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Many thanks indeed for stopping by, your views and C&C's are really appreciated.
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A quick view of BEVZED's recent activity.

  • Deceptions

    Not too keen on the third one, looking into the mirror the tray seems a little too high and the dark shadow at the bottom draws my eye. Interesting though !
    • 8 Jan 2017 11:03AM
  • the shy one

    Many thanks to all, much appreciated.
    Thank you Willie, what a difference, really brought the light back to the eye and defined the coat, actually lifts it from the dull background, wonderful.
    • 8 Jan 2017 10:46AM
  • Kilmersdon ...

    Thank you folks, much appreciated. Haven't improved any since I've been away, still a numpty snapper but I still enjoy it☺
    • 13 Jun 2015 10:26PM
  • Concentration

    Just a little touch up on her left cheek would take out the niggly distraction for me, I go from the eyes to the cheek every time. That said it is a beautiful capture. ( will you be taking time out on the WSR for more steam over the next few weeks?)
    • 12 Jun 2015 1:58AM
  • Gnasher

    has he got a spotty tongue (right at the back) and long toes? Our Sam was believed to be a collie/shepherd cross by three vets and numerous dog handlers. A chap walked past the car one day and asked where we obtained a pure Huntaway .... and he was right!
    Lovely captures, V1 for me
    • 29 Nov 2013 9:35PM
  • Cactus Coincidence

    almost as good as the cockatiel phone call Grin

    you do meet 'em 'ern
    • 11 Jan 2013 8:43PM
  • one shot ...

    Thank you folks, much appreciated Smile
    You would think the lens was the barrel of a 12bore shotgun the way they disappear !
    • 7 Dec 2012 8:35PM
  • A stunning portfolio Andrew, clean sharp pictures, every one so detailed, beautifuly composed and presented,