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A quick view of Beardy's recent activity.

  • Fledgling Kestral

    Thanks Christine, its my first upload for a while.
    • 8 Aug 2012 2:24PM
  • Blue Tit on Japanese Quince

    Excellent sharp image.
    • 28 Dec 2011 6:32PM
  • **

    wonderful, looks like a view from space.
    • 29 Aug 2008 1:03PM
  • Private Parts

    Lovely shot.

    • 29 Aug 2008 1:00PM
  • Wreckage

    Thats 30 for you.

    Wonderful B+W.

    • 29 Aug 2008 1:00PM
  • Wet Weekends

    This would be a much better shot, if you could see some of the paddlers face.

    Anyway you boating this weekend?
    • 4 Sep 2006 4:35PM
  • *Coca VS Pesi*

    LOL i like it!

    • 23 Jul 2006 9:28AM
  • Excellent portfolio, i'm really impressed and inspired!

  • Hi Maddie,

    Its been a while since i had a look at your portfolio, and i have to say that your images are amazing! I will need to spend a long time going through them all in order to add my comments.

    Well done.

    • Posted on Maddie's profile
    • 16 Jan 2006 11:43AM
  • An excellent portfolio and i particularly like the most recent series of flowers, there are far too many for me to click on each one, hence the comment here!

    Keep it up!!!

  • A great portfolio. A wide range of different subjects which is excellent to see.

    • Posted on MattB's profile
    • 6 Jun 2006 10:04AM