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After changing my IP in Feb 2016, I no longer have any speed or connection problems, strange as I assume they all use the same (BT) wires. Not on site as much as I used to be. Don't have much time to leave comments and always seem to be short of UA's.
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8 Mar 2019 9:19PM
Your very kind comments are much appreciated Bill.
Many thanks.
richmowil Plus
13 484 2 England
22 Feb 2019 8:09AM
Such a good selection of various different genre in your PF David. All well composed and detailed too!! Good to view.
23 Jan 2017 12:51AM
Many thanks for your kind words Vikram, they are much appreciated.

Bantu 8 7 1 India
22 Jan 2017 5:03AM
Lovely captures.

5 Oct 2015 12:03AM
Many thanks Eileen, Good Luck! with the new camera.

17 Sep 2015 11:09AM
You have a beautiful portfolio David - your subjects are very much the things I like to photograph myself ... Eileen
16 Feb 2015 9:45PM
Many thanks Richard,
It is very kind of you to say so.
Hopefully I am doing something right, although when I see some of the uploads on this site, I realise that I still have a lot to learn.
15 Feb 2015 11:42PM
Hi David,

I just want to say that your images and your PF are a pleasure to view.

Thanks for sharing.

31 Aug 2014 10:03AM
Many thanks Jer.

jer 14 6 United Kingdom
28 Aug 2014 9:16PM
Thanks David for your kind comments which you left
all the best
4 Jan 2014 10:43PM
Many thanks Fred and a Happy New Year to you too.

4 Jan 2014 4:27PM
Hi David,
I enjoyed viewing the great images in your PF. I hope to see more of your images on the site as I have connected to your PF. Wish you a Happy New Year.
3 Jan 2014 11:48PM
Many thanks for your very kind remarks Carole, they are very much appreciated.

CaroleS Plus
12 442 3 United Kingdom
31 Dec 2013 11:12AM
Such a wonderful portfolio David - just dropped by to wish you all health and happiness for 2014 and to say it was your images that were amongst some of the fine photographers that inspired me to keep going with presentation and textures - I am still learning but hopefully have found a style of my own now, onwards and upwards! Thank you.
So glad you are back and posting now, hope you are well.
(Yes I was Rolepics).
8 Jun 2013 3:01AM
Many thanks Johnke and striker for your very kind comments, they are very much appreciated.
One of the many things I have learned from all the great photographers on this site, is that presentation counts for an awful lot and will sometimes 'save' a picture which perhaps doesn't quite make the grade.

johnke Plus
9 232 17 England
6 Jun 2013 11:23AM
Hello David, I thought I would just visit your astounding PF, all beautiful Images, but the presentation is absolutely exemplary..John
striker1998 12 11 United Kingdom
26 Apr 2013 7:21PM
Hi, Thanks for your vote Smile You have some great pictures on your profile Grin
9 Apr 2013 11:28PM
Many thanks for your comments Des, they are very much appreciated.

mondmagu 12 75 Ireland
6 Apr 2013 12:36PM
Hi David,your pf is fabulous.The processing technique you use is perfect for floral shots.
Hopefully someday I can accomplish the high level you are at.

29 Mar 2013 3:32PM
Many thanks Bruce and Keith.

Catfish2 11 41 United Kingdom
28 Mar 2013 5:22PM
Hi Ya!
Thanks for your vote.
I enjoyed your portfolio too, especially the imaginative titles, a man after my own heart! How boring the obvious is, shows a lack of creativity which is after all one of the objects of the exercise eh!

Regards, Bruce
KDC Plus
9 12 6 United Kingdom
24 Feb 2013 8:42AM
Hi David,

I want to say thank you for your vote.
Can you not allow connections to your portfolio?
I would like very much to be kept informed when you put up a new pic.

15 Feb 2013 7:08PM
Many thanks for your kind comments Jenny, they are very much appreciated.

Jenny-D 12 1 United Kingdom
14 Feb 2013 10:40PM
Amazing portfolio, love your work Smile Smile
20 Jan 2013 9:11PM
Many thanks for your kind comments Steve.

tobyjug 10 6 England
16 Jan 2013 1:21PM
Many thanks for your vote. What a fantastic portfolio you have something for me to aspire too.
6 Dec 2012 2:23PM
Many thanks Lawrence, your comments are very much appreciated.

1 Dec 2012 7:58AM
WOW, you have a stunning set of images here!
13 Sep 2012 2:15AM
Many thanks for the kind comments Barrie.

pieaddict 15 73 United Kingdom
10 Sep 2012 10:55PM
Great portfolio
2 Aug 2012 1:20AM
Many thanks for your kind remarks Alan, they are very much appreciated.

