8 Reasons For Buying & Selling Photography Gear With MPB

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  • Publication

    Just had notification that I have an article being published in Digital SLR Photography magazine this month. I don't know if you have noticed but in my P/F there are a few flower shots with a zoom blur effect....LOL. It's a technique of how to do thi...0

    5 Mar 2011 1:13PM  |  Read


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  • Website

    Well, I have decided to go with Foliopic for my website, be rude not too......:P www.aperturevision.co.uk Please feel free to visit and any hints, tips, suggestions would be gratefully recieved as this is my first go at it. I will be putti...0

    27 Jan 2011 8:23PM  |  Read


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  • Update

    Decided it was time I had a website:D. I have gone for a trial run with FOLIOPIC first and see how that goes, it looks easy enough to set up and the price is very good value for money, just hope it is a success. I'm not doing it for the money, alth...0

    14 Jan 2011 3:53AM  |  Read


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