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  • "........and Grandma makes jam"

    More than one good use of the fruit! Attractive and well thought out collage. I like it.
    • 10 Jul 2011 4:01PM
  • Lumb Falls

    Approves? You bet! (possibly apart from the very near white water in the bottom left hand corner....but you know me, Mike!.....)
    • 25 Jun 2011 6:40PM
  • Summer2.8

    Well isolated. Speaks.
    • 25 Jun 2011 6:30PM
  • New Hat

    I'm sure you could fluff about that thin white material on the floor a bit more, do away with the chair-legs and make yourself appear to be floating, travelling on a magic suitcase! Still I like it as it is.
    • 19 Jun 2011 8:53PM
  • Raspberry Swirls

    I like it, too, Mike, as an abstract, and, to me, somehow to do with music more than roses.....
    • 19 Jun 2011 8:11PM
  • Biscuit Boy

    Wonderous beauty well captured.
    • 18 Jun 2011 11:16PM
  • West Burton

    It's beautiful and I wish I could go and sit on that stone (after you've finished photographing, of course!) Only slight problem I have with this is the very bright bit of water before the fall. Sitting on that stone,though, there wouldn't be a problem... thanks for taking me there, Mike
    • 13 Jun 2011 10:43PM
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  • Your work is ........truly astonishing. My words are poor....
    It is such a pleasure to view your photos. You know your trade.
    • Posted on Mari's profile
    • 23 Oct 2010 10:18PM
  • Your pf is ace and so is the website. True treasure and pleasure.
    • Posted on Terry L's profile
    • 14 Nov 2009 12:13AM
  • After your today's upload I went to your pf to have a look.
    "Oh, I must give that one a click, and that and........" Image after image left me agape with admiration and sighs of wonder coming from far inside me. I'd be here all night if I were to tell you by clicking that your pf is fantastic, so I do it this way instead.
    All the best,
  • I have just been flicking through your pf at a speed right now and it feels like a crime to leave it again so quickly. Time.....when I have more of it I will come back and look again because so many of your images lend themselves to just that....peaceful contemplation. And judging from your pf you are only getting better and better.
    Cheers Bitte
  • Ooops...and then I realise you're on the premier award team! (Although you leave a comment that you're a newby and don't know how to find out if you have got a HC...??) Strange....but doesn't change my previous view...!
  • Just been looking at your portfolio and wow, what a concentration of outstanding photos on almost just one page ! I'm not good at leaving comments so just want to give my admiration for your work here ! Very inspiring. And I can tell, without a doubt there is more on the way ! Bitte
  • Your portfolio simply takes my breath away !
  • It is a pleasure, an inspiration and a joyful lesson to look at the consistently outstanding work in your portfolio.
    Cheers, Bitte
  • What an impressive portfolio is all I can say !
  • Hi, just stumbled across your pf and think you have some shots in here worthy of much more recognition. I have ceased to believe in vote figures though, since a lot of pure crap on here can get 60-70, if not more, unworthy, votes!!!?
    Cheers, Bitte