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  • Pete, this is a good opportunity for me to say thank you to you.

    Epz has inspired, motivated and educated me greatly over the years i have been a menber and I'm very grateful to you and the community you built. My little portrait photography business would probably not exist without you!
    Happy happy retirement and best wishes
  • Smile blimey, you lot have really got the bit between the teeth.....
  • Try doing a complete switch off
  • Check out the work of Sue Bryce, beautiful work with women of all shapes and sizes.

    Smile wasn't difficult Wink
  • I have found Photium dead easy to set up and customise.
  • argh pyracantha.. too many prickles for me at pruning time Wink

    Mahonia copes well with dry, evergreen and with nice sweet flowers this time of year too
    Vinca (periwinkle) grows well enough in dry soil without fuss, variegated with pretty blue flowers too. Scrambles well amongst shrubs to fill gaps.
    Viburnums are cottage'y and dry tolerant
    Brunnera (like an evergreen forget-me-not) also tolerant of dry and shade

    Thats a few more suggestions for you!
    Also don't forget to visit plant stalls at village fetes and school sales etc, all my best plants have come from those sort of events, very good value and more interesting than mass market nursery type plants!
  • Shallow soil, against house wall? Sounds as though dryness will be your biggest issue as it is likely in the rain shadow of the house?
    Still lots of lovely plant options though!
    Perhaps lavenders and thymes if there is enough sun. Annual flowers will re-seed themselves year after year if happy, you could try poppies, love in a mist, cornflowers, pot marigolds,
    Spring bulbs (plant in autumn) are good value and cheerful to look at.
    Have fun! It's wonderful to plant new ground and see it all take shape Smile
  • Good heavens I've won a 'my memory' voucher! I can put that to very good use Smile
    Thank you so much to EPZ and the sponsors
  • Well I'm sorry to have put you off, but on the other hand the flea market is usually more fun Smile December 11th is the next one
  • Hello Alison

    Ive been several times and its quite a big event with fairly pricey 'smart' antiques, I enjoyed looking more than buying.
    However every couple of months there's a flea market at the show ground and that is a great event for all sorts of stuff that's vintage but not quite smart enough to be deemed antique. It's also become very popular over the last year....
    hth, merille
  • glad to help Smile if you liked that one you might also enjoy Florabella, but their stuff is not free. I have looked but not bought!
  • Have look here Coffeeshop for some good stuff to get you started... I use Lightroom and have developed my own presets to my taste. Looking at what's available from others gave me an insight in how to do my own.
  • good interview Josh, in fact your site looks to be full of interest.
    Particularly liked your article on the Big Fat Gypsy Wedding documentaries
  • I showed the illusion to friends at work today. They were unconvinced until I printed the picture and then cut out a section of 'blue' and 'green', when placed together you can see they are the same and also you can see more clearly the effect of the pink and orange stripes.
    I think it's brilliant! Smile
  • i agree, it's not fair *wail*

    they have lots of lovely things for photographers in the usa that we don't get here. Business opportunity anyone?
  • i like Loxleys for prints and framed prints
  • brilliant, I'm glad the mystery is solved Smile
  • If you upload your picture to i Spot I'm sure somebody can ID it there if you have no luck here.
    I don't know what it is but will have a look through my book and report back
  • well done Phil, nice to see someone else from the Guild also on epz Smile
  • I've liked all, but can anyone explain what is the difference between a 'join' and a like?
    I'm so hopeless with FB !

    Also Lee your links are not valid?
  • what a good idea, I've liked everyone above and would really appreciate the same, thanksSmile

    merille jane photography

    I haven't really got the hang of FB and get in a right muddle uploading pictures. I don't use it much for myself and so haven't got the interactions that you need to not look like a billy no-mates, also too shy to ask clients to 'like' me although some have Smile

  • Quote:I can't believe I mis-spelled professionally..

    can you believe that for years I spelled dyslexia incorrectly and wondered why it wasn't in the dictionary!! thank goodness for spell checkers eh? Smile

    the calendar looks much more enticing now
  • looks good to me, I like the clean layout
    A minor point that may affect your calendar sales, I like to see all the images not just the cover before I buy, now it may be that they are there and I couldn't see them, so perhaps make it easier for your viewers to see the different months.

    Also a couple of spellings on your profile page, nothing to stress over but perhaps a fresh pair of eyes could proof read for you.

    hth, Merille
  • if you're going to buy a tripod then it probably makes sense to also get a remote release so you don't wobble the camera

    this should do it
  • water drops and smoky trails are both good projects for rainy afternoons
    i think there may be tutorials on here somewhere
  • Do you process differently if viewing on a tv?
    The few times I've looked at pictures on tv they have been over saturated and over-contrasty compared to my computer screen

  • Quote:If, like I did, you think that sounds harsh, I researched further into the pro forums and it appears that this approach always gives more return - and you get the orders there and then, not waiting around for people to make their minds up.

    I can understand how that would encourage the bigger orders, but i know that I couldn't be that hard-nosed.
    Perhaps that is why the big guns in portrait work have another person to handle viewings and sales.
  • I can't offer advice about light but can I suggest that you also try to take the opportunity to do some pictures in your preferred style. Your daughter/wife and her friends may prefer them when they see the prints.
    Sometimes people don't know what they want until they see it, and working in your style will probably make for better pictures (after you've fulfilled the brief of course!)