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Hi, and thanks for stopping by.

I have tried to show a range of work in my gallery.... Hopefully you will get a sense of who I am..

Please look over my portfolio, all comments gratefully received.
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A quick view of blastedkane's recent activity.

  • Into the Morning Mist - Original Version

    Hi. I added a mod (wrong image first time round - please delete as I am unable to.

    I felt that the image is a great image that gives off an aura of serenity however I am a lover of monochrome so I used LR4 to add various gradients to the sky and then crop and convert. I also added some grain as I felt that the shot was reminiscent of a shot taken in the days of Tmax 3200
    • 25 Mar 2013 2:52PM
  • The Way I see it

    Hi Cats. thank you

    with an edit like this one it is always a toss up between making the hand/frame too large in the image so that it overpowers the rest of the image and too small so that it becomes more difficult to see the change made.

    I'm not sure that I got this one completely right, however it was just a quick play. for the next set I will be looking at more exact proportions to get it right.
    • 7 Mar 2013 4:00PM
  • Tulip Study 2

    Thank you for your comments. The tulip was infront ofthe window so that the light came through the petals and showed off their translucency. I had to use just a little fill flash from below left to bring back some of the shadow detail.
    • 2 Feb 2013 5:29PM
  • Summer memories

    Hello Renee,

    I really like the juxtaposition between the old of the church and the fresh of the flowers. the use of subdued color for the background also works really well. I agree with Paul in as much as you haven't made the decision prior to taking the picture exactly what your subject is and it's relation to the frame. I have uploaded a modification to show how a change in cropping/positioning can yield a very different result.

    Next time don't be afraid to hold the camera on its side. in this instance you would have been able to still have the background as is, but also got a lot more of the flower in the bottom of the frame as well.
    • 2 Feb 2013 10:03AM
  • tulip

    THank you for this comment. I have been experimenting with Macro and flowers after getting a new lens (100mm 2.8) and thought I would try something different. I have been unsure about this one ever since uploading it and lack of votes made me wonder. THe main change tot he image was to take the "clarity" slider in LR4 all the way down, however this is not one that I would necessarily keep. I have now uploaded a modification with a lot less processing but feel that the focus could do with work (new to the lens which although great, needs a slightly different technique). I kept this up as I think that the portfolios should reflect our entire body of work, not just the best of the best. This then provides an insight to us as photographers. but that's just my opinion......
    • 24 Jan 2013 1:14PM
  • Streetlamps

    Hey. This has the potential to be a great image. I love the "leading lines" of the lamposts. They really draw your eye into the picture, however I think where it falls down a little (IMHO) is in a couple of places. the question is "are the line of posts the subject or are you trying to use a frame within the frame to highlight the statue?"

    The Horizon is slanted. now I know that this means that you have been able to get more of the Lamps in, however because your background is almost compltely in focus the overall "feel" is that the image is falling to the right. This makes me, as a viewer, feel really uncomfortable. A higher viewpoint would have allowed you to get all of the lamps in whilst keeping the architecture horizontal. Although sometimes i do accept it is not possible to carry a step ladder everywhere with you. This said, sometimes it can be effective to "Tilt the horizon" but this usually is more extreme. however this one just looks like it is not straight as opposed to "out of wack........."

    I also see that you have used f/5.0 which may be a limitation of the camera, however assuming you can open the aperture up a little (Widest aperture is 2.8 on wide) then you would be able to play with the "depth of field" more. this could possibly then throw the background walls out of focus and then this would be less distracting.

    I do like the framing of the statue between 2 lamps, however this does seem to get swallowed up and if you were trying for this as the focus of your attention then I fell that it is a little lost. Try zooming in (or walking closer) next time and cutting out some of the unnecessary details.

    I think that this the potential to be a great image and could do with just a little more moving around whilst on location.
    • 17 Jan 2013 7:48PM
  • Stuck in stone

    Thank you Jack, It wasn''t that expensive really, about 17 on ebay. I already had a wig as I have a prop store left over from running a theatre company.

    Lighting wise I had a cheap studio head to one side with a soft box and grid.
    • 5 Jan 2013 2:10PM
  • yOu have some absolutely beautiful images here. I would love to know more aout your processing techniques and workflow. Do you produce tutorials at all?
    • Posted on MandyD's profile
    • 12 Feb 2013 1:55PM
  • This is a stunning body of work. I think that Landscapes are the thing that I struggle most with and would most like to develop
    • Posted on almiles's profile
    • 17 Dec 2012 12:41PM
  • I love the use of monochrome here. Really good tonal quality can be really difficult to get with digital equipment and you really show an excellent mastery over the conversion.