our classroom's aquarium tank, which held a very pregnant praying mantis momma-to-be. I forgot to tighten the lid when I fed them one day and--you guessed it--she gave birth, and hundreds of praying mantis babies marched all over the room. My classmates loved it but my teacher demoted me. Smile

    This is an incredible view of the insect world - great capture!
    • 9 Mar 2007 4:17PM
  • In the Beechwood by MalcolmM

    Fanatastic processing! I love how the shadows seem to sweep right into the trees like fog. You're obviously skilled in the use of PS - not overdone; very nice!
    • 9 Mar 2007 4:24PM
  • Morning Song! by wamp

    I'd like to start my day with this robin - beautiful! (I like your caption, too.) Nice job.
    • 9 Mar 2007 4:26PM
  • Rest Stop by chesh

    Dave, I like how the blurred water seems to embrace the rock. I'm partial to macros, so I expecially enjoyed this photo.
    • 9 Mar 2007 4:29PM
  • Little by Little by LisaRose

    Oh, this is lovely. It's such a pretty contrast against the snow, but that water droplet is the crowning touch. Beautiful work, Lisa!
    • 13 Mar 2007 4:24PM
  • Classic Bruges by lifesnapper

    John, this looks like a storybook town. I love the architecture, and that sky - gorgeous! You've captured a colorful shot of a place I'll never see myself. Thanks for sharing it
    • 13 Mar 2007 4:17PM
  • In Your Hands by pcwillows

    This photo touched my heart, especially today on Good Friday. Thank you.
    • 6 Apr 2007 4:26PM
  • Pegs aftrer the storm by aaustin

    Clothespins are simple objects, yet you've captured them in a unique presentation that makes them art! Nice work!
    • 6 Apr 2007 4:25PM
  • Amber by princezippy

    Amber is a beautiful dog, and someday you'll be so happy you took this sweet photo of her. This is a treasure.
    • 6 Apr 2007 4:39PM
  • Morning Glory Flower by User_Removed

    Morning Glory is one of my favorite flowers. This is bright and beautiful, Andrew. I like the framing, too.
    • 14 Mar 2007 1:27PM
  • Nathan by redshanksnapper

    Ohmygosh, what's NOT to like about this photo? What an adorable little guy. I have to say, though, that the white background makes this photo. Normally I would prefer a darker background but for some reason, this really sets this portrait apart. Nice work!
    • 14 Mar 2007 2:47AM