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Activity : Photo Comments


Hello and welcome to my image gallery.

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I enjoyed making them.

All the best.
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  • First Impression

    Cheers Derek - had a lot of fun exploring the possibilities Grin

    It'll probably pass by most people....hey ho!
    • 14 Apr 2014 8:50PM
  • Before the Rain

    Cheers all.
    Most appreciated Smile
    • 13 Apr 2014 11:44AM
  • Industry

    Cheers all - most appreciated Grin
    • 21 Mar 2014 12:01PM
  • Shadow Line

    Wink Grin
    • 19 Mar 2014 10:16PM
  • Cockerham Sands

    Hey Mick!

    It's a pretty nice image and a good choice to go B&W, but there are a few things you could do to improve this.

    Firstly, from a shooting perspective, you should try to be more aware of the horizon - it should be level. Yours is getting on for 2 degrees off, by my quick estimate!

    The other thing that you benefit from is learning about hyperfocal focussing which would help you greatly with depth of field and image sharpness - you'll have to google it as I don't have time to get into the nitty-gritty, I'm afraid. Wink
    It's perhaps a bit daunting at first, but is, in fact, a reasonably straightforward technique and especially useful at w/a focal lengths.

    Secondly, there's a great deal you can do in post processing to lift this image to where it should be.

    First off, fix the horizon using the "measure" tool in photoshop followed by rotate image "arbitrary". You will have to crop the image consequently But using a D800 you can afford to lose a couple of million pixels without too much harm.

    Next off, I would work on the contrast which, in my opinion, is what is really lacking here.
    Try just putting a curves layer above your image layer without adjusting it, but set its blend mode to "soft light." I think you will be surprised at how improvement there is. Grin
    Personally I would go slightly further with two additional curves layers (for foreground and sky - normal blend mode on each) on which I would adjust the curve to improve to tonal separation to my taste and the limit the effect by using a gradient fill on their respective layer masks....(I may have lost you by now! Smile).
    Curves layers and layer masks are very powerful tools - do some research. It will benefit you greatly.
    Lastly (after resizing for epz) I would use some careful sharpening to tighten it all up prior to uploading.

    Cheers - hope this is of some help Smile

    • 19 Mar 2014 8:53PM
  • Egret In Flight

    V3 is ace
    • 12 Mar 2014 7:28PM
  • Landing Light

    Cheers peeps Smile
    • 29 Nov 2013 5:58PM
  • Thrust

    Many thanks folks.

    Did (doing) better than I expected! Smile
    • 27 Nov 2013 6:17PM
  • Spectre

    Lovely self portrait Wink
    • 12 Nov 2013 7:28PM
  • The Full Force

    Nice...but you forgot Levels and Curves...again Tongue
    (Same recipe works Wink)
    • 22 Oct 2013 7:41PM
  • Riding the Wave

    Doesn't your dad mind about modelling for you? Wink
    • 20 Oct 2013 7:22PM
  • Sycamore Falls

    Nice one, Mike Grin
    • 20 Oct 2013 7:20PM
  • twister

    Beaut! Smile
    • 20 Oct 2013 7:19PM
  • England's End

    Cheers all Smile

    And a big thank you to Keith for your UA - most appreciated Grin
    • 19 Oct 2013 8:53PM
  • Kansai Airport

    Works much better in mono in my opinion, Sue.
    Gives it a whole new feel Smile

    • 19 Oct 2013 8:52PM
  • Anonymous Falls

    A terrific composition, Mike.

    Can't help feeling, however, that the water and overall contrast is a tad weak.

    I think you afford afford to set the black and white points in Levels a bit more aggressively.
    White point to 241 or thereabouts (hold the alt key to see where the highlight start to clip), black to 2 or 3 and mid point to 1.04 seemed to do the trick, IMO.
    I would also be tempted to use a gentle "S" curve in Curves to further punch up the contrast a bit,
    Doesn't need much, but the above adjustments do seem to improve and already good image into something much better.


    • 19 Oct 2013 8:50PM
  • On the Ledge..

    Pretty special Smile
    • 19 Oct 2013 8:09PM
  • A Grand Sunset

    Now, that's a sky! Smile
    • 19 Oct 2013 8:07PM
  • The Washboard & the Tower

    Awesome! Smile
    • 18 Oct 2013 12:17PM
  • The Threat

    Thanks very much, Alun!
    I'm very glad you saw what I did Smile
    • 13 Oct 2013 7:45PM
  • time waits for no man, wrecked

    Yummy Grin
    • 13 Oct 2013 7:18PM
  • Glencoe

    I dream of taking shots like this......Wink

    • 13 Oct 2013 7:17PM
  • Little Langdale Sunrise

    Brill Smile
    • 11 Oct 2013 7:12PM
  • Elan Mini Falls.

    Even better, Tom! Wink

    • 6 Oct 2013 8:54PM
  • the bathing pool

    Wow! Superb, Les Grin
    • 6 Oct 2013 8:52PM
  • Fire At Sea

    If I had an award available, this would get it.
    It's just sublime, Fran Grin

    • 6 Oct 2013 8:51PM
  • The Pier.... a very subtle way Wink
    • 6 Oct 2013 5:06PM
  • White Lipped Tree Frog

    Croak Smile
    • 6 Oct 2013 5:04PM
  • Before The Squall

    A beaut! Grin
    • 6 Oct 2013 5:03PM
  • Almost Time ...

    A fine effort, mate Smile

    Been wondering where you'd got to...

    • 6 Oct 2013 2:59PM