31 Jul 2012 7:38PM
Fantastic portfolio, excellent set of photos, thankyou for sharing..............Alan
25 Jul 2012 11:36PM
Many thanks Phil.

stuart1963 10 272 United Kingdom
24 Jul 2012 11:57PM
Lovely portfolioSmile
24 Jul 2012 1:31AM
Many thanks for your kind comments Brian, they are very much appreciated.

Brian65 13 2 United Kingdom
23 Jul 2012 9:41PM
Its a fantastic PF. you have here, love it David. Brian 65
22 Jul 2012 11:53PM
Many, many thanks John, Your comments are very much appreciated.

19 Jul 2012 9:54PM
A really good collection, like most of your pics....excellent
9 Jun 2012 11:46PM
Many thanks Helana, I'm pleasewd you like them.

HELANA 12 United Kingdom
9 Jun 2012 4:58PM
A lovely P.F. of very beautiful flowers and all of them different. well done.
6 Jun 2012 10:03PM
Many thanks Shane.

shanelaze 10 8 1 United Kingdom
6 Jun 2012 7:18AM
Great PF David. You manage to capture the essence od each subject perfectly. Smile

14 May 2012 7:42PM
Many thanks Mark.

12 May 2012 1:33PM
A well presented portfolio David. Smile

4 May 2012 1:37PM
Many thanks Tracey

3 May 2012 7:48PM
Beautiful pf
26 Apr 2012 11:19PM
Many thanks Garry and Jamie, your comments are very much appreciated.

26 Apr 2012 7:43PM
a superb portfolio so many beautiful images, Jamie
gazlowe 10 8 United Kingdom
25 Apr 2012 7:16AM
your work is brill
25 Apr 2012 12:25AM
Many thanks Senn, as I said to Jenni I usually upload quite early in the morning (rather than quite late in the evening) as my connection with epz seems to be better then. (Sometimes Sad )


senn 11 5 1 Belgium
23 Apr 2012 1:41PM
I'd say as "jennialexander", .. you must upload your pics quite late in the evening, I miss them every time; .. this is always an immense pleasure and contemplation to visit your pf

23 Apr 2012 1:23AM
Many thanks Jenni.
I do tend to upload in the early hours, as my connection with epz seems to be much better then.

22 Apr 2012 5:19PM
don't know how I have missed your stunning portfolio before. You must upload them after I have gone to bed!!!. I won't miss another.
Absolutely beautiful images and a real pleasure to peruse & your lighting is 1st class.
8 Apr 2012 10:35AM
Thanks for the compliments Jamie.
Hope you are feeling much better.

8 Apr 2012 10:05AM
great work, so many beautiful pictures
29 Mar 2012 12:34AM
Many thanks Ronnie, for all your input and constructive comments, all very much appreciated.

RonnieAG Plus
12 154 119 Scotland
26 Mar 2012 11:40PM
Your portfolio is a joy to view, David: so many excellent shots, each image so well crafted and presented.
Keep up the good workWink
26 Mar 2012 12:57AM
Many thanks for your very kind comments Doreen.

23 Mar 2012 8:49AM
Some beautiful flowers,all of them stunning!

19 Mar 2012 9:45PM
Many thanks for your kind comments Cor, they are very much appreciated.

Cor 13 Belgium
18 Mar 2012 8:54AM
A superb collection of beautySmile
16 Mar 2012 10:56PM
Many thanks for taking the time to look and comment Lil, I'm very pleased you enjoyed your visit.

lil48 12 25
14 Mar 2012 8:40PM
Fantastic potfolio stunning images and each one well presented. I enjoyed looking at them all. Lil
8 Mar 2012 9:52PM
Many thanks Sue for your very kind comments, they are very much appreciated.

Soom 17 1 England
6 Mar 2012 8:43PM
Wow and wow again! Your portfolio is stunning, such beautiful images, a real pleasure to view them.
I have admired your work for a number of years David and will continue to do so.
Thank you for sharing these impressive images with us.
19 Feb 2012 9:57PM
Many thanks Michaela, I hope you enjoy your future visits.

A stunning portfolio of delightful colourful images. One I will have to re-visit
16 Feb 2012 9:10PM
Many thanks for your very kind comments Shaun, it makes everything worthwhile when people like some of the things you do.

