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  • Ring flash project update

    With the set back of the 'ring tube' not being suitable, I decided to use 2 normal flash tubes, one from the 5 market job and one from an old unit kicking about at home. I have managed to remove the old tube out of the flash head and have connecte...0

    23 Aug 2011 1:58AM  |  Read


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  • Project update.

    Best laid plans.................:( Ring flash came today and it is not going to work, well fit is more the correct wording. it does fire but I cannot get it to sit comfortably around the end of the lens, most frustrating!!!!!!! Am now looking at ...0

    22 Aug 2011 9:45AM  |  Read


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  • Ring flash project update

    I now have the flash unit apart and just want to show you the 'guts' of it. The 3 wires connected to the flash head will be cut, (NOTE, CAPACITORS CAN KILL, ENSURE CHARGE IS SPENT BEFORE ATTEMPTING ANYTHING LIKE THIS, IF YOUR UNSURE DO NOT ATTEMPT...0


    21 Aug 2011 10:16AM  |  Read


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  • Ring flash project update

    Just had a browse around our local flea market and picked up a flash gun for a fiver, tried on camera and works well. Stripped it down to analise interior ready for mods and plenty of room to carry alterations to attach a flying lead to the ring tub...0

    19 Aug 2011 5:06PM  |  Read


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  • 5 years

    It's nearly 5 years (26th August) since I joined EPZ, and have enjoyed every minute of it. To mark the occasion I shall start my 365 project then and upload onto my blog page and web site, it will be hard to do but fullfilling in the long run, I hav...0

    17 Aug 2011 8:37AM  |  Read


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  • Ring Flash project.

    Succesfully sourced a new xenon ring flash tube and it can be triggered off a flash gun, just need a Nikon compatible flash gun, I have an SB- 600 but will not be cannabising that for the project, so am hoping to pick an old broken one to work on, ho...0

    14 Aug 2011 10:46PM  |  Read


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  • 1,000th

    Well I have uploaded 1,000th images and feel I have achieved a lot in photographic terms, still a load to learn and put into practice. Most of my images have been, for the best part, very similar, along a similar vein and lacking somewhat in inspirat...0

    8 Aug 2011 12:10PM  |  Read


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  • Proud Parents

    Well it was end of term service at my lads school today, the end of term and the end of his time at primary school. They always have a lovely service with all the kids involved, singing and reading. The year 6 kids are the main event though as they ...0

    22 Jul 2011 10:52PM  |  Read


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  • Hayfever

    Just as I thought I had grown out of Hayfever this year, it has started up again! Another 3 months of sneezing, itchy eyes and a runny nose to look forward too.....:( Back to the old cure of local honey and nasal sprays. I have had all other cures a...0

    15 Jun 2011 9:18AM  |  Read


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  • Studio dream

    Still working out how and when I can get my next project up and running. High speed photography, well sort of high speed as budget will dictate things. My garage is going to be my studio/workshop, as it is a double length one but only when I can clea...0

    12 Jun 2011 5:11PM  |  Read


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  • The spark

    It has been a while since I last wrote a blog but circumstances dictate otherwise but thought it was overdue. My photography has stalled and has been a bit of a chore or non existant for the past year, but after trawling the web for ideas I came a...0

    20 May 2011 9:51PM  |  Read


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  • Guest Editor

    Well I'm half way through my 'week' as guest editor and thoroughly enjoying it. It does mean looking at every upload, this sounded daunting at first, and was difficult to comprehend how Pete does it every day, but it wasn't that difficult. The best...0

    1 Apr 2011 12:40AM  |  Read


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  • Publication

    Just got my copy of Digital SLR Photography today and I knew I had an article in there but was not expecting 3 full pages, one being a full page for one image! I was really chuffed to say the least. If you fancy a go, follow the instructions, they ...0

    15 Mar 2011 10:52AM  |  Read


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  • Street Photography

    I decided to do some street photography, something completely new to me. I found it difficult and akward at first, but I can see it becoming quite addictive. It's hard work, looking for the right shot, something totally random but with a purpose, sho...0

    12 Mar 2011 7:30PM  |  Read


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  • Web site

    Just thought I would let anyone who is intrested that I have given my website aperturevision a bit of a new look on the home page. I wanted to get the images to scroll but Foliopic can't host that so gone for the next best thing, seems to work, hard ...0

    5 Mar 2011 1:42PM  |  Read


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