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A quick view of beckybookins's recent activity.

  • British Touring Cars

    Wonderful capture Grin
    • 23 Apr 2012 5:18PM
  • Plain Tiger Butterfly

    Quote:Where do you find these beautiful butterflies..I;ve never seen or heard of many of them..stunning Becky.


    Hi Gareth, Stratford Butterfly Farm Smile
    • 18 Apr 2012 7:54PM
  • African Monarch Butterfly

    Quote:Happy to see African included in the ID - or did you have that initially, and I missed it? This is of course danaus chrysippus and I've just learned from a friend that it is also referred to as the Plain Tiger - I rather like that it's a monarch Smile

    Have a great day Becky.



    I added African after looking it up again, yes I saw it is also referred to as a Plain Tiger. Thanks for the tip on the identity Grin
    • 15 Apr 2012 8:30PM
  • Josh Brookes

    Fantastic shot
    • 8 Apr 2012 10:13PM
  • Morning Moods

    Beautiful image
    • 8 Apr 2012 12:30PM
  • I can see you!

    Quote:Super shot, male Reed Bunting not sparrow as your tags suggest.
    Colin - Thanks Colin

    • 12 Mar 2012 10:28PM
  • "Pleione Formosana"

    • 11 Mar 2012 6:37PM
  • Thank for for your lovely comment on my portfolio. You have some wonderful photos and I love the titles Grin
  • You have a wonderful portfolio
    • Posted on lawbert's profile
    • 27 May 2011 9:48PM
  • You have a wonderful portfolio, superb images
  • You have a wonderful portfolio Grin
  • You have a beautiful portfolio
  • You have a lovely portfolio, great images
    • Posted on Steve-T's profile
    • 10 May 2011 8:52PM
  • You have a fantastic portfolio, really stunning photos
  • Your landscapes are amazing, fantastic portfolio