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allways carry a camera.allways carry a camera.allways carry a camera
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A quick view of bigbob2's recent activity.

  • Hedge hoping

    Thanks for the comments. the course requirments are that all assigenments are handed in stright out of camera. we can take only 40 shots and have to hand in 4 a week later so not easy. try it on a subject given to you
    • 20 May 2012 10:30PM
  • ~ proud ~

    A beuatifull shot, only slightly spoilt by the deep shaddow under her brest, so easly fixed with a low angle light on about 1/4 power
    • 5 May 2012 10:07PM
  • Walk the line

    Sorry i took so long to get back, but thanks for taking the time to comment
    • 17 Jul 2010 9:20PM
  • Wisteria cottage

    Thanks for all your comments Don't worry too much about the bigbob handle it's a name given to me by a guy called jon boy yes we all had nick names long before the Internet now to the picture. I tried to get one of the front but too many cars in the way so had to get it from this aspect, from the bottom of their very steep drive in fact it is so steep that the building is only single story at the rear, as for straight walls there arent any so it is not only in a picture that this house looks unusual. the walls are built of cobb and over about the last 600 years have been worn or weathered away,about 100 years ago it was decided to render them for protection but no one bothered to repair them first so they were left with walls that lean in every direction
    • 25 May 2010 7:38PM
  • Sunset at the warren

    Thank you all for your kind comments.
    Cath i have already cropped this one and posted it on another forum But it is good to know that others think the same.
    It is because of help from people like yourself that I'm able to improve
    • 23 Apr 2010 8:02PM
  • Bishops lydeard church

    Thanks for the comments.Paul i have a copy of photoshop but this guy is a lot better than me.However i will keep trying
    • 5 Apr 2010 10:08PM
  • Mountain view

    Thank you for taking the time to comment
    • 4 Apr 2010 6:42PM

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