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Hello to all,
Joined ephotozine so as to share some pictures with others and also look to improve as a photographer by hopefully recieving critique,tips and advice.Also enjoy very much looking in awe most of the time at other peoples photos.
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  • Floral

    Fantastic shot
    • 16 Jun 2020 1:10AM
  • Paired Trees

    Thankyou Janet for your feedback..the foreground rocks did cause me some torment..I was moving around a lot trying to find something in the end settling for this because I liked the shape..but I can see they are a big barrier !..maybe stepping back and having them smaller in the frame may help as the up close wide angle makes them look bigger than they are..or if/when I go back I could explore moving to the right as you suggest..

    • 27 May 2020 2:52PM
  • loneliness

    Super piece of work..the light and tones work perfectly imo..
    • 12 May 2020 11:13AM
  • Big Daddy..

    Thankyou to everyone for taking time to comment and pass on your awards..
    • 12 May 2020 11:06AM
  • Watersplash !

    Top shot..lovely light on the car and puddle..I went to that event, so good to hear the cars as they came through the woods..sad that so many events have gone this year..
    • 3 May 2020 10:21AM
  • Full Attack!

    Great shot..perfect. was a great weekend with some fantastic cars on show and loved the roar as they came through the forest..
    • 3 May 2020 10:11AM
  • Harley.

    Cheers mate..Grin..
    • 6 Apr 2020 12:02PM
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  • I thought your name rang a bell for I know why.! ..Used to watch and read a lot of your tutorials online and in magazines plus loads on cd 's ..Have not seen so many recently , not sure if you are making any nowadays,? will check out the link above...Your style and content were always good, certainly recommend people check them out..
  • Amazing pictures,so sharp and clear with perfect lighting and presentation. i particularly like the black and white pictures.
    • Posted on Niknut's profile
    • 29 May 2013 9:04PM