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A quick view of Beardy's recent activity.

  • Recommend me a new lens

    If you want top performance at low cost, take a look at the old manual-focus nikon lenses. A few of them, the 85mm f2 and the 105mm f2.5 are as good with digital as they...
    by Beardy | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 14
  • Photos in a climbing wall

    I remember this post on strobist which might be of interest. Chris
    by Beardy | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 8
  • My Stats

    Also look for "recent activity" on your portfolio page too - shows your latest ramblings on the forums and stuff like that
    by Beardy | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 3
  • Why has my image dissappeared?

    Was wondering how long before I got a reply LOL :-) Stu
    by Beardy | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 12
  • Which photoshop book?

    As a separate comment (and the start of a new question to be found here), but after using various versions of PS for a while now, I find more and more that I can do 95%+ ...
    by Beardy | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 9
  • Which Portable storage device?

    Ive had it a week and am delighted .. mind I havent used it yet, but it is great to look at LOL
    by Beardy | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 48
  • RAW processing

    In regards to the first part and Nikon not releasing the details of their encryption. This will be the same for all the other RAW processing packages not only the one bu...
    by Beardy | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 4

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  • Posted on simon butterworth's profile

    Excellent portfolio, i'm really impressed and inspired!

    • 23 Dec 2005 7:45AM
  • Posted on Maddie's profile

    Hi Maddie,

    Its been a while since i had a look at your portfolio, and i have to say that your images are amazing! I will need to spend a long time going through them all in order to add my comments.

    Well done.

    • 16 Jan 2006 11:43AM
  • Posted on ColouredImages's profile

    An excellent portfolio and i particularly like the most recent series of flowers, there are far too many for me to click on each one, hence the comment here!

    Keep it up!!!

    • 30 Jan 2006 9:21AM
  • Posted on MattB's profile

    A great portfolio. A wide range of different subjects which is excellent to see.

    • 6 Jun 2006 10:04AM

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