OAKEY 14 United Kingdom
16 Feb 2012 8:11AM
WOW!! an amazing P.F, full of stunning images, beautiful detail in all, and I must come back and view again and again!!!
Regards ShaunSmileSmileSmileSmile
2 Feb 2012 1:32PM
Many thanks for your very kind words Andy, they are greatly appreciated.

DOGSBODY 13 1.4k 30 England
1 Feb 2012 2:18PM
A truly excellent set of flower pictures that are creative and have their own style. Quality work. Andy
10 Jan 2012 1:12PM
Many thanks for your very kind remarks Gary.
Always very pleasing when people like some of what you do.

deguest 10
10 Jan 2012 10:15AM
O David. I just love your work. Brilliant photographs. and brilliant processing. Well done.
15 Dec 2011 8:49PM
Many thanks for your kind words Barry, they are very much appreciated.


I was very interested in photography in my late teens /early twenties and now again as I approach retirement, if only I had maintained an interest throughout Smile
posty57 14 6 2 United Kingdom
15 Dec 2011 5:16AM
You have an absolutely stunning portfolio David. Your craftsmanship is superb, and your presentation is mgnificent.

20 Nov 2011 7:54PM
Thanks for your very kind remarks Patrick.

tedtoop 11 1 United Kingdom
19 Nov 2011 8:01PM
Fantastic portfolio.
7 Nov 2011 11:44PM
Many thanks for your kind words Geoff, they are very much appreciated.
Although when looking at your great Landscapes, I think the flowers I do are a very easy option.

Trout_Man 13 1 30 Wales
7 Nov 2011 3:56PM
Thanks for your comment today, I must click on flowers more often, your portfolio has the wow factor, fabulous detail and colour throughout, congratulations on producing such high quality work. Regards Smile Geoff.
23 Oct 2011 6:27PM
Many thanks for your very kind remarks Frank, they are very much appreciated.

bagman 11 65 United States
23 Oct 2011 2:46AM
What fantastic splendid gallery of such exceptional stunning photo,s. One can plainly see why you can be so proud of your work as you should be.
you have a incredible charming touch to your arrangement and the wonderful lighting,attention to the details that make great photo,s.
best wishs.
17 Oct 2011 10:46PM
Many thanks for your comments Joan. I think there has been a definite improvement over the years. We are learning all the time and this site has many great examples to inspire and educate us. I think perhaps I have got in to a rut and may try something a little different when I retire, although I think macro/close-up is my favourite.

EMJAYCEE 13 10 10 England
17 Oct 2011 10:30PM
Just been enjoying a look through your pf and want to say congratulations on the quality shots you achieve.
25 Sep 2011 2:47PM
Thanks for your comments Janie.
As you can see, you don't need an ultra modern camera, my favourite is 6-7 years old with 6 megapixels.
The rest is a lot of luck, the patience and experience that comes with being more than old enough to apply for a bus pass, software and the blessing of the macro faerySmileWinkSmile

24 Sep 2011 5:42PM
Stunning photos, whats your secret?
24 Aug 2011 9:40AM
Many thanks Senn.
Your kind comments (and everybody elses) make it all worthwhile.
It is rather nice/pleasing when other people like some of what you do.

senn 11 5 1 Belgium
24 Aug 2011 12:29AM
there are a lot to learn from this PF, ..
13 Aug 2011 9:07PM
Many thanks Del your very kind remarks are very much appreciated.

Delbon 14 4 England
13 Aug 2011 10:39AM
I have just had a quick visit to your Portfolio and I am very impressed with the stunning images - this is beautiful floral photography and presentation - and an inspiration to someone like me to continue striving to achieve better - outstanding David

Kind regards
Thanks for the welcome to the site.
My Lake McDonald image is my first posted image.
It will take some time to figure out just how this photo site works. LOL
2 Aug 2011 11:15PM
Many thanks Joan, I appreciate your comments very much. It is always very pleasing/nice when others like what you are trying to do.

EMJAYCEE 13 10 10 England
2 Aug 2011 8:37PM
Hi there, may I just say how much I appreciate the lovely work that you have in your pf. Never tire of looking a them.Smile
28 Jul 2011 10:48PM
Many thanks for your extremely complementary remarks Carol, they mean an awful lot.

gingerdelight 15 298 11 United Kingdom
28 Jul 2011 2:04PM
Hi David, I really felt that I had to leave a comment here. Your photographs are something that everyone who takes floral images should aspire to (with a butterfly or two thrown in for good measure!). They are truly stunning!
25 Jul 2011 1:15PM
Many thanks Tom for your very kind words.
Your pf deserves far more attention than it is getting (I'm sure 'capturing 'wildlife is far more difficult than flowers which don't have a great turn of acceleration Wink ).

tommyld 11 1 United Kingdom
23 Jul 2011 1:49PM
Hi David, Thank you so much for your comment on my pf, very much appreciated comming from someone who is able to create such magnificent images showing nature in it's true light, I think your pf is outstanding Smile
22 Jul 2011 6:06PM
Many thanks for the visit and the very kind comments Val, they are very much appreciated.

