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  • Lake,Mountain &Cloud.

    Thanks Cath,

    I hope I am not sounding stupid, but what is magenta cast, what causes it. The shot was captured with a lot of front light; I was passing this spot when driving. I would have preferred a better light source but when you are touring you take what you get when passing a scene like this. Thanks for taking the time to view and comment....Thanks for the great Mod which was very enlightening ..................Paddy

    PS Thanks Pamela to.
    • 28 Aug 2011 10:19PM
  • river cong co.mayo

    Good use with the blur, you managed to keep all the greens in the picture varied and interesting in tone and texture.............rgds Paddy
    • 27 Aug 2011 2:53AM
  • The Lakes of Killarney

    Thanks Willie,

    Thanks for the Mod and advise on compo. I like your mod "more water" . I will keep that in mind. I was lucky enough to get 2 dry days in Killarney and also a capture of a deer in the mountains which I have posted on photozine previous to this capture.
    • 22 Aug 2011 1:59AM
  • Kerry Mountain Deer

    I was out shooting Landscape in Killarney CO Kerry and she popped up for a few seconds in front of me. I switched the camera settings quickly to Auto for sport and snapped away. I never saw a deer as close before in the wild..........Paddy.
    • 21 Aug 2011 6:23PM
  • Mountain Stream

    Aidan,The Camcor river in the Slieve Bloom Mountains in Laois..........Paddy
    • 26 Mar 2011 8:10PM
  • Blue Sunset

    Great colour contrast in sky and also caught with the motion of the water, Horizon to central, try it with a crop to the upper sky and just leave a hint of that dark upper cloud,....................rgds...paddy
    • 21 Mar 2011 12:23AM
  • Moon rising

    Nice image, nice blending & processing............Paddy
    • 21 Mar 2011 12:17AM
  • Wentworth Woodhouse Mausoleum

    Nice perspective and HDR effect on this one Jody. I can visualise what you were after but lens distort has caused you a problem with towers looking like the are falling inwards Try this in photo shop to correct.

    Click on key Ctrl and A to select whole image……….
    Click on Key Ctrl and T…
    Hold down on key Ctrl and at the Same time move your censor to whatever corner of the image you wish to distort……And pull and drag into position……….
    When you are happy that the image looks OK… Release Cltr and hit ENTER......................................Regards Paddy
    • 16 Mar 2011 2:41AM

    Nice capture Saeid of this interesting looking character. It makes me wonder what his life tale is. Nice use of Mono and rear light catching the brilliance of his white long hair. I would love to see a portrait crop of this without the invasion of bicycle in setting and a stronger blur /clone out of wire rail. Keep up the good work

    Kind regards.............Paddy.
    • 16 Mar 2011 1:03AM
  • Tree at sunset

    Unusual location for a tree,nice sunset with reflections
    • 11 Mar 2011 5:36AM
  • Gilded Jade

    Outstanding capture
    • 4 Mar 2011 3:47PM
  • The Park

    Nice park view with reflects, try a crop on both sides or a crop straight down the middle with the left side of the piture as your main shot ( Portrait format)
    • 2 Mar 2011 3:21AM
  • last light Bamburgh

    Hi Heather, You have an eye-catching gallery as with this shot. My only criticism is that most of your shots have the horizon line smack bang in the middle, which lessens the impact on the majority of landscape shots. Some rules work, some rules work when broken. Experiment with both
    • 2 Mar 2011 12:27AM
  • Black Rock cottage

    Heather, Nice picture, you have probably cropped the FG for whatever reason. I would like to see the horizon line not as central with a bit more FG length & detail and a hint on the right of that truck supporting that bush which would frame the photo better. ,,,,,,,,,,rgds paddy
    • 2 Mar 2011 12:15AM
  • cloudy moody morning

    Nice B&W ,lovely Comp, a slight to bright, try a slight darker contrast or tone down brightness.
    • 1 Mar 2011 11:44PM
  • Little ghost farm

    Nice shot, I like the red house as the point of interest.
    • 28 Feb 2011 12:48AM
  • Rodeo X

    Great action shot, your man in the BG seems to be getting a good laugh out of it, He must be on the opposing team of Rodeors and seems glad that the rider has hit the dirt
    • 28 Feb 2011 12:45AM
  • Glendineoregan Waterfall

    Thanks all, The X/X lines are falling trees. This ("Glendine" or translated to English is "deep glen") reminds of boiling milk in a pot ready to spill over. Landslides occur in this glen after heavy rain .It was Scary down in the depths of it, with fresh slides all around and one blocking the normal route.
    • 26 Feb 2011 3:35AM
  • Wind swept

    Good shot, what breed is it..........A King Charles?
    • 26 Feb 2011 12:30AM
  • oops ..caught me

    Great shot Fudgy, it could act the part in Coronation Street if Gail ever decides to pack it in................Paddy
    • 22 Feb 2011 10:01PM
  • Little Bro

    Hi Phil,
    You have obviously captured for your self a unique shot of your brother, unaware and casual, nice one to have.
    I usually convert to B&W by channel mixer> click monochrome box> and just use the red channel to convert> (Don’t despair or look for perfection yet ) just click ok and go back to Image Adjustments > and play around with Levels> Curves> and Brightness/Contrast, this normally gives me the best results.
    • 17 Feb 2011 1:28AM
  • Once upon a time....

    Just veiwing my Mod, my up load is poor in contrast and Clarity, but I hope you get the general jist of what I was trying to do........paddy
    • 17 Feb 2011 1:09AM
  • Moonshine

    Nice art work for the tank on my Harley davidson
    • 16 Feb 2011 2:00AM
  • Thatched Irish Mountain Cottage

    Thanks All,
    I have painted for years in this style and I am slowly learning the mechanics of photoshop regarding everything from blending, etc, etc; I am finding the palette of photoshop that bit more challenging than the real thing. But I must say this comes close to how I would have painted it, call me old fashioned, is there room for this type of Art Photo work out there or have I missed the boat.

    Kind regs Pad.
    • 14 Feb 2011 3:04AM
  • Brandelhow

    A good B&W Paul, vast contrast in the sky with light and shade on the hills. Try a crop on the water foreground, for me it is too unceremonious and invasive and distracts from the great cloud configuration and hillscape.Other wise very eye catching and worth a vote and comment
    • 14 Feb 2011 1:35AM
  • sheep skull

    Great shot Alan, good low angle. May I be so kind and with respect to suggest that, a slight upper twig on saturation and contrast might improve this image.
    • 14 Feb 2011 1:18AM
  • The Back Streets of Manchester

    Great shot John, it portrays the cold and filth of back streets that can be found everywhere. Suburban dumping grounds. I like the atmosphere of this shot but just one comment that applies to all Suburban landscape, Your horizon line even though it’s a short depth of field needs to be straighten. Use the top of the gate as a guideline to correct it.
    • 13 Feb 2011 1:43AM
  • in the rain ..

    I like the rain drops on the lake and the chrome peaceful tone to the shot,With that fella waiting in anticipation of a major catch.
    • 13 Feb 2011 1:35AM
  • Sad Eyes

    Nice scrounging effect with surround on this lovely dog. Anyone know what breed is it ?
    • 13 Feb 2011 1:28AM
  • Castletown Mill.

    Thank you all for your votes and comments. Fedupness and the need to get out brought me to this spot even though the day was dull and over-cast but the river was high and the weir was singing with all the heavy rain we have had in the last few days. I learnt a lesson today, don’t be just a sun shine photographer, get out when you feel the need to.
    kind regards Paddy.
    • 13 Feb 2011 1:05AM