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big fella

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A quick view of big fella's recent activity.

  • Grand Magus Live : Heavy Rock Band. by UrbaneMagick

    He kept very still for 3 seconds....
    Shadow from the neck of the guitar is a bit harsh, just as if a flash has lit it! Must have had some up light as well as the 3 red lights above the stage.
    • 3 Mar 2013 2:24PM
  • NEW STAFF by martiuk

    I suppose the lighting might be ok, apart from that I don't get it! It's neither erotic or artistic in my opinion, but hey, it's my opinion!
    • 28 Feb 2013 10:39PM
  • Classic meets new by BreadandShutter

    Lighting, tone, model = love it!
    • 16 Mar 2012 9:25AM
  • Waiting by big fella


    Thanks for the input, your comments are greatly valued and appreciated. I pondered over that light for a while; I'm not sure if I left it in to create the sense of the light source, which it clearly isn't, but was also tempted to take it out! As an aside, the lad's mum asked me to rescue the detail, I did, but it doesn't have the same impact!

    Yes it has been a while since I posted, I'll try not to leave it so long next time....
    • 13 May 2010 10:36PM
  • Claire by ade_mcfade

    Quality image, tasteful and saucy at the same time. ;0)
    • 20 Jan 2010 12:03AM
  • 190 by CanonMan

    That tail wheel is original! (apparently!!) and they (FlugWerk) got the drawings from the imperial war museum, too - or so I read somewhere!

    • 10 Jan 2010 2:18AM
  • Ben by swfh

    Great shot mate!

    • 10 Jan 2010 2:13AM
  • Posted on: EOS Discovery demonstrations

    I didn't realise it was free to travel/stay in any other part of the country except London! Is food free outside of London too?

    • 12 Jul 2006 10:10PM

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