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Activity : Photo Comments


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  • Kangaroo Paw by bigredtim

    The problem here is due to me having to reduce it from 4.1 megapixels to the size to fit here. It is much sharper in the size I took it in, what I should do is take the photo in a smaller pixel size. Thanks for your comment
    • 30 Sep 2003 12:56PM
  • Serenity by digicammad

    Ian I have left a reply to your remark on my Kangaroo Paw Photo please read.
    • 30 Sep 2003 12:59PM
  • Do you like my eyes by bigredtim

    LOL Rob she is a lovely natured Dog and if you look at an earlier pic of her you would see how she gets if let loose outside in the rain.
    • 26 Sep 2003 12:12AM
  • Poor Little Waif by bigredtim

    Yes she has a Dog House, also she can stay under the Patio or 2 car Carport. She just loves the rain.
    • 22 Sep 2003 1:19PM
  • Tall Ship 2 by ford

    Nice Photo, we have two Tall ships that call Adelaide home. Plus we have had several visit Adelaide, I have got photos of all that have visited since I have had my Digital camera.
    • 17 Nov 2003 2:26AM