22 Jul 2011 11:20AM
What an attractive p/f you have. Some stunning images indeed.
13 Jul 2011 1:11PM
Many thanks Dave, very much appreciated.
It's nice when other people like some of what you do.

Dave_Holdham 13 4 1 Wales
12 Jul 2011 9:33PM
What a brilliant colourful portfolio, very eye catching Smile
7 Jul 2011 11:57PM
Many thanks Roy, your comments are very much appreciated.

royd63uk 16 3 1 United Kingdom
7 Jul 2011 10:44AM
amazing images
28 Jun 2011 1:40PM
Many thanks for your very kind comments Ania.

28 Jun 2011 12:46AM
What an amazing gallery - absolute pleasure to watch. Each of your images is stunning!

26 Jun 2011 9:38PM
Many thanks Eric, very much appreciated.

Gypsyman 11 690 England
26 Jun 2011 12:51AM
Your Pf. Is Striking, wonderful group of Flower Photographs. Eric.
22 Jun 2011 7:17PM
Many thanks Mike.

22 Jun 2011 2:12PM
I have to congratulate you on an absolutely stunning portfolio !!!!!!!!
Keep them coming ,David Smile
24 May 2011 11:56PM
Many thanks.

Great portfolio
23 May 2011 1:15PM
Many thanks Lianne, very much appreciated.

lianna 12 13 United Kingdom
22 May 2011 8:51AM
A superb portfolio, great quality and colour. Look forward to more from you x x
18 May 2011 1:49AM
Thanks Ron.

Maiwand 15 3 73 England
17 May 2011 2:23PM
Hi David

Thank you so much for kind comments
5 Aug 2009 10:44PM
Many thanks for your very kind words Steve, they are much appreciated. If you do find the time to look at more of my pf, hopefully you will see an on going improvement as I have continued to learn by observing the techniques and ideas of many other epz members.

stevic 13 132 England
5 Aug 2009 8:25PM
What a wonderful PF, the couple of pages I have looked at have some absolutely stunning shots. I'll come back at a later time to have a really detailed look at all your shots, Dinner For One is awesome.

20 May 2009 8:05PM
Many thanks for your kind remarks Jeff, they are very much appreciated. (Still learning, and so many things still to try).

jgmford 15 England
20 May 2009 1:35AM
Great P/F love the detail and the super colours you have captured.
9 May 2009 1:07AM
Many thanks for your very kind comments Patti.

PattiW 16 24 2 United States
8 May 2009 1:51PM
What a splendid PF! Such talent and professional composition and presentation. What a joy to peruse. I will definately be back. God bless, Patti
2 May 2009 1:25AM
Thanks Nigel, your kind comments are much appreciated.

leginR 14 England
1 May 2009 10:08PM
Thanks for your comments on my pf but I wish mine was half as good as this one.
regards Nigel
21 Apr 2009 1:04PM
Many thanks for your kind comments Gary.

Growmore 13 4 3 England
18 Apr 2009 8:12PM
I'm very impressed with your PF,you have some superb pictures there. Gary
3 Oct 2008 10:24PM
Many thanks Robin.

graceland 17 2.6k 2 United Kingdom
2 Oct 2008 4:48PM
Love the Flower pictures
15 Aug 2008 8:00PM
Thanks Alan for the kind remarks. I'm afraid it doesn't come naturally, just a matter of being lucky sometimes.

microchip 14 1 United Kingdom
14 Aug 2008 6:54PM
Have to say you have a superb PF, the attention for detail and composition of your flower shots is quite superb,
28 Jul 2008 11:07PM
Thanks Tim and Paul for your very kind comments, they are very much appreciated.

timjnngs 14 3 United Kingdom
25 Jul 2008 10:53PM
A great set of photos, keep up the good work.
Paul_cats 16 61 22 Scotland
8 Jun 2008 5:09PM
Your steady occasional clicks on my pf over the past week or so haven't gone unnoticed so I have finally got around to having a peak at yours. Very impressive wide variety of shots you have. I particularly like your flower shots and of course your cat portrait. Look forward to seeing more of your work.

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